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  1. Anilewe

    Paris, France Terrorist Attacks 11/13/15

    I have no words to comment this situation. I'm not sure if it's even possible, considering that at the moment nothing is certain and it's hard to tell when we'll know for sure what exactly happened, why and how many people lost their lives. I can't even imagine how people in Paris must feel, especially the ones who don't know if their loved ones are OK.
  2. The first two are okay, but the other three creep me out. I'm not sure if I would even respond to them, because I wouldn't take them seriously.
  3. Anilewe

    Do you wear Pony merch?

    Yup, I even wore my Luna shirt yesterday
  4. Anilewe

    Season 6 COMING THIS YEAR!

    Woah... I didn't expect this.
  5. Anilewe

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    And now I'm gonna have nightmares featuring CMC, thank you very much XD That gif is freaking scary!
  6. Anilewe

    Applejack Fan Club

    I demand more Applejack fan arts with Princess Celestia! For some reason I think that they would get along with each other! They're both hard workers after all.
  7. It was a cute little episode. Can't say that I ever thought I could start to like Gilda, but it only proves that it's a great episode and Amy Keating Rogers did a very good job. The characterization was perfect, especially that of Pinkie Pie. She was super cute and realy funny. I also liked the visuals during Twlight's speech about griffons. Wow, it was amazing!
  8. Anilewe

    Applejack Fan Club

    Meh. I mean, I have nothing against gender switch, but when you change their sex, you also change their personality in some way. Rainbow Dash is who she is because she is a woman. It's a core of her character. Our gender affects who we are and while I know Rainbow Dash pretty well I know nothing about Rainbow Biltz. It's a different character for me, and while he might have something in common with her, he isn't her. And I find it hard to ship AJ with not existing character.
  9. Anilewe

    Applejack Fan Club

    AppleDash for the win
  10. Anilewe

    S05:E06 - Appleoosa's Most Wanted

    I've changed my opinion about this episode. Previously I said that it was okay, but it turns out that the more I think about it, the more I realize how many problems I have with it. I usually avoid nitpicking, especially if the problems are minor, but this time quite the opposite. What I didn't like? Characterization of all the characters; CMC felt as if they became their old selves once again, too obsessed with getting their cutie marks to think about the consequences of their actions. I find their decision about leaving the house not only stupid and dangerous, but also selfish, because they were well aware that they shouldn't look for a wanted criminal and that Braeburn and AJ would be very worried after discovering that they disappeared. I'm also disappointed with Braeburn's role in this episode, because he was pretty much useless. I would understand this if he was at least funny, but no. And we never find out what happened to his leg! I'm also surprised that Applejack let him take care of them once again later and didn't keep an eye on them herself. Forced and unnecessary humor. I didn't laugh even once, even though the episode desperately tried to make me laugh. Troubleshoes... He had potential, but in the end I wanted to slap him for never doing anything to change his life! He didn't even try to defend himself when they arrested him. I find it rather unbelievable that all this time no one tried to help him and that he allowed himself to base his whole life on one failure. I find it surprisingly mean spirited for a show like MLP that ponies would treat Troubleshoes like that and just laugh at him. Who would call a kid Troubleshoes anyway?! I really think that after the last CMC episode (Bloom and Gloom) they should have finally get their cutie marks and start a new chapter in life. The episodes about them trying to get them are more and more repetitive and make them look like little kids, while they obviously grown a little and are more mature than at the beginning of the series. They learn their lessons to forget them a few episodes later. Of course, there're some things I liked, for example: The general concept of a misunderstood cutie mark. It's actually a little scary, considering how much cutie marks affect their lifes. Wet mane Applejack. Braeburn; I'm not a big fan of his character, but it was still nice to see him again, even if he didn't really do much. Sweetie Belle slowly improving her magic skills. Animation and the atmosphere of the rainy night. Colt Troubleshoes was very cute. For once CMC got punished for their actions. I think that this episode handled it better than Somepony to Watch Over Me. Braeburn's facial expressions. Applecat
  11. Anilewe

    S05:E06 - Appleoosa's Most Wanted

    It was OK. Nothing special, just okay, had some good and bad scenes. I liked the animation for some reason, the whole time I was like "wow, this show improved so much since the first season, it's amazing!". Also, I must say that I'm really sick and tired of all the hate Applejack received on Equestria Daily. The comments that she's an idiot and shouldn't punish Sweetie Bellie, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom for what they did... I think it's ridiculous. I'm actually really happy that for once they got punished. The show really shouldn't indicate that things like breaking someone out of prison escaping from home in the middle of the night looking for potentially dangerous criminal not listening to your parents and people (well, ponies) responsible for you talking to strangers entering the abandoned houses in the middle of the forest are okay and I'm glad that it didn't. As for the fact that AJ didn't listen to them... I don't blame her as a character for it, because it's a cliche I've seen many times in cartoons and I hate it. Making some characters look bad just because they don't have all the facts needed to understand the situation, so the other character looks good is just wrong. Also, the CMC didn't leave the house because they thought that Troubleshoes was actually a good guy, just misunderstood and lonely. They left the house because they wanted to catch a wanted criminal and earn their cutie marks. And it isn't 'doing the right thing', it's doing the stupid AND dangerous thing for your own selfish reasons. For me it was as if CMC became their old selves and didn't learn anything through the last few seasons.
  12. Anilewe

    Applejack Fan Club

    I gotta say, I love Applejack's characterization in season 5 and I hop it's going to be as good as it was in the last few episodes. Her countryism, cute lullaby, crying internally... It just makes me love her even more, if it's even possible! Also, I was on my first convention recently and I bought some MLP stuff
  13. Exactly. The same thing happened to Rapunzel at some point in Tangled. She dreamed about seeing the lights her whole life, but when she was really close to achieving her goal, she started to worry. When you have a dream you do everything you can to fulfill it and often forget that when it will come true your life will go on and you'll have to deal with the consequences of these dreams. Apple Bloom realized that she never really thought about her life AFTER getting her cutie mark. She just assumed that everything will be better, because she won't be a blank flank anymore. And cutie mark is something more than a tattoo on your butt. It defines you and in some way represents your purpose in life. It's like with kids or teenagers when they dream about being an adult. They focus on good things and forget about responsibilities.
  14. Anilewe

    Applejack Fan Club

    So... what do you think about the first few episodes of season 5 and Applejack's characterization in them? I absolutely adore that lullaby from Bloom and Gloom It instantly became one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.
  15. Anilewe

    S05:E04 - Bloom and Gloom

    9/10, needed more pancakes. Oh, and I loved Applejack's lullaby! I remember saying that I'd love to hear her singing a lullaby after the season 4 ended My wish came true!