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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys. You all seem like really awesome people. I'll be sure to enjoy my time here.
  2. Well, hey. I'm Koolthing, but call me whatever you want to. I'm a veteran MLP fan (was in the fandom back in 2011 when it was much smaller) and I've been through phases of watching and not watching the show for long periods of time. I turned 19 this year, and it's occurred to me how quickly my life is passing me by. I guess rather than avoiding something I love, I should engage in it and enjoy it. I like MLP and I can't deny it to myself anymore. >< All of that aside, I'm also a big fan of anime, I love creepypasta, I'm downright obsessed with music and I like to collect vinyl records. Is this ok for an intro post? Hehe. ><