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  1. NO.THAT'S A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA. CANDLE COVE. I KNOW THIS. IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITES. People be chatting about it, remembering all that scary shit... THEN BAM! It never actually existed. It made me wonder if any of my childhood shows were like that.
  2. @~neutral melon-cat~ Dave is pretty awesome. But everybody knows Bro/Dirk is where it's at. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uHww6xeCkPs (I just in general love the Strider bros.) Also, Karkitty~ :33
  3. Truly, he is. And Eridan's look like lightning.... Does this some how connect to his facination with wizards? Hmmmm....
  4. God, I just adore his horns! They look like candy corn. So i have the desire to see what they taste like...
  5. S'okay. Not sure, really. I like the fact that he can't fly. It makes him more human.
  6. Wow! How did it come out? I once drew Fem Equius for a project in my art class... The topic was the color blue. Of course my mind went there. (But back then, i didn't know what Doctor Who was, so...)
  7. Heh. I always got a little confused on thase parts... (My general reaction to them: WHATISTHISHOW? What do? WHAT DO?!?!?)
  8. Oh you mean Hidekaz no Danna? (Sweet jesus, I just called the creator of Hetalia my master...) That's a cute yaoi one~ Although him and Rufio is a cute little pairing! Him and Basco? Hmm...sound cracky...I like! *fangirl mode activated. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. We're doing this. WE'RE MAKING THIS HAPEN!*
  9. I know. If I tried to say all the ones i ship, I think it would take days to write... Nep and Eq are so cute~ :33 ....Also... I may or may not ship.. HussieXFaust... Heh...
  10. @~Masochistic After~ Goddam... I can't even remember my street address... (Btw, It's Sis. Just saying so noone gets confused when I start saying things... A little strange...*cough*OTPs*cough*)
  11. A Furby, and a G3 shirt. Of Scootaloo...I everytime I look at it...It stares at me with it's dead eyes... ...Watching... ...Waiting...
  12. @Mr. Critical Anything really. I've been watching the Let's Read Homestuck videos on youtube (Because I TOTALLY didn't reread it fout times over the past six months) and I want to talk Homestuck to fellow Homestucks (an not have to explain the entire concept to my friends). @~Masochistic After~ ...Well thanks for that FEELS CANNON STRAIGHT TO MY HEART. *Gamzee obsessed. Tavros Obsessed. Cried during that part. Felt some serious feels bro* :0) Good job remembering that! *Can't remember Sh-t if life depended on it*
  13. I like Annoying Orange. (Well...mostly just Toby... I think it's mostly me being a sixteen year old girl and the fact Toby is so attractive to me. Goddamn hormones!) I don't like Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock Holmes. I think 1D is highly overrated (but very attractive.) I have a very intense love for Sombra. I hate Adam Sandler movies (2005 to now mostly. For some reason, I really like Little Nicky) I don't think Daniel Tosh is funny. Just mean. Really mean.
  14. Sooooooo.... And Homestucks out on the forum? Any wanna talk about Homestuck? DOES ANYONE WANT TO KNOW MY OTP?!?! .... I jUsT wAnNa MoThEr FuCkInG cOnVeRsAtE, BrO~ :0)
  15. Hnnnn....*Fangirl mode activated. You have been warned.* Well, It seems to be a Three way tie. First, I'd love to visit the Homestuck Universe. It would be fabulous! (Mostly me locking certain characters into closets, yelling that I ship them. MY SHIPS SHALL SAIL!) Then the Hetalia Universe. (Shipping.) And finally, the Lorax Universe. I don' know which version, however. The Original (I'd try to help the Lorax. Save the trees!), Truffula Flu-verse (If you don't know this, look it up on Tumblr. I'd be killing zombies, being badass and stuff.), or Camp Weehawken (Summer camp with gorgeous me
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