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  1. @, @@LonnaKitty, @@Missklang, Exist solemnly looked over the mountain side. The cold air brushed passed his face as he sighed. His face dull as he looked at apparently nothing. All he wanted to do was get through whatever it was they were doing. In his body, he could feel his emotions on a slow burn. The cliff a blackened rock from volcanic ash of long years passed, and the sun cast a grey light in his face. It felt empty up here as his thoughts waded in a sea of self-doubt and potential misery. He almost wished he wasn't in his body; wanting someone else to deal with this so he cou
  2. @, @@Missklang, @@LonnaKitty, Exist didn't listen to Missklang, only blinding following the group now. I didn't just want to be friends... Darkly, he closed his eyes as he waited to be teleported to wherever they were going next. There was emotion stopped in his mind. It... doesn't matter. I'm going to find a way. Even if it kills me. His paw clutched the dirt fiercely. A new resolve was on his face.
  3. @@Missklang, @@LonnaKitty, @, He could almost hear his heart break. Like a shattering sound in the distance, he could hear it break into a million pieces. He shook his head slowly, unwilling to believe it was true but... somehow he knew, deep down this was the truth. A lump appeared in his throat and thus he couldn't speak anymore. Solemnly, he followed close by, his eyes looked away almost as though the life had drained from them. I should have figured. He'd outlive me, so why should I even bother? It'd mean nothing to him, and... He didn't even feel like crying. It was as
  4. @@Missklang, @@LonnaKitty, @, They kept going through the castle as Exist listened to Missklang. "He....gave you a territory? That seems a bit farfetched. I mean... you said yourself, he does stuff that only amuses him." The hippogriff shook his head, and looked over at Missklang, "No... I know he's in this for real. I've seen him and Fluttershy hang out countless times. Th-there's no way he could be making this all up." He seemed very uneasy.
  5. @, @@Missklang, @@LonnaKitty, "Like..... Discord?" Fearing the worst, he asked Missklang directly about him. "I mean, I'm going to go into this neutral, and hope for the best, but... I do hope they have the best intentions in mind." He grimaced for a split second, his true emotions showing through as he quickly followed behind Shining and the others. He was tempted to fly to keep up, but didn't know if that was rude. I know Twilight and her friends always try to do the right thing. I've met most of them, and they're very good hearted ponies: albeit... a bit hard to swallow someti
  6. @@Missklang, @, After listening to Shining, and stepping into the circle, Exist felt a bit uneasy. He looked at Missklang, however, who seemed to be completely fine save for the last comment about the princesses. "I've never met the princesses before... I'm going to assume they're very regal and graceful." He said outloud, "Probably a lot more open then Shining over here, though." Playfully, he stuck his tongue out as he waited to be moved by whatever spell was being cast. I wonder what... Discord is actually doing right now. Probably having some tea, or maybe a bagel. Well, ac
  7. @@Missklang, With the giant ball in the sky gone, Exist began to feel normal again. Listening to everything that was going on, it seemed that the big ball was some kind of spell to attract the attention of very powerful magic users. It made him feel like his body was about to burst... He shook his head, and approached Missklang again, "So what should we do now?" The best course of action from here wasn't clear...
  8. @@Missklang, It felt almost like his body was about to blast off into space. He began to sweat a bit, and slowly walked over to Missklang who seemed to be wearing a bucket over their head. Exist ignored this fact, however, and spoke to them anyway, "Don't you feel like... a pressure on your body?" It felt like something was squeezing his body...
  9. @,@@LonnaKitty, Exist watched the two do their magic, thinking to himself. Of course, he kept a safe distance away from the large sphere in the sky. It was so strange, the way it looked. Such a dark force that seemed to absorb all light near it... What would anypony need for such a thing? He happened to look down at the blue stallion, and made an astute observation: his goggles! There was something strikingly familiar about them. Were they connected to that Dark Blood pony that was described? Maybe I saw this pony one time whenever I flew over the Everfree forest...? In any cas
  10. @@LonnaKitty, @, @@Missklang Exist was astounded at the small village in the middle of the everfree. He could see the rather older looking buildings have been kept up well, despite being in such a dangerous place. It had been fairly obvious how this village was hidden: a magic barrier. He's seen it before when he has patients visit their homes. A lot of the time, there's magic barriers that hide towns and villages across equestria from danger, but he's never seen one on this kind of scale. It would take a strong amount of magic, or some kind of spell to keep something like this up for s
  11. @@Missklang @@LonnaKitty Exist's eyes widened as he saw Miss Klang's leg literally become noodle like, and slide through a twig. After he heard the unicorn draw attention to the changing alicorn, however, he shook his head as if drunk and replied, "W-What? Huh?" Looking up... he could see exactly what they were talking about. "Ooh! Very pretty." The colors quickly shifted from a purple to a blue...
  12. @@Missklang @@LonnaKitty Exist nodded quietly, following the both of them. "I usually just...fly over it though, no problem..." He mutters to himself as he flew softly next to the both of them. The sun burst through the trees over them, still beaming warmly in this hot summer day. Hmm... I guess I should watch Missklang whenever she uses her magic in order to get a feel for how it works. Exist thought to himself, passively flying next to them. Even if I don't learn much, it's better than nothing,right? The trees passed him by quietly as the plants soaked up the summer sun. The
  13. @@Missklang @@LonnaKitty Exist waved with his paw and smiled sheepishly, "H-Hello. I'm Exist." He brushed off a bit of the dirt that still hung on his body by flapping his rather griffon like wings softly. "What's your name?" He hung behind, but to the left of Miss Klang. Hopefully this alicorn isn't secretly evil like every other foreign powerful being that enters Equestria. He thought to himself while looking over the alicorn.
  14. @@Missklang, @@LonnaKitty As Exist was thrust through the portal and fell through the other side, he let out a yell of confusion and paranoia as a stream of colors passed him by before landing him into a bush somewhere. Slowly, he came to his senses and pulled himself out of the brush. His paw pushed back the brush, and it revealed a very familiar area of the Everfree forest... "W-why did you take us here?" Exist looked around to spot his new acquaintance, suddenly spotting a rather dark looking pony with the unicorn just next to them. "...?" Quickly he noticed the black pony was a
  15. Oh, sorry. ;__; I dunno, I guess I was just waiting for some kind of action from you, in general. Sorry.
  16. @@Missklang Exist looked up at the unicorn with a shaky expression, "I guess I'll follow you then. It's not like I was going to do anything important today." He slowly rose to his hooves and paws. I don't think Discord and Fluttershy will miss me. Exist thought, smiling weakly at the unicorn. "Lead the way." He said, looking at the large cavern just a few feet away from them.
  17. @@Missklang Exist closed his eyes and thought to himself. He seemed embarrassed that he was so easily read. He brought his body down on the warm, smooth rock and whined quietly. "Guh... What am I even doing here..." He put his paws over his muzzle and sighed. "There's a lot ahead of me, and... I don't know what to do about it."
  18. @@Missklang "...!" Exist took a sharp breath, and backed up a little slowly. "D-Did you just read my mind?" He began to worry and sweat. His eyes widened from the shock. How... How?! Is this from his chaos based magic too? He thought to himself as he waited for a logical explanation.
  19. @@Missklang "Aah... Okay. Well, that's a relief I suppose. Hm." He tapped his chin with a paw. "I guess you should know then, that I wasn't born with these paws. They just sort of... well, my body sort of changed one day. I dunno why." Exist thought to himself on that fateful day. He eyed to the left of that unicorn though. The other pony was nowhere in sight. Where did that other pony go though? ... Exist eyed the strange markings left behind though. As though something burnt the ground in a flash.
  20. @@Missklang Exist took a deep breath and exhaled. A new path has opened for him, and hopefully... it'll lead to his desired outcome. Internally, he was worried, especially for his own sanity, but... no, no buts. No more doubting, He had to do this. "Thank you..." He smiled warmly at the giggling pony, "O-Oh, um... Can you see magic or something? What did you mean you didn't see any aura about me?" He questioned the unicorn vehemently.
  21. @@Missklang Exist blushed, pawing at the ground unsure of himself. The only reason he would ever want to learn that type of magic is to find a place in that draconequus' heart. Albeit, now it seems almost impossible since he doesn't seem to be of any kind of magical background. Well... it seemed that way, anyway. He wasn't born this way. His body just sort of... changed. His thoughts spurred a bit, "I just... if there's any way I could learn it, then I'd take it. It's really important, to me." He looked at the unicorn with a determined expression, but still wavering. His desi
  22. @@Missklang Exist didn't quite know how to respond to the overly friendly and observant unicorn. The unicorn's dragon like eyes looking him over like a hungry dog. It intimidated the young pony hybrid, and made him barely able to respond. "I-I'm Existential Panache, b-but you can call me Exist..." He stuttered out. His mind suddenly wanted to ask something, "W-Wait... Ponies can learn chaos based magic?" He quickly asked without any prompt. A plan formed in his mind; with a glimmer of hope for his future.
  23. @@Missklang, @@rolle Are you still alive? ;___; we're wating for yall
  24. @,@@Missklang, @@rolle As the pony continued to watch the shenanigans unfold, he could tell where this feeling was coming from. It was that strangely cloaked unicorn, or at least appeared to be a unicorn due to his teleportation abilities. That other sporadic character on the other hand was not-with-standing. He wasn't sure if he should approach just yet. Conflict grew in his mind as he remembered what brought him here in the first place. It was just... ponies! Speaking with someone new was always difficult for him. He wanted to find out more though. Guh! This is just like with
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