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  1. for those of you wondering about my pony, he is an outcast pony banished into the everfree forest by his village because of his appearence

  2. Gaming

    playing hacked left for dead 2 with my lil brother, i start getting annoyed cuz he wont get in the safe room, he wants to kill more zombies..... i spawn 10 tanks on him :3
  3. General

    type00 the first model or the "archtype" of LFO made on my favorite anime Eureka Seven it is also piloted by the main characters
  4. new borderlands 2 trailer, doomsday by nero
  5. Mega Thread

    dead rising 2 and watchin spongebob
  6. Mega Thread

    Eureka seven, my absolute favorite i watch all kinds but i can only keep track of so much @.@
  7. tw3ntyn1n3
  8. highlight to reveal the number 21
  9. 13 my lucky number :3 which is wierd cuz its also the 13 hundreth reply...