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  1. Worst daring do episode imo, writers are really trying to push a belief that. "If you talk to someone, everything will be a okay. Everyone is friends at the end of the day. HAPPY HAPPY! RAINBOWS!" delusional belief. Season 9 has been one huge wreck of a season right now and if the finale ends like how this episode ended I predict there's probably gonna be alot of hate directed towards the writers. It's heading down the GoT road...
  2. This episode shouldn't even exist, as much as I think twiliight is best pony I thought she should of asked dash if she would of liked to coach the cheerleading squad instead of shoving her into something she has no interest in doing. Rainbow Dash's argument against coaching was extremely justifiable.
  3. yeah... this episode does not fly with me at all with the way it headed at the end. Scootaloo should of thought of leaving ponyville as a way to expand business for the cmc instead of seeing it as losing her friends, assuming the internet is a thing in equestria (Just hope ponies don't stumble across the mlp tumblr pages) it would be easy to keep in communication with sweetie belle and apple bloom. It's not like the cmc is a three pony job anyway, if it was then I couldn't see the entire business running for another 5 years. The cmc should be able to work with just 1 pony if it want's to be seen as a good business. I mean, did Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle of Scootaloo not take into account for the eventuality of the loss of a member? You need to plan for this stuff in case it happens....
  4. Interesting question, has there ever been someone who has worked on the show but doesn't like bronies, it's interesting because we hear alot about the people who embrace bronies but has there ever been an instance where one of the show staff has hated bronies and if so why? I'm gonna assume that if there was any they would mostly be ex-writers for the show or something the lines of fired staff
  5. Just to add on to my previous rant on this dumpster fire of a finale
  6. Probably one of the worst endings to an mlp episode, period. There was so much you can do with the idea of a mean mane 6 in a future installment, hasbro could of took this opportunity to create a episode that would be hyped throughout the hiatus to see the conclusion to a mean 6 arc instead of wrapping everything up and pushing a message at the end of the episode. You could of had a ending where the mean 6 defeats chrysalis but in a future episode she comes to the mane 6 and they come together to defeat the common enemy.
  7. Oh sure when I'm looking for a job I have to go find one, but in the case of the cutie mark crusaders they are pulled out of education and given a job on the spot. If this episode has shown anything is that twilight approves child labour, bet the crusaders don't earn a buck (lol, puns)
  8. Scales, Fire for breath, Tail, Wings... nah, I think he's a duck
  9. Now that Spike has wings more faster than a bloke downing a can of red bull it's only a matter of time before we get an episode where dash and spike will be flying we each other in some sort of competition.
  10. My Little Pony manages to flop again, you'd think that Starlight and Sunburst would of come to the realization that the source of the problem would be there relationship with there parents almost immediately, the friendship problem was literally banging the drumkits screaming notice me right in front of them since the start of the episode. Instead of resolution we get 15 minutes of filler of Starlight and Sunburst faffing around blind to the real problem, Season 8 has been 1 big disappointment so far with a few episodes that I have liked.
  11. The truth is the fandom is already dead, unless you're a dedicated fan it will be inevitable you'll just stop watching the show entirely and move on in your life.
  12. Mixed feelings about this finale, I like it but on the other hand I hate it. I loved how each of the characters went on their separate missions to get an item and I liked the scenarios they where put through, revealing Starswirl was a bonus but I don't think they executed it properly. Starswirl defeated the pony of shadows by banishing him to limbo to gods knows where but Twilight thought it would be a great plan to set Starswirl and his merry men free but was unaware of the fact that doing so would bring back the pony of shadows? I thought Twilight was supposed to be smart, a pony with a brain the size of a mountain should be at least able to realize the repercussions of her actions. I don't think Twilight was trying to be smart here, I think all she wanted was to see her idol. I like Michael Jackson you don't see me walking up to his grave with a shovel and deliberator with hopes that he will jump to his feet and shake my hands. And if I thought this trainwreck of a finale couldn't manage to destroy itself even more Starlight is pushed into the spotlight again and she's given the speech that maybe using a more diplomatic soultion would be more effective than setting up the pony equivalent of a ghost trap from ghostbusters. Why couldn't twilight suggest that? She is the princess of friendship, she's used it in the past so why didn't she bring it up to Starswirl? Is she really that stupid in this finale or does she have her hooves so far up starswirl that her right hand pony has to step in and bring up the point? I'd give it this, it's better than the awful movie that came out earlier this month
  13. I think the smartest way to deal with a VA death or departure would be make a episode where zecora alters that ponies voice through a magic potion or twilight altering her/his voice with magic, therefore transitioning from one voice to another with damage control