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  1. i don't watch manga much, but I read it. One of the best manga/animes i've ever read was remote. Its a detective story that gets even more interesting with the detective's issues.
  2. i'd suggest making the neck a little bit shorter. try to make the chest puff out more and start at the center line of the head circle.
  3. Hi there :D

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    2. Geek0zoid
    3. RainbowFlame


      just browsing around the forums, say ur profile picture on the short list at the top and thought it was interesting, so i just popped by

    4. Geek0zoid


      I just like talking to people honestly :)

  4. I personally think that civ 4 and 5 are one of the best games around. Civ 5 had some glitches but the civ series is the best series ever! Anyone with me? -RainbowFlame
  5. Thanks, it's really just thrown together and no real theme was meant to be conveyed. -RainbowFlame
  6. Hey guys, I just want some feedback on my new profile picture that I made using gimp*. This is my first time using a photo editing software so the edges where the paths were may be a little bit rough. Here it is: *I haven't created any of the images on this picture, just edited them onto one background (that of which I did not make either). Here is a list of the people that I need to credit: -Moustache147 (Rainbow Dash; http://moustache147.deviantart.com/) -Artist unknown (Rainbow colored flame background; http://www.funwallz.com/abstract-flames-rainbows-89443.html) -Imp
  7. RainbowFlame

    OC drawing

    very good, i can never color mine. here's a tip for the head: draw a circle and then put the ear on and erase the line, then put the nose-a-majig on and erase the line, always works for me, especially in side view. -RainbowFlame
  8. minecraft (not really now that it's so popular), portal, portal 2, pokemon series (yep, still like it), realm of the mad god, narbacular drop, scribblenauts series, and of course: mlp sims
  9. sounds rough, im new here too and need a friend. hey, maybe i could get my brony friends on here too and u could join our group.
  10. this might be possible, there could be like a horn on a horn, idk really
  11. omg, thats really good, i really should have my friends teach me to draw ponies
  12. Same! Can't wait! Gonna watch it on the hub with all bronies.
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