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  1. Announcing: Legends of Equestria! Hey everypony! In addition to the recent lineup of new guests and amazing panels, we've got yet another event for you all to look forward to at our convention! Now with more than 85,000 players and growing, Legends of Equestria is an in-development MMORPG inspired by the show. The game has multiple cities, group combat, hundreds of NPCs and quests, and over 50 developers. This year, Legends of Equestria staff will be hosting a panel displaying their progress, as well as offering insight into how the game is made. They will also be showcasing new content in the gaming room over the convention weekend, so be sure to stop by! Here’s a look at the panelists who will be speaking: Blue Ink is Head Writer and Public Relations Director. She oversees the story, characters, and social media for game. She may or may not be addicted to Twitter. Liska is the Concept Art Leader for Legends of Equestria. She keeps the art style throughout the game consistent and provides concept art for almost every item in the game. She has a rather healthy obsession with tea and tea accessories. Cerebrate is Legends of Equestria's Software Developer. He manages servers, tests and creates content in C#, and really, really wants to go to space. We've got more exciting news for you all soon, so please stay tuned and we hope to see you all there in August!
  2. Coquitlam? I live near there. ; __ ;

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      It's always good to see other British Columbians on this forum! =D

  3. BronyCAN needs your help! We are currently in need of a deputy for the registration department. We are looking for someone who is willing to work closely under the head of the department, has experience with managing databases and is able to keep things organized. If you think you are suited for this position, send an email over to registration@bronycan.ca, or if you would like to volunteer in a different department, send in your application today! http://goo.gl/gw8FUl On another note, don't forget we are still accepting musician and panel applications! We also still have plenty of space in our CCG tournament and our vendors hall! Musician and panel applications can be found here: www.bronycan.ca/events Vendor and CCG registration can be found here: www.bronycan.ca/registration We hope to see you all in August!
  4. We are proud to say that BronyCAN is back with more exciting news for you all! Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for a tremendous success on our early bird sales! We really appreciate the support and we plan to make this convention an enjoyable experience for all audiences. If you are interested in attending our convention, we are still offering various entry memberships that you can register here: https://bronycan.ca/registration For our children's corner this year, some of our amazing show and musical guests will be hosting a number of events for the kids! In addition, there'll be lots of games, tons of opportunities to have fun, and of course, we will also be offering face painting. As well, don't forget that we are still accepting panel submissions here: http://goo.gl/gw8FUl and musical talent applications here: http://goo.gl/dPPnww That's it for now, pony folk! We will be back with more announcements soon, so get ready! We hope to see you all at our con this August.
  5. Hey pony folk! We are back to bring you all some more exciting news! BronyCAN is proud to announce that we are having Nicole Gauss back as a guest this year! Nicole has worked in the animation industry for almost 15 years and she was hired on MLP:FiM as a character designer for season one. Nicole is also a character designer on Littlest Pet Shop and she has worked on Atomic Betty, Braceface, Milo’s Bug Quest, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; she was also a clean-up artist on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. We are very excited to have her attend our convention once again. Like last year, she will be selling art at her vendor table. On another important note, our early bird sale ends on January 31st at approximately 11:50 PM, which is tomorrow! Grab a pass while the deal lasts! We hope to see you all at the convention this August.
  6. Are you a musician who’s eager to share your work and display your talent among your fellow bronies? BronyCAN is proud to announce that musician applications are now open for 2014! Play at panels and during the concerts with us this August by signing up here: http://goo.gl/dPPnww Also, we’ll be opening vendor registration very soon, so if you’re interested in selling stuff at our con, please stay tuned! One more thing: don’t forget that there is only a little more than a week before our early bird membership deal ends, so be sure to grab a pass as soon as possible! You surely don’t want to miss out on our battle against the changelings.
  7. Well, Feld0 being in Vancouver is not exactly the reason why our venue hasn't changed (though him being here is a plus and he is a life saver). Our venue is relatively close to DHX and I mean, most of the VAs live in Vancouver as well.
  8. Are you all ready for more pony? BronyCAN is coming back in 2014 from August 22nd to 24th! Yes, our con will be three days long next year! Our venue for 2014 will once again be at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel, which is only ten minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport and four-blocks from the Canada Line SkyTrain. The Executive offers 4-star accommodations with 230 guest suites, 70 apartments and an astounding staff. Details regarding booking rooms will come later. Volunteering In other news, we are still looking for more volunteers to lend us a helping hoof this year! There are many departments such as: logistics, art/design, guest relations, finance and many more, that are still taking in any helpers, so sign up today by clicking here! Pre-registration We will soon be ready to open pre-registration for passes. We are currently in the middle of setting up a notification service to help let you know when pre-registration will be open. Badge pricing will be revealed later. Our BronyCAN Online Store is Still Open! Enjoy a variety of shirts, hoodies, prints, and more, all completely customizable. More designs will be available in the future, so keep checking back as they come! Get started at: http://society6.com/BronyCAN/tshirts That's it for now, ponies! We will be back soon for more announcements to come.