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  1. Hello, my code is: 02bd My username is Granny Music. (Ugh, I wish I could change my name.)
  2. Uhh, is there a reason why I was mentioned in this post? I haven't posted in this thread.
  3. RainbowDash24

    Movies/TV Digimon fans?

    Her digivolution scene is just perfect. In both the original and English dub. I swear I get chills everytime.
  4. RainbowDash24

    Movies/TV Digimon fans?

    I've been a DigiGal since the show first came out. While I liked PokeMon, Digimon was my favorite. I just enjoyed the characters, the digimon, the transformation scenes, the story, everything! Out of all the Digimon characters, Sora and Biyomon are my favorite cuz they're awesome. And my favorite digimon of all time is definitely Garudamon, Biyomon's Ultimate/Perfect form. She's just so cool! And I could definitely relate to Matt and TK as my parents had gotten divorced a couple years before the show aired. Though luckily I wasn't separated from my little brother like they were. But it w
  5. I just love, love, love Rainbow Dash's voice! Her voice is just SO cute and pretty! Of course the fact that her voice actress IS a singer helps, too. Her part in "At the Gala" is the best she's done, I think. Sometimes I'll have that part on repeat because it's so awesome. But I also love her part in "True, True Friend" too, it's a bit...softer than she usually sings and sounds so pretty. I'm so looking forward to her upcoming solo song season 5! I know it's gonna be great! All Rainbow Dash Singing Parts (before Rainbow Rocks): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkc9zmqTMXs
  6. RainbowDash24

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Is it me or does Dash get more criticism from fans than the other characters? Like, it might be me, but a lot of fans seem to go nuts whenever Dash does something "bad". Like her knocking Fluttershy in the air in the Crystal Empire episode during the jousting scene, or when she "traded" Fluttershy in Trade Ya. Heck, I remember when Sleepless in Ponyville was going to air soon and it was either a synopsis or a teaser that revealed that Dash would be telling scary stories during the camping trip. And the haters were already judging her for telling scary stories, thinking she was gonna go overboa
  7. RainbowDash24

    Rainbow Rocks Favorite Member of the Dazzlings

    So, who is your favorite Dazzling? I have a feeling Sonata's gonna get the most votes, but I was bored, so I thought I'd make one. I didn't see any polls like this yet, so if there is one already, I apologize. My favorite is Adagio. I just love her design and her attitude. She's just cool. And gotta love that hair. She looks like she'd be really fun to cosplay.
  8. Idk, I like seeing others' thoughts on the posts I look at, or anything I look at, really, just to see what others think. And I comment on posts, as well, from time to time, if I have something to say. *shrug*
  9. Wow, this is long. Oops. ; I know Equestria Girls gets a lot of flak for being…well…Equestria Girls, but I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is. I really like the movie and my friend and I are planning on seeing the movie next weekend. Now, I know and respect that not everyone will like it, but I just don’t think it deserves all the hate that it gets. I remember one commenter on EQD had said he’d wished one of the theaters showing Rainbow Rocks would have a shooting like what happened in the one showing that Batman movie. Do people really hate this harmless movie that much
  10. But she didn't do it intentionally! People act like she actively sought out to sell Fluttershy away or something. She wasn't paying attention. She was too busy eyeing that Daring Do book to realize what the lady said until after deal was done! Once she realized it, she IMMEDIATELY tried to fix it! If she wasn't loyal she wouldn't have BOTHERED to try and fix it at all! She also wouldn't have traded her Orthros for that bird whistle that Fluttershy wanted to make it up to her, which I thought was sweet. She screwed up and immediately went to Twilight to get her screw-up fixed. All of the Ma
  11. *sigh* It's like Rainbow Dash can't ever make a mistake without getting hated for it. It's sad. Whenever Dash does something that's a little selfish, she's deemed "disloyal" and unworthy of her Element, and yet it seems like when the other characters act selfish (which they do) they don't get deemed "unkind" or "dishonest" or whatever. The only other one I can think of that gets similar treatment is Rarity, but it seems to happen more with Rainbow Dash than anyone else. Why? None of the ponies are meant to be perfect, so why does Dash get so much flack for making a mistake or showing her flaw
  12. So, because she's friends with Daring Do and was featured on a book means Dash isn't allowed to want to collect first editions of her favorite book series, or anything? What? That makes no sense. She may have gotten to go on an adventure with her and stuff, but I highly doubt she's now BFFs with her or whatever. She's still a fan, so she's not an "idiot" for being one. >.>
  13. lol Dash hugs are awesome! I think that's what makes her so interesting. She may not do some of these things very often, but when she does, it's all the more special.
  14. Yeah, I've seen that a lot, too. She cares about her appearance, she just goes about it differently than Rarity. Like when she went through that wind tunnel in the Pet episode, her hair was a mess, so she ran her hoof through to make it perfect again. And apparently she's not opposed to The Hair Mane Flip. I've seen her do it at least twice in the show.
  15. Yeah, I thought of that one, and kinda forgot to include it. I think she even kissed it. Even Dash isn't immune to cute things.
  16. Oh, I wasn't really asking anything. I just wanted to make a topic about it that can be discussed. This is my first time making a topic on here. I supposed I could've made a blog, but I didn't really think about it.
  17. Actually, the point of my post was to prove that even though she's a tomboy, she's still allowed to like things like dresses, fashion, etc.
  18. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses/skirts.” “Rainbow Dash hates pink.” “Rainbow Dash hates fashion.” “Rainbow Dash hates hugs.” "Rainbow Dash hates singing." Am I the only one that doesn't like these misconceptions of Rainbow Dash? Some fans seem to think she hates these things even though evidence shows that it’s the opposite. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses.” Now, we've seen her wear at least 3 or 4 dresses in the show, and she's had no objections to them. The only time I can think of was in Inspiration Manifestation when Rarity put that dress on Rainbow, but I think anyone would freak out
  19. RainbowDash24

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Even though Rainbow and Rarity aren't seen together a lot, they're my favorite friendship pair. I agree that a Rainbow/Rarity episode is long overdue. They're my two favorite ponies, and I think they'd make for really interesting episodes. There better be one in Season 5. They're all best friends, but I like seeing the individual bonds they have between one of their friends, and I wanna see that with Dashie and Rarity, especially since they're the two attention-seekers in the group. And they can include Tank and Opal, since they seem to like each other a lot.
  20. RainbowDash24

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Meh. Not a big fan of her Japanese voice. A little too masculine for her. Plus, there's no adorable voice cracks. At least with Ashleigh Ball, she still sounds like a girl, imo.
  21. RainbowDash24

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    This is my first time posting in this club, so hi! Anyway, obviously my favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, with Rarity being my second favorite cuz she's fabulous! Awesome + Fabulous = Fabulawesome! Okay, that was lame. >.> Anyway, I also wish they would make a Rainbow Dash/Rarity episode. They seem like they'd be pretty cool with each other despite they're differences. They have plenty of things in common, like how they love being in the spotlight, being ambitious, being good at martial arts, etc. Rainbow Dash can be girly when she wants to be and Rarity can be tough when the situation
  22. Slavery? Seriously? -__-; I don't talk much on forums or anything, me being shy and all, but I feel like I have to defend Rainbow Dash here. I really wish Rainbow Dash would stop getting so much hate for what happened at the end. She was just so focused on the book that she probably didn't fully hear or understand what the salespony said until it was too late. Also Fluttershy agreed to it so that Dash could have the book she wanted. It's no different than doing volunteer work, and she loves animals, so it's not like she was forced into it. You also have to understand that Rainbow Dash had
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