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  1. xD Just the epicness of them both joined em to gether and hey Love and violence aperantly are like magnets Oposites attract xD
  2. Balto

    S02:E19 - Putting Your Hoof Down

    Finnaly a Fluttershy Episode
  3. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    OMG IKR It is an amazing movie OMG IKR It is an amazing movie Thankies and it is great here ^^
  4. Balto

    *Peeks head in door* Hello?

    Hello der and welcomes to the site Hope you has a good time here i am new lol and i have enjoyed my time so far
  5. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    Yeah it is
  6. Balto

    Hello fellow bronys

    Hai Im new here to xD *brohoof*
  7. Balto

    Hi there!

    Haio and welcome
  8. xD I had to vote Lion King lol Y U HAS NO BALTO!!!!! Jk xD
  9. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    I sure will try xDD OMG Yush it is My favourite movie of all time :3
  10. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    I forgots it 0.o Oh noes maybe Pinkie can get me some and OMG xD You actually know who Balto is Thankyou everyone for the amazingly warm welcome
  11. Balto

    Applejack chillin' on her back

    Looks awesome love the pose ^^
  12. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    Thanks ^^
  13. Balto

    Hello everypony^^

    Just new to the site lol so i thought i would say hai