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  1. I will no longer be using mlpforums as I do not have enough time. Sorry!

    1. SCS


      That's understandable, but I hope that you will still pop in when you can :)

  2. I forgot to mention, this was done as a speed drawing in 5 mins. so I didn't have time to look up images on the internet.
  3. Thank for all the help you guys! I tried again and it has turned out a lot better, sadly my camera won't work so I can't share our with you!
  4. Thanks a lot for your help! I will continue to draw and I will take your advice, this was very helpful!
  5. Please give honest opinions, this is my first pony drawing and I am quite proud of it.However I think I drew the body too long and the eye looks funny.
  6. Why is out so difficult to choose a best pony? I will vote for Pinkie!

    1. Lonely


      cause all of them are awesome that's why


  7. This its really good. Wish I was as good as you. I plan to upload some drawings of my own soon if anypony is interested. (Although I may forget to upload it, sorry if I do forget!)
  8. Flutterbrony

    'Ello Everypony!

    You to have a basic understanding of what's going on here, much more than I did when I first posted here. I'm new here too so there isn't much I can help you with. Sorry!
  9. I didn't think this was.one of their best episodes. But it was ok. I would rate it about the same as MMMystery on the friendship express or whatever that one was called!
  10. Just got new sig. Thanks a lot BronyDash!!!

  11. This is my OC, if you still need them. His name is Torpedo Blaze (not very good with names) but you can rename him if you want!
  12. Yes, I do think that Twilight's horn grew. It certainly seemed a lot longer than Rarity's. As for her height, I also think they changed that slightly when she became a princess.
  13. Just got back from school, nearly 2 hours late! What I has happened to the public transport system nowadays?

  14. Just hot back from school, nearly 2 and a half hours late! What is wrong

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