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  1. Oh man, she looks really cool~! Also, great job on the lines, they look really smooth
  2. I've been messing with a new style and I've kinda fallen for this one I'd really like some feedback, so I figured this would be the place to come (´ー`) Have a Fluttershy test thingy (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ It's kinda bad tbh sorry
  3. Akuma

    Finding your next best friend

    Might as well give this a go~ ?? ? ?? Name: Apollo~! Though a lot of people call me Shiv or Fiff. Age: 16. My birthday is July the 11th ?(????) Gender: Dudebro. Country: England. Likes: Anime & manga 100% weeaboo sweg (????), baking, bad puns, TRON, playing vidya, gore/guro 2edgy4u, robots, RPing, drawing, legends, monsters & mythos, Pokemon, a hot coffee on a cold Monday morning. Dislikes: People that are rude/cruel to people over things like their gender or their sexuality, bugs, spiders, dealing with college, anxiety, myself 90% of the time. Hobbies: Watching anime, drawing, playing vidya and wasting time on tumblr I guess ?(????????) Other Info: I just want to saaaaaay...
  4. Akuma

    Pony Hats

    Oh man, those hats are super cute~!! I'd totally be up for buying one Keep up the good work~!!
  5. Akuma

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    Ohh~! I have 3 pets~! ...Kinda I have a Green-Wing Macaw called Roxy, a black cat called Pandora (she's really small, she doesn't look more than a few months, but she's almost 8 haha), and we're getting a Chihuahua on the 18th, called Rupert~! (That's why I said kinda, we own him- he just can't live with us yet xD.) We had a dog called Bonnie, she was a Scottish Terrier, but she died on the 17th last month...
  6. Akuma

    Safe Search Wrap Up

    I'll probably join in, to be honest. I have a little cousin that loves MLP, and I'd hate for her to find out about all the R34 stuff at her age, so I get the point of the project. It's not doing anything harmful, just keeping the risqué stuff away from the kiddos
  7. Akuma

    Gaming Sonic Boom... waaaat?

    ...I quite like Knuckles' new design~ I'm hyped already
  8. Akuma

    Help with my first OC!

    Here's a badger~! http://boneswolbach.deviantart.com/art/Badger-293005319 It's from the ep. 'Hurricane Fluttershy' Aaaand here's a racoon (kinda?) http://adcoon.deviantart.com/art/Fluttershy-and-Raccoon-252604542 I guess all the advice I can give you is to just try and keep to the cutesy style of the bg animals, or try and anthro it a little? Your idea seems pretty darn original, btw~ Good luck!!
  9. Akuma

    Food What is your ideal pizza?

    Clearly, the only pizza worth eating is non pizza with left beef. seriously though, cheese stuffed crust pizza is best pizza.
  10. Akuma

    Your Daemon?

    I got Gruff Soul~! It's a good quiz, and quite accurate imo. You are a bold and fearless person, with a strong sense of self. People, especially people who don't know you well, might think that you are unfeeling or callous, but your loved ones know that you are a loyal and fierce friend. Your loyalty does not come easily, though. People need to earn your affection and respect. You like to be with your favourite people, but you don't have much patience for the rest of humanity. Even your close friends and family can drive you crazy some times, so you need your space from them every now and then. You often hide your feelings behind offensive or rude jokes, and you rarely let your true feelings shine through. If an emotion does shine through, it is likely to be masked as aggression or through a joke. Your daemon's form would represent your clannish, loyal nature, your self confidence and your aggressive, joking exterior. He or she would probably help you mock the people whom you dislike and disrespect. Suggested form: Hyena, Coati, Maned Wolf, Raven, Dingo. A hyena or dingo daemon sounds pretty sweet, if I'm honest
  11. Akuma

    Movies/TV Your top 5 Disney classics?

    The Black Cauldron The Rescuers Lilo and Stitch Hercules The Emperor's New Groove
  12. Gengar~! It's been my PokeBro since I first played Blue Ver. all those years ago. I try to use it whenever I can~
  13. Akuma

    Gaming Favorite Boss Fight

    I really loved the Jubileus boss battle in Bayonetta
  14. Akuma

    Gaming What Is The WORST Gaming Company?

    Worst? Gotta be Zynga or King. ...Nuff said really.
  15. Akuma

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I have "A Female Ninja But I Want to Love" stuck in my head~ It's just sooo catchy