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  1. Laptop is totally dead- Wont be on for a week or so TTnTT sorry y'all

    1. Malinter


      that sucks. hope mine doesn't go >_<

  2. Off to bed, later nerds B)

  3. Oh man, she looks really cool~! Also, great job on the lines, they look really smooth
  4. I've bruised the fuck out of my ribs, and I've been told that if I keep wearing my binder for long periods of time, I'll be at srs risk breaking them. Siiiiiiiiiiiighs...

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    2. Akuma


      Mhm, it's a chest binder. It's for making my chest seem smaller, and making me less curvy. It's a big help for me, so not being able to wear it is a big problem.

    3. Malinter


      couldn't you just wear bulkier clothing to kill the curves?

    4. Akuma


      I also do that xD as much as bulkier clothes kill the hips, it doesn't help with the chest haha~

  5. M'laaady

    1. Malinter
    2. Akuma


      xP I'm not being serious, don't worry :3

    3. Malinter
  6. A Haiku about College. No no no no no - No no no no no no no - Mo no no no no

  7. Come join our game of Cards Against Humanity~! Password is butts http://pyx-2.socialgamer.net/game.jsp#game=23

  8. Anyone fancy a game of Cards Against Humanity (on Xyzzy)?

  9. I've spent the whole day thinking college was tomorrow but looks like we're not in and I'm the only one that didn't know oOOPPSSS- Ahh at least I have another day off <3 Anyone fancy a drawing? I'm in an OC drawin' mood tonight :*

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    2. Malinter


      holy crap, he looks *_* adorable...

    3. Akuma


      ; w ; T-thank you!

    4. Malinter


      new avatar XD

  10. I've been messing with a new style and I've kinda fallen for this one I'd really like some feedback, so I figured this would be the place to come (´ー`) Have a Fluttershy test thingy (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ It's kinda bad tbh sorry
  11. [Aggressively encourages people to watch Madoka Magica]

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    2. Obsolete


      *sees Rebellion mentioned*

      *makes mental note not to look at this status again*

    3. Clarity




      Okay so Homuhomubasicallyturnsintoasexybeastandrulestheworldattheendandeveryonehatesherandshitinthefandomanyway

    4. Akuma


      @Rudy - Rebellion was glorious omg, I guess you've not seen it by what Akemi said? Idek eue;;


      @Akemi - MMM DELICIOUS SPOILERS anddeliciousfandomtearshuehuehue

  12. Might as well give this a go~ ?? ? ?? Name: Apollo~! Though a lot of people call me Shiv or Fiff. Age: 16. My birthday is July the 11th ?(????) Gender: Dudebro. Country: England. Likes: Anime & manga 100% weeaboo sweg (????), baking, bad puns, TRON, playing vidya, gore/guro 2edgy4u, robots, RPing, drawing, legends, monsters & mythos, Pokemon, a hot coffee on a cold Monday morning. Dislikes: People that are rude/cruel to people over things like their gender or their sexuality, bugs, spiders, dealing with college, anxiety, myself 90% of the time. Hobbies: Watching anime, drawing, playing vidya and wasting time on tumblr I guess ?(????????) Other Info: I just want to saaaaaay...
  13. Gonna make a start on an essay, then work on an OC today ^w^

  14. I just finished A Link Between Worlds and even though it was easy it was really cute WWW