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  1. soovi

    Rate song, then post another!

    5/10, I like the instrumental.
  2. not diehard, but i do have a good amount of figures and stuff. i collect mlp, (all generations) nintendo, and just random things i find cute like hello kitty.
  3. soovi

    Who else hates all these new Internet terms?

    i don't mind them, i quite like them but i'm a teen so my opinion is probably nothing lol. i just have trouble keeping up with all the acronyms though... i feel like an old person having to google new acronyms to understand what my friends are saying...
  4. Hebrew, English, Spanish (Mexico and Spain dialect), Japanese, decent Mandarin and an okay amount of Cantonese. I really want to learn Russian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Estonian, and Arabic.
  5. soovi

    which country are you from?

    Israel, but now I live in USA.
  6. Other than my gaming stuff and my Surface Pro, my entire house is Samsung because my dad works for Samsung lmao.
  7. soovi

    What is your ethnicity(s)

    i dont know my exact percentages but i know one side of my family is white and the other is asian. as for white i know theres ashkenazi and irish. for asian ive heard chinese, japanese, and thai! edit; i forgot, i also have southwestern asian/middle eastern on my mom's side that consists of iraqi and lebanese
  8. I got invited to a party but instead of interacting with people I'm at home playing Pokemon.

  9. soovi

    General Media Guilty Pleasures

    Sex and the City is good!! I love reality TV like real housewives, Rupaul's Drag Race, Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc... I also like K-Pop but I don't really like other people that listen to it so I just never bring it up.
  10. soovi

    Favorite songs?

    I have a Spotify playlist with all my favorite songs on it! <3
  11. I definitely lean faaar to the left and I have very few conservative views. From my experiences most bronies I've interacted with are right-winged
  12. soovi

    General What's your favorite color?

    Pink!! I just wish my whole life could be pink honestly. But yellow is cool too.
  13. soovi

    Rate song, then post another!

  14. soovi

    Best/worst region of the US.

    Culturally the worst is probably the majority of the South but the midwest is the most boring. West coast is best coast.
  15. soovi

    Mega Thread What MLP Forums Members do you admire?

    Myself and only myself because I'm cool.