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  1. Choosing, choosing...this is gonna take awhile../ n \"

  2. No Wayzer please don't change a thing, I'm serious, I'll feel terrible if someone had to alter their own character just for my own needs, trust me I feel guilt lighting fast, please I will get used to it, don't go as that far to do this.
  3. No, no, don't it's okay I couldn't ask you to do that, it's not fair, I mean I could get used to it but please don't anything about him for my satisfaction, even for this.
  4. Well, in my mind I thought: "This is so exciting" and then every back story I read I was like: "Ohh damn why so grim dark" I mean I know people put some sad events into their characters but I think over doing the sadness is a bit much..
  5. I have MANY fictional crushes that can date back from when I was a young girl up to now, but honestly at the moment it's King Sombra~ I don't care what people say about him, what people don't realizes how much potential he has. Plus his character design is perfect the way it is~ I mean come on! Look at him! He's so..handsome~ *blushes intensively*
  6. I've just looked at all of them and...wow I really wasn't expecting that..
  7. I see, I will take him into consideration, thank you for signing up Attention to all who've signed up, I've decided to take today to view your OC's carefully. Now usually what I do is I take a look at everything about the character and picture how it's gonna turn up with Rosetta. Keep in mind that if your character does have sad back story I don't mind, I just hope none of you "over did" the sadness. If you need to make slight changes to your character do so now, when I get the time to view each one.
  8. I think for Vanylla it would effect her taste buds so everything that tastes sweet is sour, and everything that's sour is still sour lol, either that or gender bent R63'd XD
  9. This is the last day to sign for this RP! Hurry before it's too late! http://mlpforums.com/topic/115547-the-love-between-us-rp/

  10. @Gloomfury Thank you for signing up I will think about this one..
  11. @Gloomfury I'm using Rosetta Thorns, I've put a link for her in my first post
  12. I've been LOVING Iced Tea, or Nestea which ever one! Does that count? Lol
  13. I see, so I don't know if you took a look into the OC I'm using for this RP, if your's was chosen how would he handle it? I'll ask everyone these questions who ever signs up! So Wayzer, why do you think Nightstrike would fit in this RP? Also if you've looked at my OC's I'm using, if your's was chosen how would he handle her? So Gloomfury, why do you think Rag Stitch would fit in this RP? Also if you've looked at my OC's I'm using, if your's was chosen how would he handle her?
  14. Well your OC is interesting, quick question I must ask, if he's so how you say: "bad at socializing" why would do you think he'd fit in this RP? Just curious..
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