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    Hi :3! I'm FruitBreeze an average pegasus with average speed and an average life (You've probably guessed I'm not a Mary Sue OC) Anyhoo, I LOOVVEEE My Little Pony :3 Feel free to say Hi! I love talking to people :D

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  1. Hi! I'm really lucky that somepony made me an amazing signature... But I don't know how to upload it onto here! Do you have to be a certain rank? Please help me, I'm new to this site! Thanks!
  2. FruitBreeze

    Help with OC Talent?

    Do what I do :3 Wait until you've found your talent! I know I seem like a CMC wanna-be but I'd rather have a blank flank than a fake cutie mark! Or maybe you already have a special talent, if so use it!
  3. FruitBreeze

    How will you prepare for S4?

    I'm ready ! But I live in England so I'm watching it livestreamed on BronyState
  4. I'm not sure, I recently joined! But I think they might change it tomorrow seeing as it's the new season! I'm not sure though!
  5. FruitBreeze

    MLP Shipping

    I think Thunderlane Rumble and Scootaloo are so cute together!
  6. FruitBreeze


    Hey everypony So I've been seeing lots of people with awesome pony signatures and I'd quite like one for myself! Does anyone know where people make them? If so please tell me :3 Thanks! (By the way I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong place I wasn't sure where to make it)! Infact, don't worry about it, just ignore this thread!
  7. FruitBreeze

    Being a brony is awesome?! What makes you a brony?

    I'm just happy to be a brony for everything, the community is great and the show is awesome!! I can't wait 'till tomorrow
  8. FruitBreeze

    Hey Everypony :3

    Hi! So as you may have guessed, I recently joined! This site looks awesome so I'll be sure to use it a lot! I hope to get to know you all and I hope to make lots of new friends (Sorry if I seem really nooby/annoying!) That's all for now, bye!
  9. Here you go, I hope it's okay! But if not that's fine! Oh, by the way, good luck with it!