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  1. I'll give this a try too Name: i'm a little too shy to give out my real name so please just call me either Mask or Code. Age: 22 Gender: a bit unsure at the moment State: Texas, though i don't fit the stereotype at all. Likes: Music of all ranges, anime of the same, games as long as they're on PC, rainy/cloudy days and night time, good stories with lots of feels, anything pretty, animals of every kind, warm places, brony conventions, singalongs. Dislikes: Sports, things people do, leaving the house unless of my own accord. Hobbies: gaming and singing, although i've
  2. Yellow for me. Geez what i wouldn't do for some eyes like this.
  3. If i can't feel the music all the way down to my soul......it's not loud enough..... Which it takes a youtube video at max when my system sound is at 40% to do so
  4. i love this song so much. It's so soft and soothing, even when it picks up it still feels like i'm being gently cradled in waves of sound. Thank you, thank you so much for making this song.
  5. i think Discord this season is going to be that wise old sage who always has great advice but thinks it's more fun not to give it and watch as the cast runs around trying to figure it out. So personally i'd say every 3-4 episodes just based on how much i like seeing him vs how often he should appear in order to not tire out.
  6. i know, i still wanna try and find some new way to draw the eyes so they aren't so intimidating, i though about showing her actual eyes but for character's sake i need to keep the right eye covered I understand where you're coming from, but what if the mask is more true to the pony than the face?
  7. Welcome to the community new little foal, I'm pretty new on the forums myself so i can't really speak for that, but i've been a brony for a few months and i can honestly say that the entire brony community has taken my breath away in amazement more times than i can count. If you're the kind of person who dreams of a world where everyone is accepted regardless of background, interests, or pretty much anything whatsoever, then this is most certainly the place for you. Also, for a more official welcoming... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix7vrluEm4E
  8. it's Fluttershy wearing a butterfly mask, i drew it myself but i'm still not that great >.<
  9. I'm open to any and all questions. =)
  10. Sorry Cwanky, but i'm not sure i'm into donkeys
  11. I recently went to my first brony convention at Nightmare Nights, and the overwhelming sense of kindness and friendliness that i felt there was unlike anything i've ever known. i actually ended up going into a depression after i got back because i couldn't be around that anymore The world is an unkind place and seeing that convention made me realize just what it's potential is. Guess i'll be heading to every bronycon i can save up the money for
  12. attach a bomb to the tie that activates when he loosens it
  13. Vyx

    I love you because

    I love you because you're so sweet to everypony
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