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  1. Happy Birthday Fritz from a random friendly forum member :3

  2. I have much nostalgia for the old Sonic Games; Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, etc... so they kind of win in reguards to how long I've played them and enjoyed them for XP BUT, if I had to pick an all time fave, I'd have to go pretty obscure on y'all. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil remains my current favorite game of all time. I love everything from the story, to the gameplay, to the art design, to.... yeah everything. *shot* It is really the only game I still go out of my way to play on my own, seeing as video games don't tend to hold my interest much anymore unless I am playing with a friend.
  3. Late reply is terribly late, I apologize, as I am not very active on here. And I SINCERELY apologize if posting so long after the topic has died is frowned upon here ;w; But just to point this out, you're not actually wrong Grepper ;P The "Swing" in the title actually refers both to the swing music which Luna is singing along to, as well as Luna and Tia's swingset described at the beginning and end of the song. (You could also draw the conclusion that "Luna's Swing" also refers to the music being played at the ball when she reveals her identity as NMM in the lyrics). I wanted to use the "tattered swingset" as a metaphor for Tia and Luna's friendship, how carefree and wonderful it was when they were younger, and how it slowly fell apart as time went on, and they drew further and further apart. The style of music (Swing) was chosen at the same time because I felt that a song about a swingset would work wonderfully as a swing song ;P BECAUSE REASONS *ded*
  4. Speaking of feeling good, I found great joy reading through this last bunch of posts here, thank you ;u; <3 *shot*
  5. Haha, yeah it was a BIT bouncy XD But Gray Fur did a wonderful job with that poster. Glad you enjoyed it =D I credit Thunder with that genius idea ;3 I told him I wanted it to sound like some old-time swing music to fit with the story, and he really went the extra mile by adding the filters and stuff =) Thanks again <3
  6. New Status for after Nightmare Night o3o (literally no reason for this to exist, I just wanted to post a status update *shot*) ... so, how are y'all doing? XD

  7. So, µThunder and I put together a Swing song a couple days ago for Nightmare Night. I spent a LOT of time on the lyrics and feel of this song, and Thunder REALLY nailed the instrumental. I'm actually super proud of it X3 Thus, I figured I'd share it here, see what y'all think~ Hope you enjoy =D
  8. This is why I love hanging out in Episode discussion threads, I learn things like this that I would have never known otherwise X3333
  9. Yes! =D Dashie is always adorbs, and one of my favorite characters to write music about X3
  10. Yeah, i can agree with that, focusing specifically at Pastors speaking to the congrigation, though i was mostly refering to any person speaking to anyone else in any given situation, not standing in front of the congregation specifically :3 And yes, I agree one definetly shouldn't be overcome with rage, but shouting angrily doesn't always equal rage. That being said, if one were to shout at someone, it would NEED to be out of kindness and a genuine care for the individual, one might still feel anger in said situation, but again, the focus is on helping the person, not just yelling at them cause "rawr I'm angry". But yeah, I am all for convaying things in a calm kind tone. Personally, I don't yell a whole lot X3 Also, hello Darkhearted Brony~ :3
  11. Welcome to the Forums, Fritzy! :D ~Treble Sketch

    1. FritzyBeat


      Thanks dude =D Though, I've had an account on here for a long while, I just never really used it until now XD Good to be here c:

  12. Then again, Jesus got angry, God has been angry~ and both have shouted in anger at some point. I don't think anger is really the issue as much as it's intent, and whether it's convayed in the right way for that situation. It's ok to be angry for the right reasons, the fact that we know Jesus and God have gotten angry themselves shows us that, it's just that they were always angry for the right reasons, and their anger wasn't out of malice towards someone, it was warrented for the situation. That's why we have to be careful with comments such as "you shouldn't deliver God's word with an angry shout". It's a very absolute statment, and will always come with exceptions.
  13. At the moment, µThunder and I are trying to figure out the time-sig change in the third verse ,so as soon as we got that, then it'll likely come along a lot faster