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  1. So I see your still in need of a criminal, I have a few ideas, a few of them are just rip-offs of certain characters from games, tv and films, but I'm sure I can come up with something more unique if you want?
  2. I think I was in the last Dragon Age Roleplay, as long ago as that was, it was a shame it died, but I'd be up for joining if you decide to do it.
  3. Name: Shadow Hoof Personality: Shadow is a Quiet and Calm Pony, preferring to stay in the shadows than get involved in most day to day interactions, but don't get him wrong, he's more than capable at handling himself and others. Label: The Thief Reasoning behind label: from the start of high school Shadow noticed that Secrets had value, and he also noticed that most other students had notebooks, and diaries which they used to store secrets and such, so he began to gather interest in stealing stuff and diaries, and also learning how to pick all sorts of locks that students had on th
  4. Character Name: The Pyro/ Lady Pyro Character Page: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lady-pyro-r8010 Power: Pyrotechnical Rage (She Goes Into A Form Of Rage Where She Bursts Into Flames And Becomes Three Times Stronger And Tough. Unstabled: If She Stays Within this Rage Too Long She Will Start To Attack Both Friend And Foe, And Will Not Stop Until She Faints Or Begins To Burn Up From Her Own Fire, Whichever Comes First. Preferred Nickname: Lady Pyro
  5. Well Let's Hope More Ponies Join.
  6. It Does Sound Good, and I do like the idea myself, let us see what any others that join may want.
  7. Indeed it is, I saw a film recently quite like the last idea, except they were locked in a room for a Hour and a half and had to guess what the question was before the time ran out, it... Didn't go to well... But with some Adjustments it could work well for romance.
  8. I like the Idea, I just have one question. Are we Ponies? Or Ourselves? Or What?
  9. Indeed SFyr's Ideas are very good, makes me wonder if SFyr is a Writer? Meh... Are You Interesting In doing a Roleplay Thorn O' Discord?
  10. Well in my opinion Role-playing is like writing a book, with lots of people doing it in small sections. But if you don't think your up for it then all I can do is respect your decision, And Borrow your Ideas.
  11. I like these ideas! Well when more people show up I'll put it to a vote. Would you like to join? I know you said you have no hand here, but there is always a time to start right!
  12. Well I got no ideas but meh... Anypony up for brainstorming some ideas?
  13. 1#: You Can Only play a Faceless Character, a nameless Soldier, that doesn't mean you can't give them a name, or a personality, but your character must have a Helmet or Mask that conceals their identity. "that doesn't mean you can't give them a name, or a personality" Yeah but the rules do say that works, just look for the loopholes!
  14. Ah I feel like a ass... I guess I did just lose interest, but again that is unfair on you guys, but I have no problem if you guys want to do it without me, you could nominate one of you to carry on the RP as the GM. Or if no one wants to take the role I could continue to GM. But that's up to you guys, I still have my plan for it, but someone else could take over and use their own if they want.
  15. If you want to join then feel free too, I'm still up for doing this!
  16. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    As the sound of metal sawing through bone fills the air, the arm falls and hits the floor with a wet thump. He then withdrew back, as the Chaos marine tried to grab him and then leaped forward, lining his fist up with the face of the Chaos Marine, his fist surged forward, aimed squarely for the Marines nose.
  17. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven watched the ponies closely until they had left, once they had left he charged towards the two Chaos Space Marines, bringing his chainsword down trying to cut through the shoulder pad of one of the Chaos Marines, intent on taking its arm off. "Prepare to die Chaos Scum!"
  18. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven nodded and followed her back to the library. "I see your predicament could be seen as bad, but a few of my brethren suffer from something that is eerily to yours, but I may be able to assist you if you crave blood, my body is designed to give me to most likely chance of survival if injured, so I don't mind giving you some of my blood if you require it" Reven enters the library and looks at the now open portal, a chill running down his spine. "Good work, the portal seems to be running, wait, is something coming through?" He recoils as two Space Marines exit the portal, not
  19. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven looked down at the bat pony and kneeled down so that he was closer to her hight. "I don't have any food on me no, what do you mean before anything happens to someone?" He notices her fangs grow but doesn't recoil or show any signs of fear. "Does it have something to do with your kinds biology? You remind me of a vampire with those fangs"
  20. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven notice the bat pony seemed to be struggling with something, his hearing picking up the quite counting and then when she bit herself, he was about as what was happening when she ran off, he knew something was up, he decided to try and make use of himself and ran outside after her, being careful to not to rip the door off of the library as he left, following behind her. "Excuse me little one but I don't think I caught your name before, I see something is troubling you, can I help in any way?"
  21. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven watched the group while sitting on the floor in the corner, he smiled under his helmet. "Its nice to see a world at peace, or at least as close to peace as you can get. Enjoy the time you have together. Emperor knows that your closest allies could be ripped away from you in a heartbeat. I know it all to well" Reven stood up and stretched, Sitting still wasn't something he did a lot he looked at tech and pointed at the portal. "I'd suggest getting that portal open quick, who ever took the dragon was most likely of evil intent, and the dragons safety may be in danger" He lo
  22. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven finishes the book and places it back on the shelf, turning to face the others. "If anything happens to attack I will be more than willing to throw myself against it" Reven looked towards Tech and the canister of gas in his hoof. "Prey tell what is the effects of contact with this gas?"
  23. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven continued to look through the book, learning all he could about Princess celestia, looking to twilight for a brief second he replied. "But surely for someone as old as her she would have knowlage on this matter, it would be wise to seek her advise, even if you too are a princess, she might have access to information that you do not"
  24. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    Reven watched as the human turned invisible, well to everyone else he did, to reven it didn't really work seeing how his helmet just scanned the area to locate his biometric ID "Optic camouflage, Imperial guard doesn't have that, I'm guessing your not from the same place as I" Reven sighed and started to scan the shelves, finding a book of interest. A book on the history of Princess Celestia. He opened and started to read through, being carefull not to damage the book. "Twilight, if I may ask, why haven't you sent for Celestia's Aid during this time?"
  25. Anon In Equestria

    Open Attack on Equestria

    "My World?" Reven looked around for a second and shrugged. "Ultramar. That's my Chapter planet. But I won't be using that portal. Warp Traval is not something I take very well" Reven looked to the humans and stepped closer, still towering above even them. "You come from Earth? But Earth was Destroyed Years ago. And what kind of gear is that? Your Imperial guard correct?"
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