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    Grand Island, NE
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    he who laughs last, laughs loudest~!
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    I go by Maru-sha on every other site I belong to, but I felt I'd just use a different one here. Ha-ha~!

    I have graduated college and am in the process of still moving about from home to a new place to live. Thank goodness I'm not being quickly ejected from home or I'd be in the pits!

    I go by the term "brony" instead of "pegasusister" since it just sounds...I dunno...silly to me. Being an English major, I love the term Brony over the other on any day of the week since its more pleasing to my ears. But that's my own personal opinion.

    I'm an anime nerd who dabbles in cosplay. I go to Anime conventions in Nebraska, Minnesota, California, and Kansas. I'm usually invited to them, hence being able to travel there pretty much for free!

    I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but spent 5 years in Vermillion, South Dakota since there is where I decided to go to college. I'm back in Cali, but rather temporarily, or until I set sights on another spot to live withing the next few months. The current plan is to move back to the Midwest. I loved the slower and less complicated/laid back lifestyle of the people.
    Summary of stuff I like:

    Anime Conventions
    90's Cartoons
    Making fan-art
    Miku Miku Dance (MMD)
    MMD Animating
    Reading books about mysteries
    Writing books about Slice of Life situations.

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  1. The newest MLP episode was AWESOME~!!

  2. I've awoken early for a change!

    1. POW


      Time to have some fun early! :D

  3. Anyone playing New Leaf?

  4. I have made some MLP body pillows. Where would I post a link to them?


    1. Marcato


      Aah first world problems.

    2. Ice Breaker

      Ice Breaker

      Wow, what a first world answer.


  6. I agree whole heartedly. Being new here, I have no idea of the response limit until I tried to send a long post just about an hour ago. I can understand why its a rule, but still its rather unpleasant. It is definitely nothing to get my knickers in a twist, though.
  7. Who wants to Pokemon Battle me~?

  8. Ooooh~! A Norwegian pony fan! glad to have ya' here!
  9. I read your response and went on and made a character sheet for my oc, Ice Breaker
  10. I'm up for you using Ice Breaker in your project~! I haven't gotten around to making a character page yet, but here is her picture.
  11. Hey, Ice! :D

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    2. Scootalove


      I can see that your having a wonderful time here. :)

    3. Ice Breaker

      Ice Breaker

      well I just got here last night and so far I'm having a good time~!

      I had a question!

      I have made some body pillows of the Mane Six plus Derpy and I wanna know where to post links to the shop people can buy them at. Ah, I also make pins, too~!


    4. Scootalove


      You can post it in the Commissions thread in Octavia's Hall.

  12. Part of the Epic Fail Trio~!