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  1. Midnight Lustre

    General What do you sound like?

    Well I made a thing. Sorry about the click at the end and that it so is quiet. https://soundcloud.com/midnight-light-1/vocal-sample I also have no clue how to get it to show up properly
  2. One chapter down and only 29+ to go... I do hope you are up for it.
  3. Hmm it may seem like a common answer but yeah I'm happy with being a male despite not being a masculine male by modern day standards. Although if the option came around to switch sexes for a day I think I would happily take it.
  4. Very nice I was wondering if the author felt about this since you mentioned a couple of posts back about his finding this on the youtubes.
  5. The only two male celebrities that would make me "swing that way" would be Richard Dean Anderson from his Macgyver and early SG1 days and Michael Shanks. Oh and I forget to mention NPH so that would make three... whoops.
  6. Midnight Lustre

    Movies/TV Star Wars vs Star Trek

    For me Star Trek always wins out unless its Star Trek: DS9 which bores me to tears.
  7. Hot damn I feel really bad that I forgot about this and I was just wondering if you still needed anymore VAs
  8. This is genius and I would love to see more of it
  9. I have also posted an application through the google form
  10. Hmm I see you still need a Medic. Do you have any lines ready for him that I could try reading? Would it be a problem if I don't speak German?
  11. My first name means "Defender of man" and is of Greek origin and my last name comes from a ancient word meaning "fox on a hillside" and I think it originated in Scotland.
  12. Part of me is a bit saddened that you didn't link us this post. The rest of me however thinks that this has turned out nicely albeit a bit quiet on my parts which I will need to work on.
  13. Hmm well I'm generally not on Skype but its freight-train@outlook.com. Simply because it's a tad difficult co-coordinating times to talk when you live in different time zones.
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