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  3. Happy birthday, man.

  4. Sia revealed on her twitter that she will have a character in the movie, and postet a picture of her pony. Pony, not a seapony. Normal pony. Looks like its going to be 'normal' style. Seaponies would be really cool, but its unlikly to happen for this movie
  5. Im not really a fan of eBay. I have no trust in the sellers there, have heard stories of people getting things not even close to what they ordered. Toy stores also got shit only, not what I'm looking for :/ And the only ''geek'' store I know about is all out of ponies.. and wont get in new ones anytime soon either, and by then I'll be in the other end of the country... Guess I'll have to give eBay a shot.
  6. Hello fellow bronies. I live in Norway, and I'm having big problems finding a store where they sell MLP FIM vinyl figures. I'm stopping by Sweden in a few days, if someone happens to know a store where they sell them. Also any good online sites where I can buy them? Thanks in advance, regards Amalie
  7. This episode was amazing! I loved everything about it, the backstabbing, all the fighting, the lasers and how twilight always back up her friends, and in the end save Equestria and discover her meaning as a princess. I can't wait for next season, anyone know when it will be out?
  8. Does anyone have a link to where I can watch the episode? For some reason I can't find it anywhere
  9. It was amazing! Such a great job and Steven Moffat didn't kill anyone. Even more amazing. I can't wait for the next season to come, if the doctor will find Gallifrey and his people... Gonna be so great! Really looking forward to it. Also, it was really nice to see Tennant and Rose again. Best doctor and the best companion. And also, one thing that really confuse me.. Since John Hurt now is the regeneration of the 8th doctor, does that mean that hes the 9th, Christopher Ecc the 10th, Tennant 11th, Matt the 12th and Peter capaldi will be the 13th? Some people say that John isnt a real regeneration, so hes like 8.5, and christopher Ecc still 9th one. So confusing...
  10. Hello everypony! I'm a 17 year old girl from Norway. I started watching mlp around 2 years ago, and it was love at first sight. Came across this forum when i looked around for some info about season 4, so thought I'd might aswell join And if anyone cares, I'm also a huge Doctor Who fan! Just wanted to share that. <3