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  1. really cool you should do more
  2. That looks really great i dont know how you do that sooo well.
  3. those extra legs created a...
  4. lilly293

    Would you rather...?

    Katy Perry Would you rather sit down for a week with no standing or non stop standing for a week
  5. Roses are red Violets are blue PONIES ARE EPIC AND YOU ARE TOO!
  6. lilly293

    so much derp

    Yesterday was a derp day for me because i slept through my alarm clock for school missed the bus i walked to school in the snow then when i got to school i forgot my laptop at home and the classes sucked.When i got home (again I missed the bus) I had to walk home i turned on my laptop i went to play Minecraft and i could not get on a certain server so i played xbox and that made me happy
  7. I'm one to be saying that i fight for fun at tournaments with my karate group and i came home with about 4 1st place trophies my first tournament as a yellow belt. So what i would do personally is lead em on that you are not as good as they are then as they come in with any move you slide diagonally at the last second punch em in the rib cage sweep their foot from under them grab their arm shove em to the ground and walk away no serious damage done. If they have weapons what I would do is creasnt kick to the hand that holds the weapon and that should knock the weapon out of their hand pick up
  8. Hello every one I'm new here and I just want to make some new friends that love ponies just like I do. I own 5 ponies at my house and they are all named after the my little ponies show.
  9. 1.Luna 2.Rainbow Dash 3.Derpy Hooves 4.Applejack 5.Rarity
  10. Roses are red Violets are blue I'm really hoping I can get to know all of you.
  11. lilly293

    Little colt Design

    I really like how much effort you put into your colt, also it came out wonderful.
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