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  1. Your username and profile pic are awesome! I saw you in the single thread and just needed to tell you that.

    1. Toothless the Night Fury

      Toothless the Night Fury

      Thank you! I really like it as well!

  2. Thank you for the welcome! Applejack is pretty amazing. I just can't choose a favorite!
  3. I'm breelligerent and I'm a female brony (pegasister? I like brony better). I haven't been in the fandom for that long, but I have managed to convert my boyfriend! I'm hoping to get to know everypony and generally be a part of something. My favorite pony changes by the day, as my favorite is usually the one that seems most like me. Sometimes I'm solitary and busy learning like Twilight, other times quiet and caring like Fluttershy, etc. My favorite Pinkie Pie song is the Zecora Song. Anyway, that's all I can think of. Nice to meet you all!
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