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  1. Buy why go for a second season of ponylife? To me that sounds more like having moved on to a new thing rather than making something to fill the space inbetween.
  2. While I enjoy the concept of Bat Ponies having been Pegasi that were changed by Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna for story telling, and its been shown that she can make some if not most of the changes to their appearance, I don't follow it as their origin. Canon: They're a sub group of ponies. Head Canon: They had their own much smaller tribe that didn't migrate to Equestria, and have since grown and remained largely elsewhere with their own distinct way of life.
  3. The issue is less the emoticons but rather their abuse for the purpose of provoking a reaction which goes against the spirit of the debate symposium. Smugness plays into the positive competitiveness that occasionally occurs in topics but only so much can be tolerated before the discussion falls apart. I don't think emoticons should be removed or banned from the debate symposium, but they should be used in moderation.
  4. I doubt it for a few reasons. While there are mocroorganisms found in the earth's atmosphere and there are some that could theoretically survive in the clouds off of the water, dust, and various particles all stirred up, it's yet to be proven. Currently most microorganisms that can be found originate on the earth's surface and get carried up by the wind. This doesn't work in the case of Venus, as has been mentioned, it's surface isn't habitable.
  5. Physical items and many yaks just don't do it for me because they don't bring me any kind of satisfaction unless maybe destroyed which makes it difficult to have a single item and that sort of habit isn't necessarily positive if I'm causing damage. Also I was having to do laborious tasks half the time when feeling the need to blow off some steam so distraction chores don't help. I guess the closest item would be my shoes so I can Pinder over things on a walk.
  6. Mine is me and I haven't quite decided what I'm going to wear this year. Last was a soldier, an inflatable dinosaur before that, Caesar, and my version of Hannibal Lector. I've had a haircut but my hairs starting to get a bit too long again, so with the beard I might for a grimey Jaime Lannister? Maybe I'll make a temporary profile pic change if I have the time?
  7. I don't know about a night out other than this random large, dirty, torn cloth that somehow found its way into my back back after staying at a friends house last Halloween. I still have it now, cleaned of course, even after moving because it helps catch spills when emptying fish tanks. The worst thing I've brought home ever would either be a dead bat or rat skull. The bat was on the side of the road completely dried out from the sun after having been hit by a car or something, and I thought it'd be cool to preserve. I wrapped it up in a grocery bag amd it sat on my desk forgotten for months. The rat skull was from a rat I had seen as fresh roadkill and as time went on there was nothing left but bones. I poked at them with a stick and decided to take the skull. I put it in a jar of bleach since I didn't have alcohol and it turned out some maggots were living inside of it and crawled out and died, so that was disgusting. I swear I don't make a habit of bringing dead things home, I just like having the idea of having a late 19th century display set up with my books, specimens and old things. My parents don't know about either of these things but they know I do weird stuff, lol.
  8. I don't think so, namely because in the past when I wasn't dating, my mind would only chase after people that fit my type and were also available, so that obviously excludes people who don't actually exist and the high profile counterparts who may be playing them. Finding them or their characteristics attractive is something else altogether.
  9. Rico Velasquez from the Killzone video game series. It's been a while since I've watched the play throughs, but in the first game he was a racist prick to the half Helghan Colonel Gregor Hakha even though he was was on his side. Later, rather than take the unarmed Helghan leader, Scolar Visari, prisoner, he kills him out of anger, turning him into a martyr and extending the conflict by several months I think, resulting in the deaths of thousands of his comrades, not to mention those of the enemy who needlessly died as well. Finally, he helps bring down a world ending weapon, only for it to make the world of Helghan become completely uninhabitable, and his reaction was celebratory while others realized they had accidently killed millions of civilians. I'll add Fin as well from the latest Star Wars Trilogy. I've only seen "The Force Awakens" and though he had been serving under an evil imperial faction, at the death of his bestfriend and fellow storm trooper, he decides it's time to run away from that life and kills several other storm troopers in the process. He was captured at a very young age and raised alongside others in the exact same situation. What he did was the equivalent to watching your favorite sibling die, and instead of doubling down on the people who actually killed them, you shoot up the rest of your remaining siblings. That's madness!
  10. I think I remember a scene where one of the bakugan was complaining about having to waste time at school in the main character's pocket or something. I thought the toys were neat and a cousin of mine got into them, but wasn't really my thing.
  11. Can't say this is common nor did I personally see it, but close by a man was witnessed running about naked one morning and consuming his own feces, so yeah. Otherwise, 3 juvenile herons on one end of a pond, 2 ducks on the other, crows in the trees, a few slugs and snails on the sidewalk, and the regular early risers heading out for work with a mountainous silhouette partially obscured by the blinding morning sun. There's also a wild rabbit on the edge of a wetland and sometimes one or two dogs on a balcony.
  12. At our current place the day starts with the opening and closing of doors, cars driving off to work, the maintenance crew weed whack ing and occasionally yelling in spanish, crows cawing after a local hawk or each other for the first scraps of the day. If you walk past the pond near the mail boxes there's a pair of ducks quacking along, along with the daily traffic. In the evening you can hear people chatting, music being played too loudly, or TVs through open windows, maybe a few birds and the Crickets out in the distance. The jingle of leashes as people walk their dogs, stomping of children up and down stairwells, cars circling desperately for any available parking spot then speeding off to the empty lots of the nearby businesses. Plenty of small airplane traffic as well from the local airport, the occasional train, and the wind on warmer days which really stirs and jostle the cheap blinds. At my parents there was the sound of a few cars leaving. The buzzes of bees and hummingbirds with their territorial chirps. A neighbor dog barking at something, a car speeding on the main road, and then construction for new housing developments in the distance. There used to be ylthe cooing of Pigeons and screeches of Hawks but they've partially relocated and get drowned out by the work. In the evening the neighborhood children are loud as they make the most of their time before being called inside, the ice cream truck makes its late run, and Crickets and Frogs will compete to fill the air with their music. A lone seabird that's chosen to live inland flies over a few times most evenings and calls out, while sometimes the coyotes and an owl sound off.
  13. I'd probably do mostly one way flying since I'd be limited in the stuff I can carry. Fly to the store for some milk but walk back with it. I'd mostly fly high in local areas so I can get a better view of what's around me and use that to draw maps. Maybe visit parks and beaches more often.
  14. It evolved from your everyday kids show into an actual story. I remember this sort of reflected feeling on season 1 but more so for other content, like some of the earlier music created by the fandom and how the variety expanded and the quality became professional, but you still hear the signature sounds for the artists way back when.
  15. Of course not. Those who k ow me personally also know me for my art, but I've hardly created anything that would fall under that for the fandom. At best I have an altered recoloration of someone else's work and it's only been shared as a reference image to have others make art for me. While there's more artists today than there ever has been, and we're known for an engagement and creative output with a show that was practically unheard of prior, I'd still bet the vast majority of fans haven't created all that much beyond their own OCs. In some ways were like any other fandom, and we're united by admitting to stare at the same thing for at least 22 minutes at a time.