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  1. The bed was never really an issue. I grew up with a loft bed or when I was at my grandma's I played on the bedroom floor, so that was never a place for anything to hide. When I was 4, my mom made me a monster spray with a bit of lemon juice in some water. I also had my nightlight's to keep the darkness at bay. I was an early reader, so would often fall asleep to whatever was on the pages before me rather than the cursed thoughts within my own head. That isn't to say there were visions I didn't fear. When I was 4 I had a dream about death, as a character. The concept didn't really take hold for a couple more years and that began a different sort of terror. I also saw an image of Santa of all things when we lived elsewhere that same year I think. We had just come home and the lights hadn't been turned on yet, but I saw this thing floating there in the corner. What I saw wasn't what scared me, it was the fact that I was seeing it, and knowing it shouldn't and couldn't have truly been there. It was winter but it wasn't the holiday season at this time. When I was 6 I once dreamt that my first step father was a vampire with glowing yellow eyes, and that made me uncomfortable around him for a short period. He'd never done anything to hurt me, but that fictitious version of him had, and it's difficult to look at a trusted face after something like that when you're so young. I would also stay at ym grandma's on the weekends and if we got back late then I would picture something like a werewolf in the shadows of the tall trees on her property. That didn't last long though. I was aware that it was all in my imagination, and I learned to appreciate the beauty of apex predators and all of their savagery. The darkness may have been home to monsters, but I could conjure up far worse creatures in my mind, and soon I was the scariest thing to be found
  2. Nope. Not interacting with very many people since I'm not leaving the house very much, in an area with low traffic in terms of people coming and going at the moment and caution signs and hand sanitizers are already everywhere. There's also the fact that while the virus has spread very quickly, it's not actually very dangerous unless you were already at risk to other things. Plus, I've already spent most of this year sick. I got hit left and right with stuff from December 28th onward, lost my voice for nearly a month, wasn't completely better till after 40 days. I've met my sick quota for the next few years in my opinion.
  3. I didn't really find it out of place since parodying her as a confederacy loving redneck isn't exactly uncommon. I'd say that overall depiction of her is about as bad as Princess Molestia, which I don't see widely admonished but is definitely not appropriate for public settings. I see the audacity in them and can see why someone would get a kick out of them like other forms of dark humor. The benefit of memes is that they can always be altered to be more appealing as well, such as this example. I'm going to say the worst MLP Meme is Milk Mare.
  4. Don't remember the scores, but I had an algebra glass in the 8th grade that I passed by 0.01%. I retook the class my freshmen year to be safe, did much better, but my teacher had two alternative versions of a test for retakes, and she had to make a third for me because it took that many tries to get a pass.
  5. Maybe something like a set of dream clouds, three that get gradually bigger.
  6. The song I've listened to the most recently is The Yellow Rose of Texas which came out in the 1850s.
  7. These half shaved, half long, half dyed hair styles. I remember Skrillex being a stand out, and a bunch of girls dying their hair that dark red, followed by purple tips back in the day. Then hipsters became a big thing with fanciful beards and man buns, the gamers all adopted a color, and I wasn't too surprised to see people follow along, but then some of the most insane combinations have come along, and they'd put those seen in the Hunger Games to shame.
  8. The happiest place on earth? I had a fantastic time from what I can remember, but I imagine it's more of a hell for the poor unfortunate souls that keep the visitors constantly happy. Hell for the cast members! ASMR, heavenly tingles or damned taps and crinkles?
  9. My first high school was famous for having a gorgeous building that was over 100 years old, my second high school was famous for its band program, a student making it big in college football, and a celebrity you all know has graduated from there. My middle school was famous for its gang activity, and my primary elementary school was famous for it's giant new playground. It's still one of the biggest ones I've seen, but can't exactly call it new after 16 years can I?
  10. That I can remember? 18. I've had the unique circumstances of having divorces play a factor, but while I was still an infant, we had moved 16 times, so the total is probably 34.
  11. Just got back from Costco, plenty of amazing deals as usual, but they were selling just over 2lbs of ribeye steaks for over $40 which seemed like more than I normally pay for.
  12. I have two. A circle on the left side of my forehead from ripping off a chicken pox bump when I was about 7, and line from getting my lip split on the right when I was about 10. Got that when I was on a merry-go-round. Me and at least a dozen other kids were trying to get it to go as fast as possible, so we each grabbed a rung or two and ran as fast as we could and then jumped on. That is except for this one girl, who thought it best to stand and push it while we were running, so we'd have to let go or hop on and back off to avoid running into her. Finally she left and we were all onboard, dangling over to get that rush from our precarious position and the wind in our hair. She happens to run back up just as I'm coming around and our heads smacked into each other's. She appeared to walk away unfazed. I fell off gushing blood. Luckilly didn't need any stitches. There's also one on I think my left ear from getting bit by a dog when I was an infant, but that one's no longer visible. It was territorial about it's food which I was playing with, nothing more than a nip.
  13. I want to say Canterlot so I could get access to their library and read up on the history of the nation, but I also love playing tourist in my own state and have moved to it's flatter, drier side recently, so wouldn't mind seeing Equestria's version of Washington by going to Tall Tale, a place that's been on the map since they first issued one back in season 2 was it? And it's only ever been mentioned, never seen in person, or pony I should say.
  14. I don't watch it, but his appearance immediately reminded me of Pearl from Steven Universe. I don't think they explored the concept of an adult blank flank (outside of Gabby who was another species though) because it's either not possible or you'd have to be a complete shut in, living in really dark circumstances like having been locked in a basement for your whole life. I did read a fanfic once that explored something like this, can't remember what the cutie mark situation was. It was good but clearly not family friendly material. There's also the difficulty of the CMC being late bloomers themselves, so encountering a pony older than them that's a blank flank is already very slim. The only pony adult I recall them helping was Trouble Shoes, and that's because he didn't understand the true meaning of his own Cutie Mark. Unfortunately I can't offer much advice without critically changing the character you've come up with. I do like the cutie mark you've designed, in that it's unique but straightforward and simple. For now I would say, maybe do more with Cosmo's design as there is very little going on with a solid white coat and pink mane. The combination could also be considered effeminate, but for all I know that's what you were going for.
  15. How do you fit the horn through that helmet? Is it made up of bullet resistant rubber over metal plates/bands or something?