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  1. @LaptopDJ This was a nice surprise! Been dealing with so much stuff happening at home I forgot that I had made a request. Anyways thanks a lot! Totally looks like her and I really like the reflective sheen in her hair. The curves in the wings kind of makes it look like she's got a towel over some big hips but otherwise nice Keep up the good work!
  2. Brooklyn Brothers Pizza, not located in Brooklyn but they've got their roots there and you probably won't know the difference. They take pride in what they're making, so no pineapple or anchovies allowed. Just need to call that other stuff ham from now on since this is America, and we're good to go. Besides the food, they're known for their decorative walls with signatures from thousands upon thousands of people. Anyone can just go right up to one and add their name, sometimes pens and markers are even provided! Just don't be putting anything too obscene, this is a restaurant after all. My favorite pizza, the Bowery. Has your standard cheeses, topped with pepperoni, sausage, and garlic. I swear on my mother's yet dug grave, that's the good stuff. In second place where I eat more often out of convenience and pricing, Alfy's. They're great too, with a good genericnous that makes it could to eat anytime of the day in any condition, and they have game consoles set up. Can't have a bad time there.
  3. While Idaho may be the potato state, Washington actually produces more potatoes per acre, so if we were to make an effort we could easilly get out of second place. Washington is also in fourth in wheat production, but we have the most wheat productive county in the entire country. Where we lead without question is in apple production. Makes you wonder why Grand Pear would move to Vanhoover if his goal was to get away from apples.
  4. Evil is such a relative term I like Starlight a lot for her more realistic mind set and she was great as a villain but I like her as a regular too even if I disagree with her reasoning for doing bad things. When Chrysalis made corrupted copies of the main six, I loved seeing a version of Twilight use her intelligence to call out her creator and come up with a plan of her own.
  5. Legends of Equestria had good intentions but didn't go over terribly well. Character design was limited, items were overpriced, from what I recall most missions consisted of running around to different locations and not much more, and enemies were overpowered. You could talk to other players but rarely did that happen, and I think there was a scandal where you'd complete a mission and get this reward, but it would just be dropped on the ground for you to pick at originally so anyone close enough could easilly steal it from you. The maps weren't anywhere near Skyrim levels but they were of a considerable size. This had the welcome feature of encouraging you to explore but unfortunately there were quite a few empty stretches of land, and the travel was slow paced so if all I wanted to do was go from point A to point B, I'd hold down a button for a few minutes and absent mindedly look at my phone. The game pushed for exploration but dissapointed in that there was only so much to find. The best aspect was going through major locations. I believe names were changed due to copyright issues, but as a Pegasus it was wonderful to soar through Cloudsdale, over Canterlot, and go up and down the streets of Ponyville. It gave you the sense that you were actually there. I think the creators were too ambitious and didn't have all of the skills and resources to really make their game work. I'm hoping this is different for Pony Town which has had some awesome updates. It's nowhere near a complete game, but interaction with others is a huge part of it, you can explore, find random amusing objects, and character design is huge and extremely customizable. Really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  6. Firstly, don't attempt this as it can have unexpected consequences that could be negative to your health. I had a final project due for a class in high school and communication had been poor between me and my partner for various reasons, so we had each done the project separately, and had to do it all over again but through cooperation. We had three days to do this, and while I was not a great student, I had every intention to get 100% on this project and impress our teacher, so I sacrificed sleep and put all of my time into it. I did this mostly through sheer determination, but I also took a few caffeine pills. The second time I took them I didn't feel anything so I stopped. By the end of it I was beginning to hallucinate. Longest day of my life, but also the shortest week. Needless to say, I achieved my goals. Not a big gamer and don't lean towards that sort no nope. Never have I ever smoked or vaped.
  7. 84 hours straight roughly. Wasn't keeping exact time, probably wans't in a state where I could, but it'd be off by two hours at most more or less. Not entirely, I've worked our bits to make a more linear story that I considered developing further but didn't really put the time into so no. Never have I ever pet a stray dog on the streets.
  8. I'm betting that the feud is mostly forgotten because while the apple family is big and the main/original farm is in Ponyville, I think most of its members live in Appleloosa.
  9. Here's a little something I put together a while back. I believe we are left with a possibility of 59 sentient species, however not all species are necessarily united under a single state, or have one of their own. For locations we have confirmed or mentioned: I did not include Trottingham or soverign Buffalo lands under the belief they are more than likely a part of Equestria. The Griffons are clearly supposed to represent mainland Europe, things get crazy when you go south of Equestria, The Dragon Lands appear to be where Africa would be, and Zecora has a mix of things from African cultures but her neck bands are specific to people in certain provinces of South Africa. More mythic beasts like Iron Will the Minotaur and Tirek the Centaur for sure are supposed to have come from some far off land. The Yaks are positioned oddly but have Mongolian roots, and we've seen ponies with characteristics pointing towards Asian cultures, East Asia and India more specifically. I have my own theories and head canons that go deeper into other possible nations and partial reasons for why groups live wher ethey do and why we see cultures somewhat out of place. My biggest ones are that there used to be a lot more ponies living where the griffons due prior to the three pony tribes uniting, and that bat ponies would have made up a Germanic culture.
  10. Hiphop is newer, and Rock has had it's time to shine. Every boy used to want to be a Rockstar, that's no longer the case but that idea hung on for so long I think Rock bands drew in crowds that were unheard of at the time, it was a new level of extreme popularity that few could reach. Rock is amazing, but it's not a significant part of the current culture.
  11. Rock being the most popular music genre passed long ago, but what were modern hits at the time have become classics that will live on through the ages. Look at the Fallout franchise. Sure they had an old timey theme going but do you think they'd have given us that soundtrack if people weren't going to like it? Music comes but rarely does it truly go. Rock on.
  12. Depends where the best seat in the house is. At one of my step grandmother's house I'd sit 3 to 4 feet away. It was on the floor and I'd be sitting in either my little red armchair or a big ol bean bag. The TV in our house is on a mantle so most of the time I'm more like 10 feet away, partly due to our furniture being pushed way back. At my girlfriend's place it's probably about 7 feet away, and the one at her parents place I sit 10 feet away from on furniture, and 4 to 6 on the floor, depending where I have my feet. Laptop's usually 2 feet away, phone 1 to 1.5, and I like to sit perfectly in the center at most movie theatres. When I had a console or play over at a friends house I'm usually leaning in but I'll sit real close or even stand for shooters.
  13. Fluttershy looks like she supplied AJ with those happy pills.
  14. I've been in situations where I've had to sign for my mother when she wasn't around I suppose? Like she'd send me into the grocery store with her card, or something would be delivered to our door. It's saved a lot of hassle before with things that the deliver wouldn't have been able to just hand over otherwise. I have a collection of coins and banknotes that I've mostly bought offline and the post office mistakenly thought the information on an envelope wasn't correct and since I wasn't home to confirm I then had to go to them which was difficult since I don't drive. Anyways, long tangent short, I've been called by mother's name several times since that's what they've seen me writing down.