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  1. SharpWit

    World Cup Divisions

    You know Team Moon has shown up when an eerie gust suddenly blows through.
  2. Doesn't the internet exist in Equestria Girls? Just how rough are we talkin here?
  3. Who needs motivation when you've overconfidence in droves. Brace yourselves my little ponies, for the night cometh, and with it,,, the DARKNESS.
  4. Pinkie Pie will be sorely missed, however it took the Pillars of Equestria lead by the greatest conjurer of the pre-classical era, the elements of harmony lead by an alicorn princess, in addition to a unicorn who can match said princess in combat, and an unofficial wizard, to defeat the Pony of Shadows. The fun may not have been doubled after dropping Pinkie Pie, but it certianly has made up for that in it's grab for power.
  5. SharpWit

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    Going to have to go with pizza because it's very rare that it gets screwed up and therefore is far less likely to turn out disappointing. Also you can eat pizza anytime of the day and your stomach doesn't go, "Hold up, what's going on here?"
  6. SharpWit

    Could a unicorn have multicoloured magic?

    I was going to say no on this, but if I Pegasus can fly fast enough where they leave streaks of multicolored light, (Besides Rainbow Dash) then I don't see why not. However the only time I think we've seen this is when dark magic has been used or when Twilight was fighting Tirek, and since it's not a regular occurrence among the many powerful unicorns we have now, I'm going to assume it's extremely unlikely unless the spell itself is to cast multicolored magic.
  7. SharpWit

    Vikings vs Roman Legionaries

    The Viking might have a sword with better reach and steel, and his shield might be of better quality, but it doesn't cover his entire body like the Roman's does. The advantages of either aren't enough I think to make much of a difference so this is really going to come down to dicipline which the Legionary has far more of. Romans will win 80% of the time.
  8. SharpWit

    Food Favorite Condiments?

    I like dipping chicken tenders into applesauce, but what I want to know is, why isn't Maple Syrup on this list?
  9. SharpWit

    Are most Bronies right wing/conservative?

    If I'm recalling correctly from all of the various polls I've seen this on this site, a majority of participating members would be libertarian, but you'll find people across all ends of the political spectrum.
  10. SharpWit

    Ask Batman

    Where's Rachel? Where are they?
  11. SharpWit

    Decoration or Entree you decide

    Well they're still horses so they can pretty much eat whatever so long as it's plant based with a few exceptions. At most you could classify the flowers as a garnish. Sure you can eat it but you're really not supposed to.
  12. SharpWit

    Confusing Maps

    Yeah I have a thread covering this a bit but the whole map situation is just a mess at this point. I don't blame the writers and animators for not being geography focused but the end result is a confusing landscape with some highly unlikely features. It should be assumed that these are inconsistencies rather than elaborate environments far outside of their climate zone. Originally Equestria was based on the North American continent but since then there's been more leaning towards creative world building over familiarity.
  13. I think this poll might have inadvertently showed us who's really best pony
  14. SharpWit

    Anti Jokes

    What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm in it? The Holocaust.
  15. SharpWit

    Movies/TV Nationalism in iCarly

    The only nationalism I see in iCarly might be the theme song because let's be honest, that would work excellent in a campaign ad.