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  1. SharpWit

    Request Art Challenge

    I'm confused. Do you want the pets to go through rule 63 or you want them to be drawn like they're some version of Peach?
  2. Well the title says it all. Got any other nursery rhymes for us?
  3. SharpWit

    Sports Alliance of American Football.

    I'm a tad bit confused. Are they attempting to compete with the NFL?
  4. Close enough! Now all the antlered folk can celebrate. Did anyone notice the font used at the 55 second mark looks like it's from SpongeBob? And am I the only who still finds it strange that Christmas is their version of independence day?
  5. SharpWit

    Danny DeVito needs to come back to MLP

    Maybe they were replaced by the diamond dogs then? Hasbro has mostly stayed away from anything that would come off as really monstrous looking other than the OG changeling designs so they could have gotten creative.
  6. SharpWit

    Fillydelphia vs Yakyakistan

    Big Mac can't hold up against the might of Prince Rutherford and Tempest will probably do some overkill on her part. It's close now but Yakyakistan will win in the end.
  7. SharpWit

    Trottingham vs Dodge Junction

    We've got a mare with an amazing spinning tail catch, her vampiric form, and a unicorn supermodel who probably does a lot to keep in shape. It's just not in Dodge Junctions favor folks.
  8. SharpWit

    Appleoosa vs Hollow Shades

    Tom better stop drop and roll because today he's on fire!
  9. SharpWit

    Sweet Apple Acres vs Klugetown

    This ones closer than most but Sweet Apple Acres has the edge on Klugetown.
  10. SharpWit

    Spoiler Villain's backstory I don't buy

    Sunset Shimmer was the former pupil of Princess Celestia. She saw something more in herself and Celestia eventually became a hindrance towards that. Obviously she can't take on a 1,000 year old alicorn monarch who raises the sun, and if she couldn't do that then she was never going to get anywhere so she went to the human world where there was at least some chance of her becoming something greater or at least it acted as a place she could hide out till an opportunity for power arose. That opportunity found itself in Twilight becoming a princess and using the element of magic as her crown. It also only added to Sunset's frustration since Twilight succeeded in everything she had failed at. Starlight felt abandoned and traced the cause to Starburst getting his cutie mark. She never got over this and since she was young not only did this become ingrained but it festered and grew. Eventually she had enough and so she dedicated herself to building a community under her own ideals. Twilight and her friends convinced the community that her ideals were wrong and essentially destroyed what she had tirelessly worked for. Diamond Tiara simply followed a parent's example like most children do. Her mother probably wanted to feel better about herself so she tore others down in order to do it and she passed this on. It's a real battle to get funding for your school and the best way to do it is to be really good at something or everything. If a school produces successful students, then parents will want to send their kids there and often times the state will reward them for it or decide not to divert current resources being received. Principal Cinch is desperate to maintain her school's status. No reason is provide, but this is usually why such things happen. Land ownership is a sensitive thing, particularly if it concerns land that's been passed down a few generations. It's more than just a place you love or your home. It is representative of you. Historically people killed all the time when they risked losing their land. Gloriosa simply chose more traditional methods when she was put into a corner. Your reasoning for Stygian confuses me. It's basically the same reasoning for Luna turning into Nightmare Moon. Difference here was it concerned only glory and friendship rather than status of birthright and sisterhood but it's very similar. Juniper Montage was/is a self centered teenage girl. Enough said. Tempest Shadow isn't really a villain when you think about it. The ponies she considered to be her friends ran away when she wasn't really able to control her magic and it was them who pressured her into retrieving their ball from the den of the Ursa so the loss of her horn, a physical part of her that let her cast spells and might have even been key to her special talent, was all for nothing. She didn't serve the Storm King because she believed in his cause or because she wanted revenge. She just wanted to be made whole again by the repair of her horn. Wallflower Blush was too blind to see that her problems would continue and worsen perpetually if she didn't stop. It's too often we find ourselves in vicious cycles. I'm not caught up on Season 8 and had never heard of EQD: Rollercoaster of Friendship until now.
  11. SharpWit

    Can Alicorns Or The Princesses Go To Prison?

    The makers and enforcers of the law are not exempt from it. This includes royalty. You can hold the highest power in the land but if you unjustly kill enough people or the right person you will see yourself deposed or at the very least in the midst of civil war. Minor crimes you might be able to get away with but that's because it'd be more difficult to find someone else to lead or because one of your advisors is following you around with a checkbook and paying for the damages. Afterall if the peace can't be kept then chances are they'll also find themselves ousted. So can the Princesses go to prison? Yes. But will they comply?
  12. SharpWit

    Hollow Shades vs Klugetown

    Sorry but we're talking about the King who will put you in chains, the ram who will raise you from the dead, and Tom who will show you the true meaning of what it's like to be caught between a rock and a hard place.
  13. SharpWit

    Tartarus vs Las Pegasus

    Las Pegasus has a good set up against Angel who's more bark than bite, and Mage Meadowbrook who is better suited for treating the scrapes after each game than playing it, but Tirek is a beast who won't let much get past him. Midnight Sparkle has strength but it's no match for his brute force. Not to mention she's undisciplined in her power which won't escape Tirek's trained eye. Las Pegasus will undoubtedly score some points, but the victor here is Tartarus.
  14. SharpWit

    Saddle Arabia vs Somnambula

    Somnambula is a skilled flyer. Limestone isn't one to take defeat lightly so there'll be a lot of effort on her part. Bon Bon was a secret agent so she can bust out a couple moves but that's not public knowledge meaning she'll be underestimated. I have nothing against Team Saddle Arabia but they just don't have a line up I can take very seriously.
  15. SharpWit

    Sweet Apple Acres vs Appleoosa

    Sweet Apple Acres has this in the bag. Applejack is already a skilled player, Twilight Velvet is an adrenaline junkie, and Cheese Sandwich is always up for some antics. Appleoosa simply doesn't have what it takes to go up against that.