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  1. SharpWit

    Twilight's Castle

    Yeah I don't think she has a throne room, but she's also not your typical princess and doesn't have anything to strictly rule over. She does have a ballroom but it's largely unnecessary since she doesn't host many huge gatherings. It is her home after all and Ponyville still has the town hall. Twilight has simple needs so she doesn't really need a ton of space. The ballroom's size would suggest that the castle is absolutely enormous, but this one time appearance leads me to think this was overlooked. The question from would be whether it's above or below ground.
  2. SharpWit

    Why Christmas/winter holidays?

    I'd say it has to do with the fact that winter gets rather depressing for most people without the festivities to look forward. Personally I enjoy the cold and darkness of it, and even what can seem like never ending rain in my home state throughout the rest of the year. So long as I have the option to be inside or course and don't nedd to go out in it. Waiting for 3 sunny days in a row so you can mow a semi dry yard is next to impossible around here outside of summer. But this closed in feeling of stagnation and repetition was even worse when we didn't have the technology to free ourselves from our homes and keep constantly entertained. Imagine spending 2 months snowed in, having to force your way out the door every morning to get firewood, have only a handful in options of what to eat, and a desk with some ink and paper and a small book shelf to sit at and stay occupied when you're not just trying to sleep through the season. It'd be like being imprisoned because in many ways you are. Christmas and other holidays around this time of year would be the only real escapes from it until the world you knew had finally thawed.
  3. SharpWit

    Can anyone imagine Twilight without wings?

    Not really. I still largely think of her as Celestia's student who runs a library in Ponyville despite her advancements.
  4. SharpWit

    Princess Doppelganger

    A friend of mine recently drew a Spider Pony OC and we're having a bit of a disagreement. I enjoy their art but it seems rather similar to a certain pink princess we know quite well by this point, meanwhile they think it looks nothing like her. Here is a headshot unedited. An image of Princess Cadence with a ponytail. And finally their drawing once again but I've taken the liberty of sloppily coloring some of it in. Once again, I like it! They just seem eerily alike. Waht do you guys think?
  5. SharpWit

    Give The Person Above A CodeName

    Al dente
  6. Caravan doesn't really allow you to move any faster than it would on foot because although horses can run faster than people, they can't run for as long but at a steady pace they're great for hauling heavy loads. Depending on your route and the time of year you took off, it'd probably take anywhere from 6 months to a year to cross that way.
  7. SharpWit

    Should Disney have bought Toys R Us?

    Event's are good for sales promotions. Have to be an awfully good one to save TRU from going under. Slim to none it'd work out.
  8. SharpWit

    critique wanted (Critique Wanted) First Comic Style Drawing

    Took a moment to figure out exactly what was going on in this picture. @Merry Brony 2A is right about it feeling a bit cluttered. Only other thing I think that should be noted is the angle and straightness of some lines, makes some parts seem bent or warped. It definately captures that old star wars/star trek look.
  9. SharpWit

    Should Disney have bought Toys R Us?

    TRU had been on the decline for years. They went down fighting but they went down without adjusting to the change in times. TRU was mostly a middle man of sorts. They sold Disney products among countless others. If Disney bought them out then they'd also be selling the toys of competing brands. This has he upside of possibly earning a little of your competitors earnings but it also has the downside of not all sales benefitting you and you alone so it's good or bad depending on how you look at it. And getting rid of your competitors product could upset the public and cause them to boycott your products. It's kind of a lose-lose situation for an already underperforming asset. There's also the concern of a Disney Monopoly. They've already absorbed so much, let's not give them everything.
  10. I know the answer and it's very simple. Every following year feels shorter because at the time of passing it's a smaller percentage of your overall life. We forget most of those first 5 years so it doesn't hit us immediately. Also you have many more deadlines and dates to keep a track of so you're more aware of time.
  11. SharpWit

    Food Cake or pie?

    I'll concede to this however there needs to be a clear distinction between pies then. Savory and Sweet, with another division in Sweet to address the huge differences between fruit and custard based pies. cheesecake falling into the latter. Among pies, apple is my favorite. We have our own recipe. However I can't shake off the attachment I have to Devil's Food Cake. Sometimes it doesn't turn out right, but when it does it's better than anything else so cake wins out here.
  12. SharpWit

    Aviation Quiz!

    Anyways, this was fun.
  13. SharpWit

    brony/pony name

    I'd try creating your character first. Give us some ideas with an appearance, personality, backstory, special talent, ect.
  14. SharpWit

    Aviation Quiz!

    The wright brothers flew the first airplane flight officially but I think there was a French guy who came really really close to beating them to it. First trans atlantic flight was flown by Charles Lindbergh? The largest plane in the world is that one that looks like two planes were joined together and it's meant to carry something similar to the space shuttle up high in order to save on the costs of rocket fuel and a launchpad I think. I saw the spruce goose for someone else's answer but that's been surpassed by at least 3 other planes now. 747, yeah that's the big one. Nope. Nope. Wasn't it 90 something hours? two guys switching back and forth and like once or twice a day they had to line up with another plane in order to refuel midair. They flew in circles for the most part in a surprisingly small craft. Don't know. Going with the one called the Blackbird. Busiest airport,,, JFK? Doesn't nearly every transcontinental flight from Europe and Africa land there? Otherwise it'd have to be LAX
  15. They've completed their necessary story arc in regards to more important characters. They could be given another role but it would be forced.