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  1. Putin is currently 67, but when he was 59 he was 5'6" tall and weighed 157 lbs. He has a black belt in Judo, and his training from when he was in the KGB. He's lead Russia through 6 conflicts, two of which are onging, and it's extremely likely he's had several people assassinated, so he's not scared to end people's lives. Trump is 74 years old, 6'3", and weighs 243 pounds. While he did attend a military academy starting at the age of 13, any combat skills he would have acquired haven't been put to use in decades, and wouldn't stack up to more serious programs. He's also held the office of the presidency through 6 conflicts, however these are all continuations of one's that began before his term. He's shown on multiple occasions that he's not scared to send people to their deaths either, but this would appear to be more of a lack of consideration, and US strategy while effective, is a bit more forgiving than our rivals. Trump has more reach and his size makes him a sturdy opponent. While Putin is also starting to get up there in age, he's maintained his physique and training, so he can strike and out maneuver with ease. In all likelihood he has the guts to harm others directly. Trump has the kind of guts that make him a big target, not to mention he's easy to set off so a few insults would fill him with rage and make his performance sloppy at best. Putin would win with ease. Big Bird or Barny the Dinosaur?
  2. Unfortunately I get caught up in world building so I haven't put much of a story together, and I borrow a lot from history. Worst to all, the vast majority of it has remained in my head. I've put some to paper or electrical device but haven't gotten very far. Mostly focused on head canons or alternative warring periods of equestria. I think I was going for a 6 part series that would follow different generations of pony soldiers from the same family line. The first would see a civil war take place in Equestria with Luna defecting as NIghtmare Moon. I went with the perspective of the civilian populous being trapped between a rock and a hard place in who to root for as I made both princesses disconnected and just managing to keep society from collapsing, often through Brute force. The main character would be drafted to Luna's side, and made to participate in a gladiator terminate to decide who would be assigned work and who the real soldiers would be. Refusing to participate would result in a cruel death and I felt weird and stopped working on that one after vividly describing a poor soul being burnt alive. I tried that one again but in the form of journal that I would write in daily along with an illistration. I didn't keep it up because I wasn't always inspired so the story lacked in substance, and for the life of me I couldn't come up with character names! Then I skipped to the final story which would take place in the future. Basically the Uber wealthy of Equestria were trying to take over and purposely pin the royal sisters against each other. A bunch of sci-fi programs were in progress, like mech suits and performance enhancing drugs for soldiers like our main character, but they had serious side effects. The nation was becoming militarized but also divided, and to make everything worse, the bad guys were working on an AI defense system which they would have control over, but it backfired and created this dead zone where anything within a huge chunk of the nation would be obliterated. There was one scene where Luna would be trapped in a building and have to fight off a stallion in an oversized mech which I enjoyed for its epicness, but I eventually become dissatisfied with key aspects to both stories and gave them up. The latter I typed out the beginning in the notes of my old phone which was painfully slow with having to press keys multiple times for a single letter. Otherwise I have the current convaluted story based on a role play that's been in the works for 6 years with little t know actual writing progress and I frequent these forums.
  3. Simply put, there isn't a central authority of the Internet and it'd be bad if there was. Not like it matters because the truly competent could remain anonymous despite. While the story of sonichu is both fascinating and entertaining, it is one of harassment. Given the purpose of Kiwi Farm, it probably should be taken down given the illegal activities that the start of its Wikipedia article would leave me to believe it's encouraging. 4 Chan while not always having the best users, is a bit of a sacred place on the Internet for freedom of speech and has served useful to helping the general public.
  4. Graphics really only matter for games with a sense of realism to them. Minecraft gets thrown around a lot for the simplicity of its design, but there are mods for textures and shading that are in demand for a demographic looking to shape the scenery of their world. Minecraft is unique in that it offers several forms of game play for its users. TF2 gets thrown around as well, but it is heavily stylized. This works/ages well because it's done well enough to ground it self. There's impact with how you interact within the game just from moving around and decent sound effects and animations for the weapons. Call of Duty is a game that's gotten better graphics with each addition to the series, and it makes for amazing visuals. They want to make you feel like you're really there. As I said, grounded. But I look back and see this being successful with pretty much every FPS game I've played. Back before the official start of this series, there was Medal of Honor. It'd be described as clunky at best in terms of its appearance, but I'll never get over the genuine terror I felt from a guard dog made up of distinct polygons. The only time I've been taken out of a AAA game by graphics is when I did so on purpose to examine the fallen enemy, or I became stuck on a level and wasn't able to focus on a mission because I wasn't advancing. And that's the most important part of a game, your mission/task at hand. If your game doesn't look like a mess, then the graphics aren't all that important for it. That being said, I very much appreciate the effort and would like those trying to fully immerse me to keep doing so.
  5. To add onto @Goat-kun per usual amusing answers, she is also familiar to them as someone who is trustworthy and readily provides knowledge.
  6. Still need to finish the show, but before it ended, I always saw them opening up some sort of a scouts program for cutiemarks as adults and maybe making use of the apple farm as the camp grounds for that. I like what they did with Trouble Shoes in helping him realize what his talent actually was as a concept at least, but more so, I like what was done in a non CMC episode, where Zephyr Breeze isn't so defined by a talent but instead has a cutiemark more representative for his way of living, which is far more relatable for our older audience. The CMC falls within the more general meaning behind cutiemarks, in that they've clearly demonstrated talents, but they had to look past their mission to obtain theirs. There's a sort of destiny to them, but it has to be realized before it's visibly presented, because what you do doesn't define who you are, it's the why.
  7. What's the oldest computer you've worked on, and do prefer a firm or soft mattress?
  8. Fangs, red eyes, broad reaching oowers, evil aura. He certainly fulls out a fair portion of the checklist, but if anything he's more likely to fly too close to the sun than shy away from it.
  9. When I think of fractals I think of coastlines and how because of the shiftyness of sand and the coming and going of tides that's essentially what they are, which makes it impossible to accurately measure them.
  10. Season 1, Episode 14, "Suited for Success" has the famous line of Fluttershy asking Rarity for French Haute Couture which implies some variant of France exists. This is implied again in Season 2, Episode 24, "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" by the heavily accented and aptly named, Gustave Le Grand and his cooking. While we never see a region specified to be the world of MLP's equivalent for the nation, the fact that Equestria was originally designed as a ponified version of North America, and the geographical location of the Griffons, shows that they may very well represent various peoples of Europe. More so than anything I thing, is the dessert like location of Our Town, despite being located between what would be considered New England, and the Great Lakes. @cuteycindyhoney Also the concept of religion within Equestria as provided by the charades guess from Season 8, Episode 7, "Horse Play" of Celestia portraying disestablishmentarianism, the opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England. Praise be to the sun goddess!
  11. Here's your 2018 tax return, sorry we went back and forth on thinking you didn't have health coverage and did that u necessary charge. Here's your stimulus check, sorry we bungled your refilling and thought you were ineligible for several months. Here's your keys! Sorry that the application process was so challenging. Enjoy your new residency! Too specific? Have a break, have a kitkat.
  12. In this example, sometimes I'm Spike, sometimes I'm Twilight, but generally for this the forums, I go about them like Starlight does in Season 6 Episode 8, "A Hearths Warming Tail". I don't use the the site to actually socialize that much. I enjoy the company and recognizing regulars. I enjoy being a part of the community with limited engagement. Mlp forums for me is the workplace watercooler, rather than the after work pub I meet all of my buddies at like it is for some. What I really get provided here is an input of ideas, and a means to output my own. This exchange has given me focus on things I tie into my other interests and results in painfully slow projects that I've worked on mentally for years and am too far in to stop. We may not have the growth we used to, and we're not brought up in mass media all that often these days, but it's not because we're in decline. It's because we're a strong Fandom that has established itself into everyday life. We are here to stay, and I along with it.
  13. The Sprite Cranberry commercial drives me insane every year. I'm a Grinch up until the week before Christmas, and while I appreciate the effort that went into the stop motion, I get the ad on every single video I watched, and when Youtube had that 2 ads at the start of each video phase, I would sometimes get it back to back. Currently, my least favorites are the Lizzo cover of the Beatles "Altogether Now" for Facebook Messenger, and whatever the hell is playing "There's A Better Day Coming." Ads for me haven't been too bad on Youtube recently because I haven't answered any surveys in forever and I'm just not getting many. But as a result every ad is clearly a result of tracking cookies from elsewhere or whatever directly spying on me. The ads really getting to me now are from the TV when we go watch it at my Girlfriend's parents. Her least favorite was the Microsoft Teams ad prior to the current one, because of it being overplayed and this one lady's pauses and pronunciation.
  14. Yes and no. I frequently bring things I find neat home from places I've visited, but I don't travel all that much. Most common things I bring back is a nifty rock and if I do actually go somewhere, I try a local treat like candy or icecream. I'll also collect shot glasses but most of mine were gifts brought back by my parents. Usually I'll get something or eat somewhere for both the memory, and to contribute just a little bit to the local economy. As for shells from the beach, I do that, but I should probably give something back because I once brought 50lbs of sand dollars back from the coast. I stayed at a cabin overnight with some cousins and the next day we walked along the shore and they were everywhere! My mom was taking a pottery class at a community college at the time and thought they'd be good for a project so I let her take them with her to class. She never actually did anything with them though and forgot to bring them back over a break between semesters or whatever, and the custodian's job during that time includes clearing out everything left behind in the lockers, so they got thrown out .
  15. 1. I'm not sure what you mean by silicates but I'd love a clarification. I'd say they're an extra degree of earthpony, and thus hold more earthly characteristics on average, however this is likely due to extended exposure to the crystal heart along with limited diversity within the breeding population. There aren't actually any Pegasi among them and I can't recall whether or not there were any unicorns. 2. Remember how the Windigos brought about everlasting winter for the three pony tribes? Like the associates of the tribal leaders, the crystal heart produces harmony which keeps it at bay. That's not to say that the Frozen North is overrun by Windigos, but the heart has the same affect. If you can use something to make a place habitable, there's no reason not to go there. Alaska is rich in resources and we have ships and planes. There's no reason not to have some settlements, but understandably they are small. 3. Without the heart of the Empire and the crystal heart itself, perhaps other settlements were unable to support themselves and the subjects immigrated elsewhere or simply faded over the following millenium. It also started out as a ponified region of Canada, the interior of which is sparsely populated, and yet that's the second largest nation on earth by land area. Empires are in some sense more defined by their borders than those who live within them. 4. I'd say technically zero to none, but I'm open to some specialized crystal magic. Storing magical energy into crystals for various purposes, and having some Control over them such as growth. Perhaps they'd be of great use on the Pie Rock Farm. Otherwise they're simply earth ponies by another skin. 5. Absolutely, bit their crystal features may dull over time. 6. I think not given the lack of references and how there is now a seapony society? They're original but not terribly inspiring. 7. Maybe rock candy, but then again ponies can eat rocks apparently so anything goes on that I guess.