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  1. Horses can kick with a force of up to 2000 psi while the human skull crushes at 520. Assuming Applejack can kick with at least half that strength given her size, she's still in the clear. Her biggest issues are reach and timing. While she is very fit, it would be difficult to reach a Walker's head on the first shot with it being a foot and a half or so above her own. Attempting to do so would also reduce the effectiveness of her kick as she normally crouches her front legs and kicks straight out. Her greatest tactic would be to simply knock it over and crush it's head on the ground. What
  2. If it's a particularly hot day I'll wetten a shirt and lay it out in the freezer for a few minutes?
  3. Doubt it. Toys and their packaging are questionable sources for show info given the lack of involvement from show writers and executives. The extra step of being from outside the home country and as part of a filler series would make it more so.
  4. Definitely a reach as a subject, but that works perfectly as an example for overcoming anxiety. And while it's none of their concern, it'd be a little awkward for the likes of myself who still haven't learned.
  5. Haven't played too many, but I suppose Rapala Pro Fishing on the original Xbox fits. Not much joy in spending hours mostly looking at virtual murky water.
  6. @HedonismBot institutions of high dicipline have been known to help others turn a new leaf?
  7. Consider the Royal Guard of Great Britain. They're often viewed somewhat comically because of their stiff seriousness in combination of dramatic dress uniforms from ye old times, but they're an elite fighting force steeped in tradition. The same could be said of the Swiss Guard that defends the Vatican. They're not really intended as law enforcement, but rather high end security or the last line of defense for a specific objective. That's why we don't see them outside of Canterlot unless escorting a princess. While the show has depicted them as less than affective, that's due in part
  8. I believe a Star is already in use to show that you've participated in a thread, and disagree over the Ignore option. While we may find another user to be difficult, we have to be careful with tools that involve exclusion so as they don't get abused. If someone is really trying to be bad, then that ought to become a matter for the moderators to handle.
  9. I don't really see many other options being available. It's sort of a reversal of the required aesthetic that the town of Leavenworth WA, has, where all of the businesses have to comply with an old European style to fit the German theme of the town for tourism. If you go off a ways into the residential area though, the homes are relatively normal. In ponyville, the only places that don't look like cottages seem to be some businesses and I guess Rainbow Dash's house but that thing might have its own aerial zip code for all we know?
  10. For the example beat line, what determines how it moves? Is it a combination of the actual piano keys and the frequency/intensity of the bass and/or other sounds? How does that work for a multitude of instruments?
  11. SharpWit

    Ask me a question :)

    What do you look for in a good towel, and what's the last book you read, about?
  12. I don't think spike has any control over it. Likely just a spell that teleports whatever her burns to Celestia's chambers because imagine being interrupted at an important diplomatic meeting and suddenly a scroll appears out of mid air only to land in your soup. It be kind of cool if Celestia sent hers by tossing them in an enchanted fireplace or something. I think the purpose was for fast communication before Twilight could perform such a teleportation spell herself, or at least without it being so draining during her early years.
  13. I'd gawk in horror and contempt towards the rest of humanity over all of our ongoing failures if it weren't a waste of my time. Maybe I'd be gentler and only operate under logic like Spock while concealing mild amusement. Although having intelligence isn't equivalent to having knowledge so until this is no longer a what if, who knows?
  14. While I think having an i person relationship is more beneficial even from the start, there's never been a better time to try online dating due part to the difficulties of meeting new people during a pandemic. Online dating grants you access to not only a wider variety of people but also to potentially more like minded individuals. One should also remember that not all parties involved have good intentions, so be wary until you can confirm they are indeed who they say they are I knew my girlfriend 2 years prior to our relationship and we're just shy of our 2 year anniversary, but we
  15. SharpWit


    The first time I recall seeing one, I thought it was a giant rat and was worries for my dog who was trying to play with it, much to its annoyance. It'd be nice to have more opportunities to observe them naturally without causing a mutual disturbance.
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