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  1. The "No Applejack ever!" is a lie

    There's plenty of Applejack merch and there are definately fans of her within the Brony community, but when it comes down to it, a country girl type character simply isn't that marketable to most of the viewers. I don't have the numbers, but if you were to look at sales for toys revolving around the mane 6, Applejack easilly has the lowest numbers.
  2. 1. Yes, Yes, 14 years ago. 2. Yes. Internet was around but we just didn't have it at the time. 3. Hurricane Katrina. My mom hated how the tragedy of 9/11 was covered, and she didn't want me exposed to such things so we didn't allow news in the house, but when Katrina hit, my class put together little care packages to send over. 4. None like that. Maybe my grandmother's had a dial while my mom was still a child, but my grandmother shot it so television wasn't viewed in the home much after that. 5. It makes you feel old sometimes, but to be fair a whole generation of people have nearly passed, so now I keep an eye out for the current events that will find themselves in textsbooks one day. 6. No. The cellphone has become essential to everyday life just about, and it's hard enough not having a smart phone or 3g coverage. The only people I think might not carry a cellphone in my family are my step-great grand parents who have been retired all of my life. 7. I remember the 3.5. They were still heavily used when I was a kid however I've personally never used one. 8. Last time would have been to look up my mother's phone number, and I already knew it, I just wanted to see it in there. We stopped receiving them around 2009 I think, and I just used them as targets for my BB gun anyways. 9. I think Sesame Street or Winnie the Pooh, but I have a fondness for Zoboomafoo. 10. Probably. I watched a lot of 80's reruns as a kid, but the original Scooby Doo episodes stick out to me the most, then again those are from the 70's.
  3. Celestia and Luna's family

    Well I'm pretty sure this is no longer canon as of the MLP Movie. Leon is so far removed, and I don't mean by familial relation, but by being mentioned by something that holds such absolute minimum merit that he's not even worth considering. I'd say look at characters that have royal titles but make sure that the title isn't actually their name, such as Princess Erroria, who isn't actually a Princess, but maybe the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia are in some way. Royals usually marry other royals, so although Prince Blueblood is their closest living relative, other ponies may be related by even further distance. 1,000 plus years has a way of doing that, but I suppose nothing can really be confirmed until mentioned.
  4. Xenophobia Which is what I happen to feel whenever I see Thorax.
  5. General What's one of your best days in your entire life?

    My 16th birthday comes to mind when I went paintballing with a bunch of my friends. That was a really good year as well, but I find brief moments easier to remember.
  6. That's what I loved about Sombra. Sure it comes off as one dimensional because that's all we see of them but there are plenty of power hungry people like that in real life whos goal is to become a force of nature. I think too many issues arise if comic book characters can come into Equestria because then objects could come too right? Ahuizotl could have a Daring Do book enchanted and take back one or all of the many dangerous artifacts he's lost to her. And then there's the issue of anyone being able to write or draw anything and have it come to life. I beleive the tv Show Chalk Zone covered that idea but I don't think chalk characters could come into the human world, or at least it was very dangerous to since they were made of chalk so they'd die if it rained. It is a fun idea that might be worth exploring, and maybe we could go see the shop that Spike has been buying his comics from and have them resolve the issue there.
  7. Are you happy with your life?

    Easilly content, yet dissapointed in a lack of accomplishments, counteracted by an ego because I'm awesome. Generally happy.
  8. Ask an Emperor!

    So not being big on war, what military you do have is strictly defensive. So in the event of an invasion, how would you maintain a supply chain after artillery took out your railways, and does the Train's Empire have a navy?
  9. Ask BloodMoon & Feather Bangs

    Hey Feather Bangs, what's your favorite eternal organ? Hey BloodMoon, do you prefer strawberry or raspberry jello?
  10. What does your breath smell like?

    If I were to bite you, you'd get an infection, so death isn't too far off of a description.
  11. Gaming Fallout 5 possibilities?

    New York would be cool, especially with the Statue of Liberty, Empire State and Chrysler buildings, (I imagine they'd just have the old city design and stay away from more modern stuff to avoid 9/11) Central Park, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Central Park Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, historical sites, and so much more. Not sure how much of that would be left after the bombs dropped but the Capital Building survived so who knows. Elder Maxson originally came from the Mojave Wasteland, so no surprise to see a reference to that. Technically they've already had a game in Texas with Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, but I recall that came being an abomination that everyone ignores, so basing a new proper game there would be good. Maybe they could include Louisiana and Mississippi, and one of the main conflicts could be whoever's there trying to maintain control while the Enclave centered around Chicago has expanded and is attempted to take control of the Mississippi River, seizing the largest river shipping rout other than maybe the St. Lawrence, and effectively cutting the "nation" in half.
  12. Places to Look into

    3 questions. Are you well known in anyway yet, have you offered to pay for this service, how long has it been since you put in a request?
  13. This feels really early considering today is the release date for Deadpool 2 and it's not even past noon where I'm at.
  14. where is the Guverment

    I'd say the government simply doesn't know about it. The Rainbooms are a performance group that have received some publicity, so their performances are more widely viewed than them saving the day and if you weren't a direct witness, they may be seen as nothing more than special effects. The student body and school faculty have just accepted that this is how things are. When people discover magic, they don't share it, they use it to their advantage, and if you stand to get in their way then they might do something to or do away with you, so out of fear for what might happen or even for just sounding crazy and ruining your reputation, no one reports the magic to the authorities. Principal Celestia's job is to run the school and maintain a safe learning environment. It could be argued that she's putting the students at risk by not reporting on magic activity, but it might be a better decision to trust Sunset Shimmer and the human main 6 to do their thing if it means keeping the school open, not having the national guard show up, and students locked away for magical abilities and interrogation.
  15. pictures of my mlp au

    Only Promi is visible. None of the other images are.