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  1. I would casually sit by the pool and appreciate the scenery.
  2. One of the biggest argument for "Bronies are Furries" is the following - Bronies like a show about anthropomorphic ponies - Anthropomorphic ponies are anthropomorphic animals - Furries like anthropomorphic animals > Therefore, Bronies are furries Classic A=B, B=C, therefore A=C argument, doesn't always apply to everything. But that aside, this argument missed one keyword: show. Furries are interested in the concept of anthropomorphic animals in general, while bronies are interested in a specific cartoon show. Sure, it contains anthropomorphic animals, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a show. A simple hypothetical example would be if all the characters in the show were humans instead of anthropomorphic ponies. Would people still enjoy it? Probably, would these people be the same as furries? Most likely not. But here's the thing, those who compare bronies with furries based solely on the anthropomorphic characters themselves are missing the point. It is the show that matters, not what composes of the characters. Sure, character is an important part of the show, and since the characters are anthropomorphic animals, some bronies can very much be furries. However, characters are not what all a show is about. While furries, in which its core is entirely based on the concept of appeal in anthropomorphic animals, is very much all about the character. My conclusion: Bronies can be Furries, Furries can be Bronies, but Bronies are not Furries.
  3. To put it short, it's most likely one of the two - They legitimately believe in what they're saying and are speaking their minds. - They want to keep their job. I'd rather give all of them the benefit of doubt that they are good people in heart and aren't trying to resort to virtue signaling to get attention. So I did not include that as an option. I'd like to elaborate more on the "keeping job" option. I have a friend who knows some folks who work in the entertainment industry (i.e. Hollywood), and he told me that the enivironment there is very much left leaning. In fact, sometimes they could run the risk of losing their jobs if they don't behave in that left leaning manner collectively predetermined by the industry. At first I didn't believe it, but I'm starting to feel uncertain when I actually got to interact with them in person (for real, not just a brief moment in a Q&A), such as this April at Babscon. Now, I'm not sure if it's that they are very good at controlling the irresistible urge to strangle me to death on the spot, or that they want to behave with decency in public, but they behaved drastically different in person compared to how they do online (twitter in particular). I won't go too much into the details, but during our conversations I spoke exactly what was on my mind (Politics was not my main topic, but I did take a few shots at both the left and right, I personally don't believe in the whole left-right division thing but I'll spare the details for now), even made a few jokes in the process; nothing too crazy, but still probably would have made them completely flip the lid if I did so through an online public platform like twitter. Contrary to how they would've acted online, they took it real well, and judging from how they were extraordinarily friendly and chatty with me for the remainder of the convention, they actually enjoyed my unfiltered insanity quite a bit. So this is my perspective, perhaps something to keep in mind.
  4. Y'all a bunch of savages, getting it pulled was bad enough
  5. I met a bunch of weirdos who often make me cringe, and at the same time, love them to death.
  6. Mrs. Strong looking a little above average as always. My hand was dangerously a tad bit close though, hehe.
  7. I'll 1v1 you, but only if you promise we go grab a drink afterwards hehe. While I don't box specifically, I do have experience with and still train in martial art (JKD to be exact). As for advice that I could think of right now - I highly recommend cross training. Weightlifting or calisthenics, whichever works for you, experiment. Cardio is a big one too, running/ropes should help with that. - Wear cups, I know it seems strange to wear them when you're boxing but my Sifu told me he has lost count of how many times someone got punched in his Johnson, plus I witnessed one incident first-hand.
  8. I will, and if a panel me and my friends came up with gets accepted, this year will be my first time hosting a panel.
  9. I don't know, but what I do know is I've seen this question being asked on multiple occasions since I joined this forum back in late 2013.
  10. Getting PAC-MAN permanently stuck in my head.
  11. I'm thinking most likely near Fluttershy, since her place has good Feng Shui. It is right on the edge of Everfree, an ideal place for Zhan Zhuang, overall an excellent place for training and relaxation in general. I would probably try to get my own house though, since her place is pretty jammed with all these animals of hers.
  12. Most of them do, casually brought up without much fuss if it's on topic. I still find it amusing when some of them look at me in disbelief and say something in the line of "Really? you don't seem like the type."