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Status Updates posted by Echo Narcissa

  1. Hey, guys, friends who could help, I've been wanted to watch Zootopia and want to know which movie site is what they say it is meaning free.

    1. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      I found one called Livespy: http://livespy.net/movie/269149/zootopia.html it says you can watch high quality movies, watch all your movies without limits, 100% free advertising and able to watch anytime and anywhere. How many of you have used this? Is it reliable and guaranteed to be everything it said?

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      It sounds a little to good to be true.


  3. O)h my god, why is both Ponysquare and Derpibooru having problems? That never happened..

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Inb4 MLP Forums goes down.

  4. Why is there no information in content I follow? Is this a bug?

    1. Malinter


      might be. especially as they've been doing a server transfer thing for the past few days

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Are you serious? Now I can find the forums I been i!

    3. Malinter


      Well when i click on the topics on your page I can see the topics you've joined in. maybe to can locate the stuff you follow that way?

  5. Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mom?

  6. If any of you saw this topic I made https://mlpforums.com/topic/130810-what-you-think-of-pegasui-and-earth-ponies-with-magicproblem-with-others-about/ how many of you don't care if Earth and Pegasui have magic?

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    2. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      No, you called me close minded because I didn't share your opinion.

    3. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Okay, look, you said what you needed to say, so you can either leave now or stay on topic cause just like before, I don't feel like getting into this with you.

    4. Echo Narcissa
  7. Oh my god! The season 5 finale was BALLIN! They seriously bumped the show up! Oh my god! The show just get better and better!

    1. Sectus


      Rainbow Dash's metal wing and ripped ear though.

  8. Hey, are any friends on to help me with a CB story even we might not talk a lot.

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    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Are there others named Twilight24 or are is it just that one because other wise, it'll take a long time to find him/her.

    3. TheLegoBrony


      you can find her in my friends list

    4. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Can you give me a link.

  9. Okay, somebody help, my tiles for window 8 on the start screen disappeared, and I'm trying to restore them back on.. how?

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    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      I was talking about like a remove everything... I don't know if that would effect pictures and downloads too, or just stuff that recently been added to the start screem.

    3. Malinter


      removing the tiles shouldn't delete anything they are connected to it. That said, you could just make a back-up save or copy stuff to a storage device if your worried you might lose something. Also i'm going so can't help any further. I'd try googling somemore, while that link I sent should have helped, maybe one is out their with screenshots that might be more effective at helping you out.


    4. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Well, thanks.. I might just do that... thanks...


  10. How many can possibly continue playing Skyrim while having to worry about all those bugs...

    1. TheLegoBrony


      I don't like skyrim all that much so I wouldn't know

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Well, those of you who play it cause I have it and like it, but the bugs...

    3. Axel


      man i haven't played skyrim in 3 years

  11. After so long, I'm back everyone.

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    2. Echo Narcissa
    3. TheLegoBrony


      theres a link to Nightmare moon but I just finished building celestia.

    4. Red Cedar

      Red Cedar

      Welcome back!

  12. When LoE gonna be avaialable for play again?

  13. Do I have to get an update On Legends of Equestria because I tried logging in, and it just keeps saying logging in.

  14. Your OC look so cool!

  15. Excuse me, how do you block someone cause i can't find the block.

    1. Retro*Derpy


      >click on the arrow next to your name on the top right


      >Manage ignore Prefs

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      It would be easier if they just put block somewhere... and thanks.

  16. I loved Slice of Life, they totally made Lyra and Bon-Bon lesibians! I knew they'd make portray Vinyl as mute!

  17. How many of you hate your mother?

  18. Can someone help me? I forgot how to add photos and stuff to my media, so I can put it on my profile and stuff.

  19. Hey, who's interested in doing a FiM Pony vs Human RP?

  20. The site is kind of bugging out for me...

  21. The site is kind of bugging out for me...

  22. The site is kind of bugging out for me...

  23. The site is kind of bugging out for me...

  24. The site is kind of bugging out for me...

  25. I'm not sure whether it's good or bad the MLP haven't had a new episode in a week or two..

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    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Thank, that really kinda helped.


    3. Kyoshi


      No problem, being worried about things is dreadful, that is something that I probably specialize in thanks to anxiety and stuff, but anything I can do to help others with it always makes me feel wonderful. :)

    4. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Well, that is good, so once again, thanks.

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