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  1. Would this RP be open to new people anytime soon? I'd love to join honestly.
  2. I am absolutely desperate to do a " Rising tensions between two empires " type RP for months now.
  3. I logged into my old ass account just to say this looks super interesting! Not sure if I'd revive my site activity by joining or not.
  4. Honestly I think FO:E should remain the way it was made, what Kat did with a sparse and undiscovered world was amazing, along with every FO:E side story including Project Horizons, Pink Eyes and Murky Number Seven. Someone out there could remake/make a side story of FO:E that includes recent MLP lore I'm sure.
  5. Hello everyone I have returned, sorry for the sudden inactivity, me and my family had to move cities and such and I had very little motivation for a while to do anything. @Blitz Boom What has happened in the RP so far?
  6. Moonbacon

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    I am reading this But unless you read the other books before it you're probably going to understand 0 about what's happening in the book. (PM me if you want to know more)
  7. @Blitz Boom Yeah she was rather rushed sorry about that. Maybe I could start with her stumbling upon and potentially joining the current adventure?
  8. I seriously don't feel excited :/ I feel like it's going to rather bad. Have I mentioned I don't like Starlight Glimmer ever since she became Twilight's student?
  9. Moonbacon

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    I give it a 5/10
  10. Name: Aetheria Vis Gaia Age; Adult Looks pony; Very tall in height, almost standing head to head with Princess Celestia, she has a very light blue almost white colored coat and a wavy but not flowing sky blue colored manes and emerald green eyes to top it all off. Human; Why? Anthro: Again, why? Cutie Mark; A cloud with a sky of purple with stars behind it, magic is her special talent essentially gender: Female species: Unicorn Likes: Books, exploring, solving problems, and other things that yet to come to mind dislikes; being unable to use her magic, her older brother, diso
  11. *Currently lacking character data bases for my characters * Though I'm still interested, would making a sheet here suffice? By the way have you considered adding a rivaling family to the mix? Just thought it'd be interesting.
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