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  1. Would this RP be open to new people anytime soon? I'd love to join honestly.
  2. I am absolutely desperate to do a " Rising tensions between two empires " type RP for months now.
  3. I logged into my old ass account just to say this looks super interesting! Not sure if I'd revive my site activity by joining or not.
  4. Honestly I think FO:E should remain the way it was made, what Kat did with a sparse and undiscovered world was amazing, along with every FO:E side story including Project Horizons, Pink Eyes and Murky Number Seven. Someone out there could remake/make a side story of FO:E that includes recent MLP lore I'm sure.
  5. Hello everyone I have returned, sorry for the sudden inactivity, me and my family had to move cities and such and I had very little motivation for a while to do anything. @Blitz Boom What has happened in the RP so far?
  6. I am reading this But unless you read the other books before it you're probably going to understand 0 about what's happening in the book. (PM me if you want to know more)
  7. @Blitz Boom Yeah she was rather rushed sorry about that. Maybe I could start with her stumbling upon and potentially joining the current adventure?
  8. I seriously don't feel excited :/ I feel like it's going to rather bad. Have I mentioned I don't like Starlight Glimmer ever since she became Twilight's student?
  9. Name: Aetheria Vis Gaia Age; Adult Looks pony; Very tall in height, almost standing head to head with Princess Celestia, she has a very light blue almost white colored coat and a wavy but not flowing sky blue colored manes and emerald green eyes to top it all off. Human; Why? Anthro: Again, why? Cutie Mark; A cloud with a sky of purple with stars behind it, magic is her special talent essentially gender: Female species: Unicorn Likes: Books, exploring, solving problems, and other things that yet to come to mind dislikes; being unable to use her magic, her older brother, disobedient ponies, constant problems. Family; Her mother is an alicorn named Feronia who is the queen of a far kingdom called Fluycia she has an older brother and sister, Antares and Asteria respectively. Besides that she has no other known relatives crush; None friends; Plenty of friends but none of note enemies; Fair amount of enemies. Extra: Often wears grey cloak over herself and which might get her mistaken as an alicorn in hiding due to her size. She has a pair of saddlebags as well. Bio: Aetheria has often left the comfort of her family's castle and duties as a princess in order to explore the lands with the permission of her mother though recently she had heard that big trouble is brewing within Equestria and is sent to investigate.
  10. *Currently lacking character data bases for my characters * Though I'm still interested, would making a sheet here suffice? By the way have you considered adding a rivaling family to the mix? Just thought it'd be interesting.