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  1. But why doesn't it make sense? I think it's good that the show shows different types of families as completely normal and close-knit, without making a big deal out of it, without drawing attention to it. That's life. I was raised with a mom and a grandmother - no dad or grandfather. But that's normal to me, since it's been this way since I was very young, just like Applejack and Applebloom. I'm not going to bring up my lack of dad up to people, because there is no reason to. Yeah, of course we as a fandom would like to know, but I personally think that bringing it up now, at this advanced
  2. i agree with one of the posters on the previous page, that the Twilight's lesson would have had more of an impact if Celestia had said nothing at all about Twilight needing to do this on her own. That way Twilight's change of mind would be more genuine and show her truer character, and she would truly have learned something, instead of just being disappointed about failing to follow exact instructions. Side note, I also don't really see why everyone in-universe hails Spike as much as they do. Spike did nothing but deliver the Heart - he never could have found it on his own, not without Tw
  3. Happy birthday!

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      Aw, how kind! Thanks =^_^=

  4. No, I thought it was a great episode, but even if the Starlight storyline had already been wrapped up, I would not have wanted a finale that focused on the CMC. I think it would have made a good penultimate episode, though.
  5. Sapana


    Isn't that the point of the generations though? That after some amount of time, the franchise can be revitalized, made over, and helmed in another direction that is new and will pull a fresh fanbase in? By fanbase, I don't mean us, but their targeted demgraphic, which by nature has a rather fast turnover rate ...
  6. I think I feel the opposite as you. I liked the episode, but not the ending. I thought the episode was very good in and of itself, but I am disappointed that this was the way that the Cutie Mark achievement was handled. Gotta admit, I would have preferred to have three episodes concerning them separately (I'm still really, REALLY bitter that Flight To The Finish wasn't Scootaloo's cute mark episode, and I would have liked them to go through similar trials as she did in that episode and earn their Cutie Marks that way). I also ... don't really see how they helped Diamond Tiara understand he
  7. While Spike doesn't literally think of Twilight as his mom, I do think that their relationship is mother/son-like, as well as brother/sister-like. There are aspects of both types of relationships. The difference in age, the difference in aging (it seems that ponies generally mature at a faster rate than dragons), and the difference in species makes their relationship difficult to define to a cut-and-dry degree.
  8. I would enjoy another episode concerning Spike and his dragon origins vs his pony upbringing. Dragon Quest was a joke. I would like a serious episode where Spike actually learns something about his past or his nature - sort of like Secret of My Excess, I guess, but not negative. I don't want him to struggle with a choice between choosing dragon society over pony society - everyone knows he would choose the ponies. But I would like to see him take to heart, and maybe even relish, what dragonish qualities make him him. I would really like Twilight to be involved, since she is the main pony f
  9. I personally have never really understood why the fandom really wants an episode concerning the Apple parents. It's not really needed. It's something the entire Apple family seems to have come to terms with a long time ago. It's not like any of them are brooding day after day about their dead relatives. I think the topic of death was done way more appropriately in Tanks for the Memories, as it it was something the Mane6 had to deal with now in the present, and not some long-ago incident of the past where the affected characters have already healed.
  10. Yes, she did abandon a friend. But she didn't do it out of malice, she did it out of ignorance. She didn't consider her Canterlot friends to be friends until she learned what friendship was ... when she was already in Ponyville. Though I agree that after learning about friendship, she should have given thought to her old gang way sooner than she did.
  11. He was commenting on the irony of her having USED TO be a bad friend, whereas NOW she is the princess of friendship. She changed, she grew. That's the key here. Twilight now is not the same pony she was back in Canterlot. She WAS not a good friend, but NOW she is. Back THEN she didn't feel guilty about missing Moondancer's party, because she didn't appreciate Moondancer as a potential friend. NOW she does feel guilty, because she realizes that she was being pretty ignorant and probably came off as stuck up, and NOW she is ashamed of herself.
  12. But she wasn't the Princess of Friendship when she 'abandoned' them.
  13. Having an episode with Sunset Shimmer in Equestria is something I want so, SO much, but is also something that will probably not happen. From what I understand, FIM is supposed to be able to stand on its own and be completely understandable if one hasn't seen EG. Having SS in the show would disrupt this, as there'd be no easy way to explain her presence without sharing EG backstory ... But perhaps I am wrong. I really do wish it could happen though. I've grown to adore Sunset Shimmer. I do not see Celestia's acceptance of her as a potential issue; I've no doubt she would heartily welcome h
  14. I've only seen the movie once, but the Dazzlings. I feel their characterization in the present time didn't quite mesh with the exposition about their backstory. Plus the fact that we've already seen a few very similar beings who feed on emotions. Sirens really don't seem to have anything unique about them. Yeah they can sing, but ... so can everyone else on this show. In general about the EG world - I don't like how the Humane 5 are pretty much the same. exact. characters. as the ponies. I know that that's the point of this world, but it just doesn't sit well with me. I think it's a poor s
  15. The only episode I know for sure that everyone hates is MMDW. I mean, I dislike it as well, but I mean to say that whatever episodes I mention next I'm not really sure the fandom's opinion on them. Putting Your Hoof Down - I didn't know until reading this thread that it was disliked The pilot episodes - I've seen once or twice that people dislike it because of the different vibe they give off than the rest of the series - but I liked the feel of them Magical Mystery Cure - nothing to say except I liked it
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