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  1. I would like to be a member of this role play, if there is any roles still open, or if i can use my real oc instead.
  2. Crisis

    Open These are the Voyages...

    Fang was close to the meeting room when the admiral gave word for the crew members to take there spots at the table. He was a young Pegasus but was to old for his age. He was all black with flaming yellow hair and wings. He had always wanted to go see the stars. He always wanders what might be out there. "I have to get there before everyone else so that I can surly make the admiral happy" Fang thought as he rush down a corridor. He flew as fast he could through the ship making sure he didn't run into and staff or guests. He was only about two or three corridors from the meeting room, he was flying sonic by now which was technically illegal. He spotted a policemen up a head so he flew his wings back and coming to a complete stop. " Hey what is the matter with you, I should have you thrown in jail, what do you have to say for your self" said the police officer. "I'm sorry sir, I was just in a big hurry to get to the meeting room that I lost track of speed" said Fang deliberately lying to the officer. "Don't let me catch you again" said the officer in a fierce way, as though something had just possessed him. "I won't sir, promise" Fang said throwing the thought of the officer beside. He ran down the last couple of corridors until he stopped at the door with the words meeting room over head. This is the place he thought. He opened the door seeing 5 other ponies in the room. So he wasn't the first on, but he had made it, and that was all that mattered. He took a seat with his name on it which he thought was weird. It was like they knew that he would be there. He threw the thought out and waited for the others to arrive.
  3. Crisis

    Open Taking Back A Kingdom

    Song and I led the way to the hospital as fast as we could, because we desperately needed medical attention and sleep. "So where are you from anyways" said Song trying to break the silence between the two. "Me, Ace, and Paramecium are all from the Night Kingdom" I said in a bored tone. "The what, whats the Night Kingdom" Song asked? " We where a race of ponies born from darkness and night, we harnessed the darkness creating our own form of magic, and from that we created on of the most advanced cities ever" I said. "Well if your so great then why haven't I heard of it before" said song. "Well probably because the only people to know about us was Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the Solar Kingdom who tried to kill everything in world before we stopped them" I said. "And exactly did we do that" said Ace and Paramecium. "Well we went to war with them on my command" I said. "What are you like royal or military or something" said Song. "Yes i'm the prince of the Night Kingdom, and these are my people" I said gesturing to Ace and Paramecium. "Now if story time is over we have a doctor to see" I said as i walked into the doctors tent.
  4. Crisis

    Open Taking Back A Kingdom

    I took a quick glance around the town as we headed for the cave, and remembered that all of us were damaged and hurt and we were about to go in a cave were we would probably get in a fight "Wait we can't go to the cave now just yet" I said loudly. "Well whys that" said Song. "Well look at us i'm the only one that doesn't have something broken, but i'm still damaged" I said "So what we need sleep like now" said Paramecium "Well according to Song there are things in that cave that could kill us and were badly hurt... We need a doctor... Song are their any near by" I said. "They'res only two, but the closest you really don't want to meet, hes kind of crazy" said Song "I don't care how crazy he is, we need help" I said firmly. "Fine he's this way, are you sure we can't go to the other one" said Song. "How far is he away" I said. "Twice as far" Song said sadly, knowing that she would have to go see the doctor, the oh so crazy doctor. "Were going to the crazy one then" I said. "Great were going to a mad house" said ace who had a discussed face. "Then it is so, Song guide us to this doctor so maybe we can get some sleep and then maybe find some help" I said as I gestured song ahead.
  5. Crisis

    Open Taking Back A Kingdom

    Furry landed on the ground after noticing a red and yellow walking aimlessly in the everfree forest. He saw a distressed pony that looked like she was lost. "Is there anything that I can do to help" I said hoping maybe this pony could help us in return. "I'm lost, I typically live here but it has been destroyed, and now i'm lost" said Song Heart. "Well i'm sorta in the same situation you are in, do you know of any pony in the town that could be helpful" I said. "Well there is a group of ponies that typically solve everything, there names are Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, And AppleJack" said Song. "Thank You, is there anyway I can help you, you look injured,Um... Whats you name" I said. "My names Song Heart, and can you point me in the way of ponyville, I have a small place to stay" said Song. "Well my names Furry, and i'm sorry to ask but me and two of my friends need a place to stay could we stay with you" I asked. "You more then welcomed" said song in a pleased tone. The twp ponies trotted off back to ponyville to tell the others about the good news.
  6. Crisis

    Open Taking Back A Kingdom

    Furry had just passed the boarder of ponyville when when he heard something the shocked him completely. "FURRY" He flew down to see who just called his name. He reached the ground and was bewildered by what he saw. It was two ponies from his kingdom. "How did you guys survive the war" Furry said frantically trying to get his head around the idea of survivors. " We found each other in the ruins of the ruins of the kingdom" Said Ace and Paramecium ( This is you two @Bronydash465 and @Lyraheartstring.) " Is there any others that survived" Furry said still in amazement. "No Just us two as far as we know, we saw you flying away and we decided to follow you" said Ace (@Bronydash465) "I'm sorry I didn't see you I was to worried about getting help" said Furry. Furry sighed and gave an apologetic face. How could he have been so stupid not to check for survivors before he had left. He realized that he was very tired and need to find a place for the group to stay. He gestured for the others to stay while he went to find a place to stay. He turned around and left to find help...
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    Furry NightWing

    Furry NightWing
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    Dr. Icarus (Gold Icarus)

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  9. I woke up in the throne room of my castle and I thought to myself "What just happened" I stood up and unfurled my wing while walking over to the balcony. When I got there I couldn't believe it, everything was destroyed and no pony in sight. I quickly turn because of a faint noise in the background. It was my mother the Queen of the Night Kingdom, she spoke softly to me saying " There's nothing we can do Furry go get help there's a place that Celestia talks about called Ponyville go there and see out the ones how can help". I stood up and start to walk away when I remember the two that made the great war happen in the first place. "Mom wheres dad and brother" I asked. "Your dad is frozen by a spell I cast he will awake in 364 days" said Mother. "And what of brother" I asked. He got away he's probably looking for away to bring his kingdom back, you must stop him and your father before its to late" and with that she let out her dying breath. "I know what I must do" I said. Then I turn and run towards the balcony jumping of and unfurling my wings and catching a heavy air current. I would be in ponyville in about a day. "Lets hope i'm not to late" I said and with that I hit super sonic and let my kingdom for the last time. Join with your own OC'S and join whenever
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