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  1. @Sherem (Council) The council livened up a bit at the mention of Princess Luna, it appeared she was held in high regard. The thestral mare nodded, "That is acceptable, we look forward to the progress that can be made." Nightshade tapped his gavel to return attention to himself, "Then it is decided. Continuing, the Griffon Kingdoms..." A griffon rose, "Are satisfied with the progress made thus far. We will withhold any formal complaints at this time, we are confident that Equestria's continued participation in this council will naturally resolve our cultural and territorial disputes." The griffon sat. Though his tone was amicable the look he gave at the end indicated something darker. There was a promise in his gaze: Their issues would be resolved one way or another. Nightshade nodded, "Moving on then, more recently submitted we have the Queens' Council. Ambassador Turquoise?" The teal pegasus mare stood, "The Queens' Council takes exception to the ongoing treatment of their nationals by Equestrian citizens. They do formally submit an apology on behalf of the rogue Queen Chrysalis, her actions were unacceptable and she will face the council's judgement when she is found. Nonetheless, the treatment the rest of our nationals has received, including assault, battery, maiming, torture, attempted murder, and murder, is an unacceptable response. The Queens' Council requests simply that a meeting be held as soon as is reasonable between them and Princess Celestia to resolve this matter amicably and in such a way as to strengthen cooperation going forward. Until such a meeting can be held, the Queen's Council requests that a standing order be placed to protect their nationals from the abuses they've thus far been subjected to, and that those in violation of this order be punished as if their actions had been against a fellow Equestrian." Ambassador Turquoise sat, eyes returned to Celestia, though the council was clearly mixed, it seemed some present were not fans of this Queens' Council or their representatives. (Tavern) While he attracted some looks as he made his way through the space, his large frame contributing to his conspicuous nature, once he sat at the bar most returned their attention to their conversations and drinks. The barkeep didn't take long to come over, "So, see something you like? Or would you like a recommendation?" She gestured towards the wall of bottles behind her, there was a wide variety of liquors ranging from the standard to the high alcohol content to the more flavorful. While she waited for a response she busied herself clearing away empty bottles and glasses from prior patrons of the bar.
  2. @Blitz Boom No worries, I prefer delayed quality to a rushed post any day. Be warned though, the longer you take the more time I have to plot something truly devious.
  3. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron looked over with a smile, nodding, "Good morning. Did you sleep good?" He'd wait a bit for her response or confusion before continuing, "Today, we go to city." he pointed to Fillydelphia, "There are many friends in city, all kinds." he pointed to what remained of the drawings of the friend group from the previous night. He looked back at her with a questioning look, "Do you want to be close to many friends today?" Anticipating her confusion he started to draw, he drew two representations of the city, each with small simple sketches of creatures. In one he drew them together in the midst of the others, in the other he drew himself in the city and Ædriga outside the city by herself. He pointed to the first, "Do you want to go into the city with me?" He pointed to the second, "Or wait outside by yourself?"
  4. @Sherem (Council) The thestral mare lowered her head, "That would be up to the clans themselves, they will not accept help they did not ask for. Our demand is simple: Within a year you or a representative will meet with each of the clans within Equestrian Territory and give them any reasonable assistance or protection that they desire. Further, ensure that none of these clans suffers the injustice that the Whitetail clan suffered." The mare sat, eyes returned to Celestia as Nightshade spoke, "The request is laid out for you then, do you find it agreeable?" (Outside) Sherem wouldn't have to look long before he'd pick up the sound of merriment and the smell of various liquors coming from a doorway a few lengths down the mountain path. By the door was a sign indicating that the edifice was a tavern of sorts. If he entered he'd find the interior was warm, a fire glowing on the hearth, and amicable, while conversations grew quieter at his entrance many of the stallions within greeted him with raised heads and glasses. The bartender, a stout mare with a no-nonsense look about her called out soon after he entered, "Come on in, but don't bring the cold in with you. Take a seat and we'll get something going for you."
  5. @Catpone Cerberus Provided nothing happened during the night, Ætheron would get up just after sunrise and get busy preparing their stuff for the day's travel, they were only a few hours away from the city, so they'd be at the office by midday. The thought gave him pause however. Unlike Ponyville, the Fillydelphia office was near the center of the city, which would mean that either Ædriga would need to wait on her own for some time, much longer than in Ponyville, or accompany him through the busy streets. He wasn't confident she had progressed far enough to be comfortable in such a state, and he wondered if he could explain the situation to her adequately. He would wait for her to get up by looking though her study book to see how far she had gotten, and as such get a sense of the words she was familiar with so he could use them to explain.
  6. @Blitz Boom (LP) The mare had a look of pride at Null's praise, "Thanks! I do try to have the best quality I can, it's good to hear you like it." The mare nodded to herself, "I figured as much, it does explain... well most of the differences. Say, you think you'd put in a good word to your associates about my bakery? I could cut you a discount if I get a new set of regular customers." She shrugged, "I'd say the debt system is a larger deterrent to crime than the enforcers, as effective as they are. Ponies are all concerned about minimizing their debt as it is, hardly anyone would think to rob, as they'd end up with more debt than if they had just asked to pay with debt. Further, there's a sort of bounty system in place, gather too much debt and the enforcers will pay anyone for your capture. So in a way we end up policing ourselves, the enforcers only needing to get involved for violent or belligerent criminals." (Troy) Selena, Vale, and Pen (There's no adequate group word for them that's not too general) looked relieved at Void's clarification They nodded at Void's idea, Selena sighed, "I suppose we may have been overstating the issue, With time and exposure the citizenry should be able to see their differences instead of the similarities and accept that they aren't the bearers themselves. The worry only came up because, well, you know how highly the bearers were respected by the Equestrians, and when they were the first to fall many of those who survived were in quite the denial that they had been defeated so quickly. We'll do what we can to minimize their similarities, perhaps the foals themselves would like to distance themselves? Then we could look into dyeing their coats and such to further distance the resemblance." Vale seemed in agreement, "Still, it's a good idea to minimize their exposure at first, wouldn't want to overwhelm them with new experiences, and it sounds like they've got quite the list of experiences to make up for. We'll just have to take it slow, by the time they get to full integration with society there'll have been plenty of time for the populous to adapt, or for us to come up with another plan if things look contentious." They were all impressed by Void's skill in repairing the toys, and excited that some of her mosaics had been completed, when she mentioned needing help moving them they all approached, "Let's get a move on then, we'll want them securely fastened before they get here."
  7. @Blitz Boom An interesting quandry to be sure, it's one of the reasons why one must resolve their personal vendettas prior to becoming a full-fledged member of the Vengeance, so you don't have a personal desire to judge others outside of the desire to see justice fulfilled. In her case, Illiad would not have dispatched her if Grey wasn't in need of being judged, but don't worry... I have other troubles in store. If there were a case like you described, even if Grey had been judged he wouldn't be wholly safe until his punishment was fulfilled given Null is not fully accepted yet. If Grey had been judged and fulfilled his punishment, then Nine would recommend against her doing anything, but wouldn't be able to overcome her determination to attack, Null's debt would be increased by however much credit Grey had managed to accrue after fulfilling his punishment. The only official judges in the world at the moment are Illiad, Selena, and Mercena, so no need to worry about another judge beating her there. Though exactly what Grey is being punished for may not be what Null expects.
  8. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron pondered to himself as he watched Ædriga study, he had never thought of himself as much of a tutor nor a trainer, yet here he was teaching a dragon to speak Common. Further, he had a desire within to teach her other things as well. He found himself thinking how he could teach her stealth, how to lay a trap or wield a sword. How to prepare food and mend wounds. Everything he had learned in his travels had new meaning as he considered how he could show them to her. Perhaps it was those fatherly instincts kicking in. He sighed happily as he settled in to sleep while Ædriga studied, time would tell how their relationship progressed.
  9. @Catpone Cerberus Good on you for the realism and learning new languages, I briefly considered writing Ætheron's spoken words in spanish to emphasize the learning barrier. I mean we still could but at this point she's already passing into a passable understanding of basic Common. I'm enjoying where this is going, it's a nice calm RP to do after all my complicated and action centric ones.
  10. @Blitz Boom (LP) The mare looked a bit concerned at Null's strained voice, but didn't comment on it, "For the wheat loaf and habanero butter? $5. It's a bit harder to make than your friend's, but not much." She went and retrieved the requested bread and butter after taking Null's payment. The loaf was still warm and soft and the butter was fragrant, she could smell the spice in it even wrapped. "I hope you enjoy it, don't be afraid to ask if you need anything!" If Null didn't ask for anything the mare would go back to her work kneading out dough and moving portioned loaves and rolls into and out of the ovens. If they remained long enough she'd eventually step out from around the counter to come to their table, or to the dining area if Null wasn't sharing a table with Arcade. "So, how's everything? Good I hope?" Arcade would nod with a pleased smile, "It's some of the best bread I've ever had." Which, admittedly wasn't saying much, but the bread was very high quality to be sure. After getting Null's feedback she'd continue, "If you don't mind me asking, where are you two from? You with that group that came in earlier?" (Troy) The others were a bit surprised by Void's plan, Vale spoke up first, "If I understood correctly, you want to keep them here until they've grown? That could mean years, a full decade maybe, more in the case of the younger foals. Unless we're locking them down I don't think we'd be able to keep them in this room longer than a year, maybe two at most. None of the specimens lasted longer than two years without attempting an escape when not fully satisfied with their containment." Selena sighed, "And if I know anything about growing ponies, they'll soon be at that age where they want their independence. Even under guard they'd eventually find a way to escape. Further, one of them, a thestral, was selected as a protege of one of the thestral guards. It's a cultural thing for them, so it'd be difficult to allow him to come and go without letting the others leave if and when they want to." Pen interjected, "What if we forewent the secrecy entirely? I mean, the reason we're hiding them at all is because they look like the elements, what if we explained why that's the case?" Vale looked skeptical, "Tell everyone they're clones of the originals? Because everyone took the revelation of what you are so well." Pen looked down and Vale turned apologetic, "Sorry, I just don't want them to get the looks or treatment we get." Selena looked back over at Void, her eyes pleading for some sort of idea from her, "Perhaps there's merit in coming out with it, perhaps not say they were clones, we could come up with another plausible story for their similarities. Given the descriptions I was relayed, each individually only bears a passing resemblance to the bearers, it was only seeing them together that made the scout think anything of them. Maybe we limit their exposure by not taking them all at once anywhere, only showing them as pairs, doing what we can to distance them visually from the elements, so nopony thinks of them in conjunction with the elements. Sort of a don't ask don't tell deal? We wait until the questions get too loud before announcing anything publically, and if we can avoid any scandals before they become adults or the bearers return we may avoid the issue entirely." She sighed, "Regardless, we've only got a few hours until they'll reach the city. So best get moving on any final arrangements before they arrive."
  11. @Randimaxis Bird and Wheepy shared a look, then shrugged before turning back to Dax with kind yet curious expressions, "Far be it from us to discourage a fan from growing their talents." Wheepy continued, "There's a song or two I could play... I think they've got the sheet music for it around here somewhere..." his amber magic passed over the nearby books before pulling a pair from the stack, he brought one to himself and the other he passed to Dax after opening it to a certain page. "These two are ones I quite enjoy, and they'd be easy enough for you to sing I think. But if you've got another that I could play we'd be happy to oblige." Wheepy would set to tuning up the guitar with help from Bird while they waited for Dax to make a decision. Bird chuckled as she looked over the piano, "Looks like you're not the only one who hides talons in their hooves to play, there's more than a few dents in these keys." Wheepy laughed back, "It's certainly a useful feature to have."
  12. @Randimaxis Impundulu froze when the hat spoke, literally turning to ice where it stood. While it had heard Taps talking when she left, it hadn't detected any other ponies, Taps had never used the gem in conjunction with the hat before, nor was the hat part of the procedure to leave, thus Impundulu had not looked to learn anything about it. But now the hat was there, talking to it, and would more than likely tell Taps if they didn't leave together. The ice bird reverted to a water bird as it cautiously approached the hat. Water was patient, persistent, it had waited this long for an opportunity, it could wait until the next time if it had to. It may not have another opportunity to learn. Impundulu did not have the capacity to speak in this form, and could only bridge minds with Taps given how long they had been in contact, so it was reduced to charades to communicate with the hat. It did it's best interpretive dance that the hat could come along, but if anything untowards happened it would be struck by lightning and left to sit in the rain. Provided the hat was agreeable to these conditions, Impundulu would balance it atop the gem that formed the physical head of the bird before resuming their efforts to leave the closet. If possible, once they reached the post office Impundulu would take notice that Taps' anger had turned sorrowful, and it had a twinge of regret for leaving. Nonetheless, storms were stubborn, and it had a job to do. It took some of the paper and writing utensils available and did it's best to write without getting the page too damp: If I'm right, I'll be back. If you're right, you'll be free of me. I'll return the hat regardless. Note written and left in a conspicuous place, it would leave the building to perch atop it, getting its bearings on the quarry.
  13. @Randimaxis Filigree was very impressed, if his raised eyebrows were any indication, which in high society was akin to a standing ovation. Once Redd finished his 'audition' Filigree nodded firmly. "Yes, you'll do nicely." With a flash of magic he obtained a copy of the script for Stalliongrad, it was a bit worn around the edges with a number of personal annotations written between the lines, "While I trust you have the script memorized in it's entirety, you're well aware that each director has their own take on the base script, so you'll do well to read up on this version, specifically..." he turned to the page after the scene where Stalliongrad rescued the Countess with the knife on his horn, "Here and onward. We can't tell until the play begins if it is in fact the same stallion whose been ruining the plays before, this scene is late enough that he'll have made an obvious mistake by then if he is, but early enough that you'll be able to turn the play around after he suffers an... unfortunate accident. Historically the knife scene was a turning point for Rasputin, so changing the actor will hardly surprise the more seasoned viewers, especially in renditions where Rasputin loses his horn to save the Countess." Filigree had a bit of a cunning smile at that. He stood, preparing to leave the room and to leave Redd with the script. "You better get studying Rasputin, opening night's less than a week from now, and if all goes according to plan... I suppose you have more than opening night to prepare for. You might just have to stay on for the whole run. Come to the Silverhoof theater tomorrow, we'll give you all the training you need. Until then, farewell." If Redd didn't stop him, Filigree would leave him alone in the room.
  14. @Blitz Boom Arcade chuckled weakly, "Well, I suppose I had it easier given my, er, condition. Starving's hardly the worst way to die." He only fully starved to death once in the facility before they found the endless breadstick bowl, so it wasn't a strong issue, but often all he'd eat for long stretches would be the bread while the others shared whatever other food they had found. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if one of them had packed the bowl on their way out. The mare was a bit surprised by Null's fiery response, but shook it off as Null placed her order, "Spicy you say? One of the few things that grow well here is peppers, so I do have a few spicy spreads to choose from, though I'd recommend a wheat loaf, toasted, as the spice tends to clash with the sourdough, but that's just a suggestion. If you want a little spice I've got sriracha butter, if you want more spice you could try some habanero butter." The mare was again surprised by the question, but smiled, "I figured you two were from outside. Cash is pretty simple, we don't have a lot of any old currency, so we turned to using the casino chips as money, exchange rates fluctuate over time, but they hold a bit more stable than the other currencies as there's a set amount of cash, while the others come and go. Bits, Dollars, Talons, Gems, they're all valid currency in the city, but you'll have to shop around to get the best value for them. Debt however..." She thought for a moment before continuing, "You know how the Grey liberated the town from Discord's forces? Well, within the members of the Grey they had this system they called Debt or Servitude, basically their conscription time where they had to remain a Grey. You earn Debt by doing what the Grey consider 'bad' things, you lose debt by doing what they consider 'good' things, or by doing 'bad' things to those with more debt than you. They used to trade Debt amongst themselves to buy favors or items, you take on some of their debt and they do something for you. When they liberated the town Grey Mane codified the process and transfer rates, it is only by the judges that one gains new debt, but once assigned it can be passed off with written agreements turned in to the judges. If you manage to repay all your Debt you start earning Credit, which cancels out a certain amount of future debt as you acquire it. If you wanted to pay with debt I'd transfer some of my debt to you, or in my case you would gain debt and I would gain credit, you would then repay the debt either serving the Grey or anyone else willing to take your debt in exchange for your services." She shrugged, "It's not the most self-explanatory system, which is why I mostly stick to cash, but Credit is good to have when you need scarce ingredients. It cost me quite a bit to get my sourdough starter." (Troy) The Trojan 'night' passed as hotly as it always did, and the moon soon rose on another Trojan 'day', the 'day' the young ponies would be arriving, though the exact hour was not clear. Pen and Vale would meet her at the building, now almost fully furnished, along with Selena who was talking with them with a bit of a concerned expression, though it brightened a bit when Void approached. The kitchen area had some holes in the wall where new connections to the pipes had been installed, the sink and a countertop had been installed, there was a taped off section where a worker was installing the stove and a cooler crate. There were parts leaning against the wall for more counter space and cabinets to be installed. Selena motioned for Void to join them in the midst of the beds, away from the worker. Once Void joined them Selena would continue, "So, our forward scouts met up with the foals, they're all doing well, no worries there, though they're reportedly unused to a normal day cycle, likely due to their time in the facility. So we're getting some good curtains for the windows until they adjust to the light cycle above ground. But that's not what's most important." She turned to include Void in the conversation, "The guards and ambassadors in the party were Trojan, never really knew Equestria, as such they didn't think twice about their appearance, but one of the scouts was Equestrian, and noticed immediately that these foals bear strong resemblance to some of the Elements of Harmony. The youngest two are quite similar in appearance to Princesses Luna and Celestia. They aren't alicorns, which makes this complicated situation a bit simpler, but understandably they may attract some undesirable attention." She sighed, "Having the locals swarm them will hardly help, and neither will keeping them stuck in this room. We'll be bringing them in secretly, have as little of the populous know about them as possible. Already the workers have been bound to secrecy. Once they get acclimated here we can see about introducing them to the public, but it will still cause problems..."
  15. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron chuckled for a moment before correcting the name, "Griffon no like name bird-pony, but is funny." Ætheron had a bit more somber expression, but nodded, "I thought as much given how I met you," he said more to himself than to Ædriga. He thought for a moment then continued, he mimicked her eating motion, "Eat", then pointed to the animal category and the forest "food" another idea struck him, and he got some food from his pack, "food." he hoped she could correlate Food as something one eats. Regardless, she seemed to get the idea that friends were not for eating, which was the important part of the lesson anyway. He pulled out the language learning books and put them where Ædriga could easily access them before he returned to the fire to cook one of the rabbits to accompany his dinner, leaving another and a pheasant to sate Ædriga for the night if she were hungry. "Fire cook food, make safe for me to eat." He'd be content to watch and help Ædriga learn until the sun had fully set, at which point he'd get ready to sleep.