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  1. @Blitz Boom Their room had a fireplace, but it didn't have any wood unless they wanted to break down their furniture, then they still lacked a fire-starter. Most of the rooms they'd check would have the same problem, fireplace but no wood. They'd eventually reach the dining room where they'd shared dinner with the Consul, the room felt warmer than the ones they'd passed. There was a grand fireplace here, though it too was vacant of any wood. There was a sound of some commotion coming from another door that led into the dining room, and there was a bit of light peaking in from the edges of the doorway, it sounded like a kitchen almost. (If they decide to go in there) Though the lit doors there was a well lit and decently stocked kitchen area, a number of stoves stood against a wall across from a number of ice chests and cabinets, and bustling around the central table was a mare, earth pony, who seemed to be making some flat bread, she'd look up when they entered, a bit confused, "Um... Can I help you?" She'd stare at them for a moment before she'd realize something, "Oh! you're the Consul's guests aren't you? If you're looking for something to eat I'd be happy to help!" The whole time they were searching the scepter had been following behind them, but as they'd enter the kitchen it would jump into Void's shadow, careful to stay as far from her as it could without leaving her shadow. (Otherwise) They'd eventually run out of rooms that weren't locked, if they tried to go upstairs where the Consul and Selena had gone the scepter would stop at the edge of the light that came down them.
  2. @Randimaxis Luna's horn gave off a faint glow, then a beam of light extended from the eyepiece, expanding to form an image of what the telescope showed without having to squint through it. It wasn't as high quality, but they could at least both see it at the same time. "Interesting... It appears much like a dead star, but this expansion thou notest is intriguing. Perhaps it only recently perished? Then this cloud would be the remnants of it, a sort of ghost." She looked over at Dax, "We would appreciate if though wouldst continue to study this phenomenon. When we return to Canterlot we will review the old charts for the area, we expect that there used to be a star there." Illiad had made his way to the upper area of the observatory floor, and had been looking through one of the smaller telescopes when Dax looked for him, he turned to look over the balcony railing when he felt Dax's enthusiasm, giving him a look of approval as he motioned for Dax to continue. "Now," Luna stirred from her thoughts, "We think thou wouldst enjoy to see this." With a glow of her horn she set the telescope in motion, operating some of the larger mechanisms in the process to drastically turn and angle the telescope until it pointed right at the moon. "It's not full, but we should still see..." she peered directly into the eyepiece as she focused it in. "Huzzah!" She stood back with a pleased grin, restoring the image she had projected the first time: It looked to be the surface of the moon, only in much greater detail than Dax had ever seen it before, it was faint, but there was the faint silhouette of a pony there in the dust, further there were hoofprints leading away from it, and walking all over. "Well? What thinkest thou?"
  3. @Blitz Boom "Fire works, body heat is most common but won't really work for you two, the Sun is a definite no, solar magic is very harmful to scepters, which is probably why it has stayed here since the sun came up. Steam typically works best, it was my king's favorite at least." The scepter looked confused at their talking, as emphasized by the now slanted question mark it formed. "It's curious why you're talking about it rather than to it, it remembers you talked to it last time... How you managed that is beyond me."
  4. @Blitz Boom "I can hear your sister just fine without her talking right in your ear. But I think you know that already. I used to get along with Mercy quite well thank you." There wasn't much to see as they made their way back, the guards wouldn't stop them as they entered and the place was just as empty as before, though it was somewhat brighter now that there was a bit more sunlight filtering in through the windows. There wasn't anything different about their room, except that the scepter was there somewhat hidden in the corner shadows. When they entered it waved to them and started to do some sort of charades, the humming that Null had faintly heard earlier was now a bit more obvious, though Void would only be able to hear it faintly. "It missed you..." Null would get the impression that Nine would roll its eyes if it had any, "But anyway, it wants to know if you've found any 'magic metal', or heat, it's hungry." Nine sighed, "What's a tiny thing like it doing so far from a king anyway? Hardly five years old I'd bet." To Void the shapes were something like a teardrop, then a map, then the ingot from before, then a question mark, then a fire followed by another question mark.
  5. @Blitz Boom Their father moved to close the door behind them, bidding them a fond farewell before returning to whatever it was he was doing when they had arrived. Outside, as they moved it was clear that the city had been built with space at a premium, the buildings each standing one right after the other, only separated by roadway for the most part. If they walked back in the direction of the Consul's estate they'd find that there were some shadowed spaces between the re-purposed buildings next to the Trojan Council building. Otherwise, there was plenty of shade on the shade side of the buildings as the sun wasn't directly overhead yet. In either of these cases they wouldn't be seeing the shadow creatures from before. There was however a near inaudible humming sound that only Null would be able to hear, and subsequently Nine would speak to her in her head. "There's a scepter looking for you... or something. Don't know what they intend to accomplish when you don't know our language. I think it's back where Mercy is."
  6. @Blitz Boom As content as their father would be to simply hold his long lost daughter, he knew if he didn't get back to bed soon he'd end up sleeping right there. And with each passing second the thought of that grew ever more tempting. Regardless, he gently released Null, "Now, we heard you two have something special to do for the Consul... staying up all day likely isn't the best way to prepare for it, you both look like you've missed more than a few nights sleep recently." he stood up with a yawn, "You're welcome to sleep here of course, space is at a bit of a premium but we'll make do. You'll have to come visit your mother after her shift in any case, she'll be so happy to see you back." Their father trailed off a bit, he seemed to be almost falling asleep on his hooves, and probably would if they didn't do anything about it.
  7. @Blitz Boom Their father looked on with concern as Null spoke her piece, he thought a moment on what exactly he could say to her, opening his mouth a few times in the process before closing it again as he rethought his words. He took a deep breath to compose himself before speaking. "Null," he waited a moment to see if she'd turn to look at him. "When we decided to get the two of you out of there... we knew what was at stake. We knew we'd likely die trying, but we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't try." he shook his head, "We were both surprised when Grey Mane didn't have us killed, or inducted... but we didn't have long to think on that before he sent us back to TrUST to have us removed their way, and thus the whole memory thing. But that's besides the point. Even if we had made it to Dodge with you, we knew we couldn't stay with you, we'd have just made you easier to find." He sighed as the tears continued to fall, "Really it should be us apologizing to you, we forced you to take that burden, you never should have had to make those decisions, we should have planned better, been more patient..." He paused for a moment, as a smile grew on his face, "But that's behind us now isn't it? It's been too long to hold on to that any more. Last week my family was just two with a third on the way, and now it's about doubled in size! My daughters, once lost, are found. It's a rare treasure in these times, let's enjoy it together." He looked like he wanted to say more, but decided thatadditional physical affection would speak more to her that his words.
  8. @Blitz Boom There was a tear in their father's eye as he cautiously, then firmly drew Null into a hug. "Your mother and I... we were so worried when you were all..." He released her from the hug to get a better look at her, staring right into her eyes with a worried, yet somewhat relieved expression. "We were happy to have you two back in whatever state. It will make her so happy to hear that you've been recovering. Nonetheless, she needs her sleep, so I'll patiently wait to tell her until evening." A smile came to his face. He sat down, "I... hadn't really thought you'd make it, I know you're strong of course but when we saw you like that..." he sighed "We've seen so many who didn't have it half as bad who've yet to make even half the progress you have. It's a miracle to say the least."
  9. @Blitz Boom It was quiet for a moment, almost so long that they might consider either knocking again or giving up on the endeavor, when there'd be the sound of shuffling hoofsteps from within. As their father approached the door the sounds of his muttering could faintly be heard, but not loud enough to tell exactly what he was saying until he swung the door open. "Whatzit now Ceder, ya know she-s" His voice trailed off as he saw exactly who was at the door, he shook himself a bit more awake. "[However he'd casually greet them]! I thought you'd be staying with the Consul... did something happen?" The worry in his voice was apparent, and he kept looking between the two of them, a bit of confusion coming to his face as nothing seemed the matter. He motioned for them to come in, and gestured to the worn couch that dominated the small living space. He spoke in a whisper, "Let's try not to wake your mom though... the pregnancy's tough enough without these hours we've been pulling at the hospital and field stations. But anyway, what's happened?"
  10. @Jedishy If I had to guess: The assigned padawan is likely playing off of Anakin in The Clone Wars. @Skycoaster Here's a character for your approval: Novus Kin'Dra Zebra, Male, 23. Jedi Consular, wields a collapsible Lightsaber Pike with a copper blade. Was initially raised by Twi'Leks before he was inducted by the Jedi Order, and learned under a Twi'Lek Master. As such he wears his mane in two long braids stylized like the Lekku of his care givers and master. Any other details you need let me know!
  11. @Blitz Boom The buck looked over a bit skeptically at Null, but only offered a sigh in response to their query before turning to look through a nearby book. He would pass a few moments paging through the book before turning back to face them, the book held in his magic. He didn't say anything as he passed the book over the counter to them, pointing to their mother's name. It was a schedule book, it seemed to indicate who was on schedule to work, and their mother wasn't scheduled to come in until just before dusk, which judging by the sun, was in six hours. The buck left that book as he turned to look through another book, it was thicker, before with a satisfied snort he turned back and placed the new book atop the old, pointing again to their mother's name. It read: 'Septicity Bunsen; 200 3rd, apt 13'. The buck looked at them for a moment more, then pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil, marked the symbol of the hospital, a line that went to one side of it, turning right at a corner, then a star where he wrote 200. It seemed to be a map of sorts telling them essentially to go up to third street, then turn right and go till they found #200. He would continue to watch them with a raised eyebrow until they left. (If they go to follow his map) The streets were still quite vacant, making the trek easy. The buildings got taller the further they got from the oasis, some of the ones they passed looked like they had been added on to vertically, somewhat makeshift tents erected on the roofs of the buildings. They'd be able to find #200 without much difficulty, and the door labeled #13 was on the close corner to them. There was a window next to the door, and it was dark inside.
  12. @Blitz Boom Outside the streets were mostly deserted, the sun was already fully above the wall and while it was still early it was starting to warm up. The guards were both wearing an Equestrian day guard helm, so thus were likely more inclined to the day anyway. The guard they had approached was an earth pony mare, "Bunsen..." she thought for a moment. "He's a medic right? They're typically housed near the hospital, and the hospital staff would have a directory." She pointed to a road about half way to the far side of the central oasis, "Head around to 5π/4th road, hospital's on the corner between 2nd and 3rd. They can tell you where to find them. Plus most of the injured that came in from the last desert convoy are there, at least those that aren't still out with the field medics on the air strip." (provided they follow those directions) Walking the main road around the oasis they'd first pass a somewhat clover shaped building with many windows and columns which was labeled with a marble sign out front as the Trojan Council Chambers. They would then pass a large building surrounded by smaller buildings, the large building labeled atop the pillars as the Trojan Supreme Court, the smaller buildings appeared to be residential, but it seemed they hadn't always been that way. The corner past that building was the indicated street, turning up it would reveal a residential block, followed by the indicated hospital. It was an unremarkable building, clearly built with function in mind with little thought for aesthetic. It bore the hospital symbol clearly. (Should they enter the building) The reception area was surprisingly crowded given the vacancy of the streets, though most of the occupation was temporary beds and dividers set up to house extra patients, most of which were asleep. There was plenty of room for them to pass to the reception desk without their aura affecting the patients. Stationed at the desk was a buck, dressed in medical garb, typing out paperwork on a sophisticated looking typewriter. He would look up as they entered but would not address them unless they either spoke up, or loitered at the counter long enough. By the points on his antlers he wasn't very old.
  13. @Blitz Boom The only issue with their plan, was that they had no idea where their parents were, all they knew was that they lived here in the city, and were in the process of being moved to a larger dwelling. The hallways were, as before, vacant of anyone they could ask. They could either go to the Consul and ask, or go outside and look for themselves. (If they go outside) The guards out front were different from the ones that Null had seen when she had previously left the building, and they would not react to their presence unless the sisters did something to get their attention.
  14. @Sweet Scoop No worries! I was expecting a much longer wait anyway. I think I have a character that would fit then, I have a sheet for her, but it shows her younger than she would be in this story: At the time of this RP she'd have established and lost her hive due to the apocalyptic conditions, all her children dead due to the lack of ponies and water, plus the pony she loved. Unable to die but weakened by the lack of food, her only desire is to see her dear husband again, whether by his resurrection by Scorched, or by her own demise in the tasks. (She can't starve to death, but can easily be killed while so weakened.) She'd now be about 20-25, which while very young for a changeling queen is still quite mature. She'd reached her full size, so the same proportions as Chrysalis. Let me know if that works for you, I'm more than willing to make changes if needed.
  15. @Skycoaster This also intrigues me, though I would ask a similar question to @BroomsNHops I've always been more partial to the Jedi Consular (which is more force focused while the knight is more saber focused) If that is acceptable to you I'd be happy to generate a character for this expedition.
  16. @PickFairy A bit late to the party so you've likely come to your own conclusion by now, but I always saw a mark as a symbol of self actualization, the pony discovering what makes them unique. Many think that it represents something they're good at, but then conclude that they must be the best at that thing. I've found that a mark doesn't make you the best at something, it may not even be the thing you're best at, but it's something that comes to define you as an individual. That said, I would make an effort to flesh out what caused her to lose that self-actualization, make her decide she didn't want to be that pony anymore (perhaps a traumatic accident which involved her favored activity?). Then you can go about her story of rebuilding herself, finding out, or deciding who she wants to be. But to answer your direct question, I think you have an interesting character that many would be excited to interact with.
  17. You don't have to be associated with the sky to be a flight creature, given some of your other attributes I'd say a batpony would be a good fit given they typically are (at least in my opinion):Sneaky, mischevious, night oriented, of subdued color schemes, catlike, and combat inclined. The best part of a batpony is that they aren't a pure-blooded thestral, so you could always mix those batpony attributes into another pony race. They could essentially be a full thestral minus the wings. @Disky Bolt
  18. @Blitz Boom Null could feel Nine's hesitation at her previous comment, but it didn't delay its response. "I've seen a mare rip her own soul in half in order to achieve what she thought was necessary. So you could say I've seen a few extraordinary feats. Given what I've seen... it's not impossible. Give me a minute, I'll scry the future and see what comes up." While it didn't seem to have facial features, it seemed intrigued by her response. "I think the shadow scepters were drawn to you because you resemble them in nature. My deal is Vengeance, so yes one of the 'balance creatures' as you say. What Karma offers you in terms of duty is to bring to pass the vengeance called out by others, punish those who've so far escaped their just reward. What Karma offers you in terms of compensation is the power to do so. She knows how your curse may be broken, but more she knows where each and every one of those that have hurt you are, and how you can exact the vengeance they rightly deserve. She offers you this information on the condition that you act on it, and that once you've finished your tally of vengeance that you be willing to do the same on behalf of those without the ability to exact it for themselves. You would become their avenging angel." He waved a hoof dismissively as he started to fade away, "Think on it. The scepter in your head once served Vengeance, it can answer your questions. When you choose to 'join' as you say, we'll speak again." It was a moment or two after the silhouette had dispersed that Nine's voice was back in her head, "Alright, I checked the immediate future and signs point to yes on the wing being possible."
  19. @Sweet Scoop You drive an interesting bargain, color me intrigued. I've a number of characters I could play, but it depends on this question: are we all selling our souls? Or just tagging along with one who has? I'm excited to hear more, this sounds very well planned.
  20. @Stickman, The Legend Interesting... I'd like some details, we'd be basing this off a pacifist ending? Who are these people/ponies/monsters you mention? Would we be people/ponies/monsters? Basically, I'd like in. I just need to know who I can be and how I'd fit in to this group.
  21. @Blitz Boom "Still, you should know that I didn't care in the slightest about the Summer War and how it'd turn out. I just knew that if you died in there I'd be just as trapped as before, only with less interesting things going on. I wanted you to die where I could escape, and the lab wasn't it. I tried to get you to attack the Consul, that would've been a swift end for you. I nearly got you to kill yourself..." "Again, not that I don't appreciate being spared, I just find it hard to understand mercy after having served vengeance for so long." Given the darkness of the room Null wouldn't notice initially, but as her eyes adjusted to the dark she would be able to notice a silhouette sitting across the room from her. Furthermore, her eyesight seemed, enhanced? somehow she was able to see quite a bit more than one would expect in the darkness. The room seemed to be a sort of antechamber, another door situated on the far side of the small room from the one she'd entered, and a pair of chairs to either side of the room, the ones she sat in, and the ones the silhouette sat in across from her. It was hard to tell, but the silhouette seemed to be looking right at her, it had the shape of a stallion, tall and thin, and it seemed to have wings, but it remained perfectly still. "You've managed to intrigue Karma herself, not a task lightly accomplished." When it spoke it was a deep quiet voice, but still it did not move. "You could serve Vengeance well, if you are so inclined." [Void] The hallways were empty and quiet, there seemed to be no indication of where Null had gone, nor was there anyone around to ask. She'd have to use her knowledge of Null to guess which way she'd gone.
  22. There are few even among scholars of Trojan history that have come to understand the true depth of the relationship between Canterlot and Troy. Many are simply content to label them as rivals, given their respective nations were such, and thus lose the more basic nature of their relationship. As many forget, Canterlot was not always the capital of Equestria. It only became the capital a few years after Nightmare Moon, when Princess Celestia decided to abandon the old capital in the wake of the then expanding Everfree Forest. Before it was the Capital of Equestria, Canterlot was a mining village, and before that just a mine witch fed a town at the base of the mountain. At this point many may wonder what this has to do with the history of Troy, the fact of the matter is that both Canterlot and Troy were surveyed and plotted by Trojan Horse. In that way, they are two sister cities and their subsequent rivalry of a more familial nature... Castle of the Two Sisters, 101 BNNM Trojan Horse and Mare Grace stood together before the grand doors of the audience chamber, one uncharacteristically anxious, the other as calm as ever. Mare Grace put a comforting hoof on her trembling husband's withers. "Calm my love, you'll do fine." Her words seemed to work as he ceased trembling with a few steadying breaths. "We both went over the proposal countless times, they just have a few questions for you." "I wish you could be in there with me... you always know just the words to say." She smiled at that, "You know they explicitly asked for you, you'll be famous after this when they discover all that crystal you found in the survey." He sighed, "I never wanted to be famous..." "You lost that when you married the most sought after mare in Stalliongrad, but you'll need pull with the royalty if we're going to make that dream of yours a reality." He nodded, steeling himself up for what was coming. It was a few minutes later when the doors parted, and a snobbish stallion stepped out. He had to raise his muzzle nearly to the ceiling in order to look down it at the taller Trojan, and the yet taller Mare. "Ze Princess vil see zhu now." Mare grace offered a parting nuzzle, which seemed to give the stallion a boost of confidence as he walked into the audience chamber. ... Two hours later he emerged, the slight worry on Mare's face vanishing the moment he walked out with a tired, yet positive, though a bit confused, smile on his face. They didn't talk of the even until they had returned to their lodging. "She wants to build a castle there." Mare looked surprised, "Up there? There's hardly any room for a town around it." He nodded, "Indeed, but she had quite the plan for it once I told her of the crystal deposits she seemed quite adamant that a fortress be built there. The plans she pulled out... I think she was waiting for someone to propose it. It all works, the mine will clear out more of the ledge we had suggested to make more space, but then she intends to build supports out in a platform to further expand the build-able space, in time nearly half the city would sit off the side of the mountain!" Mare shook her head with a laugh, "It sounds crazy, but so long as she approved it that's all that matters to our plans. In a few years time we'll be able to move forward."
  23. @Blitz Boom Her parents were not in the building, and just as before there didn't seem to be anyone else in the building either, it was dimly lit and quiet throughout, though there was no shortage of seating in the hallways. [Void] The Consul had stopped moving at Null's outburst, but didn't respond to it. As Void offered her explanation he turned to face her, he looked tired. "Stop," he held up a hoof to stop her. He put the hoof down and shook his head, "You don't..." he sighed, then looked right at her "The worst thing, since becoming an alicorn, is the groveling. I'm not Celestia nor Luna. You're not going to 'disappear' for upsetting me. Being an alicorn doesn't make me perfect, I'm not infallible, it's okay to doubt me." He thought for a moment on what to say, "It's true that you and your sister are likely critical to the success of this mission, but I have no reason to lie about something like her wing to gain your compliance, I have too much actual power to even consider stringing her along by hope. We offered it to you because we know it can be done, Selena herself has used the cloud diamond wing before, and given she was able to get inside her mind we know the interface will work. The only potential hiccup is Null herself, if she doesn't believe it will work she wont be able to control it. If she doesn't see the wing as a part of her it won't be contained in her field, or better said the field won't move with her wing, it's complicated" he waved a hoof dismissively. He looked to go back up the stairs, but turned back towards Void instead, "I know you have no reason to trust us, but I appreciate that you do. Go, find your sister. I get the feeling she doesn't remember where the two of you are sleeping." If Void were paying close attention she'd notice that the shadow limbs on the Consul had disappeared. [Null] Null would hear a voice, but without a discernible source, as though it were coming from inside her head. "Not that I'm ungrateful, why did you spare me? I was actively trying to get you killed" For whatever reason, she felt like the voice was coming from the ball of dark tendrils that Selena had tied up in her head.
  24. @Blitz Boom The Consul's breathing had gotten a bit less heavy, and he turned to look at them. "Heh, feels a bit like it too. It's been a while since I've used so much of my reserves, not since... well... then." He didn't seem inclined to go further on that topic, He looked a but surprised that she had used his title, rather than another of her colorful names for him. "What happens now? Sleep for one, I haven't done that in a good long while and it seems like a good idea now, and you two especially. As to what comes next, General Forerunner should have the team assembled by tomorrow, so we'd be able to begin the Hercules mission as soon as you two are ready." he turned to Null especially, "That can happen either before or after the whole deal with your wing..." he looked over at Void, "She knows, right?" He moved to get up, the shadow limbs supporting his shaky legs. "Outside of that, you're free to do as you wish, within the bounds of the law of course." If they didn't say anything to him, he'd proceed up the stairs that Selena had.
  25. @Randimaxis Mystic gave a soft, yet comforting giggle as she shook her head, "Don't worry, so long as my secret's safe I know you'll do fine. You let your heart lead, and we'll forget about what the traditions say." It was interesting, catching a glimpse of the future like that, they usually only came when she tried to see them, which led her to believe that perhaps she had simply imagined it herself, projected what she anticipated he could become. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant image, and only served to add to the smile on her face, the doubt from before nearly destroyed by both this and the flood of worry he had about upsetting her. @Hazard Time (I hope I don't overstep with this) Given what she was, she didn't have to see someone to be aware of them, and thus noticed the stallion as soon as he noticed them, and the doubt that she had previously thought destroyed resurfaced, stronger than before. What is this? A stallion confused, who's feelings reach... Is this why Dax wasn't so enthusiastic? While Mystic knew of jealousy, her rather prestigious upbringing, combined with a good deal of humility, had led her to not experience it much before, but now... She didn't know exactly who or where this onlooker was, nor could she gauge Dax's reaction until they met, but she knew they were watching. She not so subtly pulled Dax closer to her, trying in her way to tell whoever was watching: This one's mine.