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  1. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Drago Ryder

    @Drago Ryder Siren simply nodded as she kept looking about the city. "Soo..." She looked back over at her host, "I'd hate to play the part of the foal in the back of the carriage but..." she smiled a bit sheepishly, "Is your house much further? These bags are starting to get a bit heavy."
  2. OOC Thread @@Drago Ryder Siren Song was used to receiving many letters in every mail run, being part of one of the most popular acapela groups in Equis had its perks. Though today she found herself on a break. The next tour wouldn't start for a while yet, and the group had just finished a recent tour up in Northern Equestria to end a long season of tours. Collectively the group had decided to take a break for a season, let each go their ways for a bit, stretch their metaphorical, and literal in some cases, wings and rest up for the next one. Thus when she found the flyer for the cultural exchange she discovered exactly what she could spend her break time on. And when the response to her application came so swiftly after she had sent it, it was sure in her mind that it was the perfect thing to do. She quickly set to work writing a letter of introduction as her acceptance said, to find out about one Maia, a griffon. Good evening Miss Maia My name is Siren Song and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am a 21 year old unicorn from, and currently residing in, Deltrot of Troy. I have an amber coat with a short silver mane and tail. My mark is a silver sharp eighth note, representing my talent in singing the especially high notes in my group. I don't know if you've heard of them, but I am one of the singers of HexComb. While they're decently known in Equestria, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't as well known among griffons. Speaking of which, I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting too many griffons in my travels, and I would be thrilled to make your acquaintance. I look forward to hearing about you and your home town, and I can't wait to show you around my own home. It's not biggest or most famous place on Equis, but there's no place I'd rather be! -Siren Song With the letter taken care of she ensured that it would go out on the next mail run to Equestria. She then went back to her life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Siren Song, a 21 year old Unicorn in the nation of Troy. It instructs you to watch for a letter from her and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Siren's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)
  3. @@Blitz Boom (OOC Thread) It had been a rather normal day for Null and Void, for once they were beginning to feel, something, in this town of theirs. Acceptance, maybe a sense of belonging? Whatever it was, they finally felt like they didn't need to be so on the run anymore. The two of them sat on a hill that overlooked the town at sunset, it was a truly tranquil moment. Void was peacefully asleep in the grass while Null was up, keeping watch, she thought to herself, an old habit from a time now further behind them. Null found herself doing something she had not done in a very long time, smiling. It wasn't a big one to be certain, in fact anyone who didn't know her would never even know she was smiling, but she knew it in her heart. It was at that very moment, the minuscule moment when she let her guard down, when it all went wrong. Though honestly one can't exactly prepare for a large portal opening in front of them. Less for what they saw on the other side. Through the portal was a room, so white it almost gleamed, though that was secondary to the all too familiar looking grey robed figures that dashed through it, and the pair of darts that struck the two of them. Void, having only barely been woken up by the portal quickly fell back asleep as the dart, a purely chemical rather than magical reaction, did it's job. Null did not fare much better as the Grey enforcers subdued her drugged form using her own weak points against her. Whoever had sent them clearly knew them well. She was only vaguely aware that some sort of harness was strapped around her midsection, a powerful humming, then darkness. ... A. Clave Bunsen scratched his small beard thoughtfully as he watched the enforcers drag his newest test subjects to the portal. He had heard of their rare abilities to nullify even the most powerful of magics, and knew the benefit it would bring to all of Equis if it could be replicated. The only problem was getting them to his lab. Which is where the portal came in, but bringing non magical creatures through a magical portal? That was what he was testing. The harnesses were designed as a counter, a shield specifically against anti-magic called the Re-Generator. And here was it's first test. Whether said field could contain the reversed field long enough to get them through? As the enforcers dragged the limp bodies, now much heavier due to the harnesses, the portal seemed to shimmer as the field came near, in the center it started to waver rather drastically, but it held long enough before finally snapping closed. Bunsen smiled as he looked down at the smoking harnesses around the two mares now in his lab. Sure it had bisected two of the enforcers and left another pair very deep in Equestrian territory, but he had his prize. Some time later... Null and Void wake up in another stark white room strapped down barrel up to exam tables with their legs, and wing in the case of Null spread out.
  4. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The mask on the guard made it impossible to tell by facial features, but she sounded concerned as she approached, one hoof on the massive hammer on her back. She spoke into a small box on her whither, something about 'got a live one', before turning her gaze back at Void, and approaching faster once Void collapsed. The creature that had been with her since Panic's room had disappeared, it seemed it had no desire to be seen, or potentially caught, just yet. The plague doctor was getting closer, though it stopped once the armored mare entered the room, itself right at the doors of another entrance. It titled its head to the side as it seemed to stare directly into the soul of the newcomer. The mare looked ready to swing the hammer if either of them made a move towards her, she spoke again into the box on her shoulder. "Double contact, a black coated mare, white mane, and a cloaked pony, pointy mask. Intel requested." The plague doctor reached out a hoof towards the mare, "The disease is strong in you, I am the cure." It started to move towards her. [Null] Pen seemed completely taken by surprise at Null's attack on her, the blow knocking the card from her grasp and sending her to the floor. Perhaps the pathetic state she was now in contributed to Null's lack of desire to hurt her further. When she spoke, it was in a very weak voice. "I... hardly... controlled you..." She lifted herself shakily from the floor, and moved to pick the card back up, "I... just... pushed you along. Helped you go faster, helped you turn quickly, guide you." She didn't even turn to look at her as she moved to swipe the card, "I've done so much to try and keep you and your sister safe... some thank you I get." The reader beeped, and the door slid open. Right on the other side was the other half of the late director Bunsen, despite the clear evidence that no one had come through here in some time, there was not a speck of dust to be seen, something that made Pen sigh in resignation. The room was like a large cylinder, and in the center, hanging from the ceiling, was a grotesque assortment of cables and panels that looked vaguely like a pony hanging upside down. what looked like the head had a single glowing light that turned to face them as the door opened. "Containment breach, CODEX main chamber, Containment breach, CODEX control room, Unauthorized access detected." The voice was metallic, yet ever so slightly feminine. Pen's head darted quickly to look up at a box on the wall, labelled control room, where they could see Panic inside. "Facility status: Compromised." The sound seemed to glitch, "Activa- Act--- a a a ." The sound glitched again. "Warheads locked."
  5. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom (Very sorry for the delay) [Void] The creature that had been with her seemed to agree with her that retreat was in their best interests, as it moved backwards at the same pace she did. As such they were essentially still in the T room where the ooze creature had disappeared into the floor. To the right of where they were still facing the masked creature, through a pair of still open doors, a pony came into view. They were dressed in a white robe, a staple of Troy, and covered in many armored plates like a member of the elite guard. They wore a full helmet, their neck covered with what seemed to be dragon scales, though it was obscured by the red scarf it wore. The pony looked alert, scanning back and forth with one hoof on the intimidating war hammer it carried on its back. It was clearly not a pegasus, but it could still be a unicorn. It caught sight of Void, and started moving cautiously towards her, calling out to her in the process. "Hey! You there! You're not one of the things they locked up here are you?" The voice was gruff, but feminine, most likely a mare. [Null] It wasn't long before she arrived at the same door Panic had ducked through, and where he luckily wasn't waiting in ambush. It was the same door they had found the halved Director Bunsen, who was in fact still there, though his front half had been shoved to the side, likely by Panic. It was there, at the closed door to Codex, that Pen started to peel herself off of Null, it was a very odd sensation, like peeling dried glue, it seemed to suck on each of the hairs of her coat as she was released from Pen's embrace. It only lasted about 10 seconds, and she had felt at least a few of the hairs of her coat pulled out in the process, but once Pen had removed herself, the coat where Pen had been had never looked cleaner, it almost glistened in the low light. Not that she was at all worried about that at the moment, in all likely hood she would never notice. When Pen recomposed herself she was about the size of a foal, maybe just a bit bigger, but only half as big as Null. She pulled out her card, which Null might have felt on her mark while she was running, and moved to open the door. Unless Null had something to say about it. (I think one new event it enough for now, the next post will have the other big event as we move into phase 3.)
  6. Hey guys!

    Sorry for the inactivity, but I've been absolutely swamped as of late. And I don't know when I'll be back, but I hope that soon!

    Don't worry, I'm not dead yet, despite the best efforts of this school.

  7. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] It seemed they were moving about the same pace as whatever was making the noise ahead of them, as it wasn't getting any louder or quieter. Until the sound of quite a bit of electricity, a grotesque scream, soon followed by the scent of overcooked flesh, came from the hallway ahead of them. The hoofsteps stopped, then apparently had turned around as the plague doctor came into view. It extended a hoof towards them, towards Void especially, "I sense the disease in you. Do not be afraid, I am the cure." It was now headed towards her. [Null] A very long, straight, hallway stood before them, with noting in between them and Panic, who was still running full tilt towards where She and Pen had found the halved Director Bunsen earlier. Pen did not respond to Nulls comments, as she didn't presently have a mouth nor ability to move air as she was, effectively, a pair of shorts at the moment. She had become entirely translucent, as had the bracelets, Null's coat even sticking through them. Were it not for her continued obligation of movement she might have forgotten Pen was even there. Nonetheless, she was sent charging down the hall at Panic, gaining on him just a bit before he ducked into a door to the right side near the end of the hallway.
  8. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The steps were slow, and wandering away, mostly. There were also at least one set of fast hoofsteps that sounded further down the hallway than the first ones. The creature started to move in the direction of the hoofsteps, deciding that some sort of life was the best bet on finding its way out of here. [Null] As Null ran past Pen, Pen was able to grab onto her like the torn pieces had, as first slightly hindering her movements as it more firmly latched on, but once Pen had a firm grip around Null's flanks she seemed to aid in Null's running, triggering her muscles even faster than before, counteracting any fatigue that had built up in the mare's system. It was almost like Pen was the one doing the running, and Null was just along for the ride. They dashed down a smoke filled hallway, which horribly stung Null's eyes, then Pen forced her to skid around the central pillar of the lock room, through a door that had been left open, before skidding them to make a sharp right turn. Down the hall they could see Panic, still moving at a decent clip.
  9. @@Blitz Boom Here's the OOC thread, you already know the premise. Null and Void have been abducted by a secret science organization, now they look to escape. Here's the RP Thread!
  10. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Drago Ryder

    @Drago Ryder (I was starting to think you'd never return! Don't worry, I've been busy too.) Siren seemed impressed by the question, and immediately grew a ponderous look. "That is a good question. Interesting places..." She shrugged before responding, "Well, over all I'd say the most interesting place I've been was Archback Mountain, that's where the Global Council meets as well as being a center point for the Children of the Moon, the Free Zebras, and a bit of the Fastar Thestrals. In Troy I think DelPhi is the most interesting, it's a sort of magical hub, especially for nature magics. In Equestria, well, I really liked Manehatten," She looked over at Maia, "But I'm sure at the end of this trip Vanhoover will beat it out by far!"
  11. Illiad Easle

    OOC OOC Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom So you're aware, given how Pen's species operates when they are torn apart each piece retains part of the memories of the former whole if sufficiently large. Thus the shreds that were big enough are still of Pen's type, though not big enough to do much yet. Null's anti-magic protects her from "the curse of the skinwalker" so her skin isn't going to fall off once this is over, but the shreds that now have her hoof encased will slowly grow as they eat her dead skin. Really they give her a better benefit than anyone else as when they leave she will be 100% exfoliated. Not that she'd recognize the benefit right now.
  12. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom (Making sure it's just Null and Void who are confused, Pen is the flight suit/scientist, Seen is the dark mist creature that lives inside her usually.) [Void] The creature seemed content to leave her behind as it took up the trail started by the goo, or in other words, it kept moving down the hallway whether Void would or not. (Assuming she works up the courage to follow) The creature stopped in the next room, a T room, where the goo started to head towards the left before stopping suddenly in a larger puddle. Indicating that the creature had descended into the floor. Through the open door on the left some shuffling could be heard, clearly hoof-steps. [Null] Pen wheezed weakly, like a punctured set of bagpipes, before her chest cavity reformed enough to articulate speech. Meanwhile, kicking at the shreds had quite the opposite effect than she had intended, as no sooner had she come into contact with them then they latched on to her foreleg like a number of bracelets. She could feel the fur of her leg being gripped like they were made of Velcro. Pen finally spoke, much fainter than before. "That was Panic. I could see it in its eyes."
  13. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] "Yet." The creature was staring right at her as they moved. "I and my kind take over the bodies of ponies to eat their dead skin, then when we're done and leave they become one of us. Just the skin though. The rest... Survives about as long as one can without skin." It seemed it either wasn't used to, or was disinclined to participate in, casual conversation. It seemed like Panic had left the doors open behind it, so it was easy to follow a trail of open doors back exactly the same way she had come from. It was a few hallways before she got to the room with the Tesla gate, only this time it had been disabled, the same goo she had seen many times at this point oozing from one side which also served as the starting point for a corroded and decayed trail in the floor leading onward as if in its own pursuit of Panic. [Null] The next room was a straight hallway with a pair of open elevator doors on the left wall through which the empty shaft was visible, a crashed car at the bottom. There was also a maintenance access which led to a storage area also visible from the open doors of the elevator. The next room was a Tesla gate hallway, Pen tried to kick Panic backwards into the active gate but Panic was too heavy for her to knock backwards. (assuming you navigate the gate correctly, she's done it before right?) The next room was a four way, thick smoke from some busted pipes obscured Pan and Panic when they entered, but Pen's cry of pain was clearly audible as Panic's heavy steps continued onward. Upon entering the room the smoke cleared just enough to reveal that Pen had been torn nearly in half, or rather there was half of Pen trying to drag herself onward in the direction the sounds of Panic were still coming from, and a small collection of various cloth items strewn about. Pen had started to reform as Null entered, but it was clearly a slow process.
  14. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The creature seemed to roll its eyes, "Fine, but I hardly qualify as innocent. Not by your standards at least. A fact of my existence." It shrugged as it looked to her, "Well, it would appear you know a bit more about this place than I do. If you would kindly lead the way?" It gestured forward with a limb. [Null] The closest thing Null could see was a sort of decaying pony that rad rough stitches on its barrel, it was shambling towards her with an outstretched hoof, but well far enough away that it couldn't have been what slapped her. Behind the zombie was the doctor from before, hoof outstretched in her direction as it made its way slowly towards her. Her instinctual attack actually fared quite well against the shambling pony, cleanly cutting off one forelimb before her ax struck bone in the second, leaving it stuck and too close to its mouth to really get it out without risk of getting bit by it. It was slower now without the limb, but continued towards her. At the same time as her outburst, pen and the robot started moving, or rather Pen tried to capitalize on Void's distraction and the robot was quick to follow her, The goo pony threw something, and it landed on the robot's back, but it didn't seem to noticeably slow it as it began to chase Pen down the hall to their right. Which left Void with both 49 and 106 converging on her. If she were willing to leave the ax behind, she could fairly easily make it to the door to run after Pen and the robot.
  15. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The moving sneak suit slowed, but did not stop as void called out to it, but it did stop when Void mentioned Pen and Seen. It turned to face her, while it's expression was difficult to decipher it was clear it was surprised and curious, yet very serious. "Others like me?" He shook his head, "No matter, I just want to leave. I've been here too long already." He turned to keep walking, they got to the containment area outside of Panic's containment before it paused again, "You wouldn't happen to know how to get out would you?" [Null] The goo covered creature kept approaching, and the shambling was getting closer too. Without looking it'd be impossible to tell how far off it was. But it seemed the robot was just daring them to look away. As if spurring her into action, she distinctly felt a hoof slap her flank, hard. At the same time she felt, in a sort of ethereal sense, that getting bit on the flank would hurt more.
  16. Illiad Easle

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis Mystic looked concerned at Vylia's response to the predictive drawing, but the slight smile came back to her face as it was clear she had done a rather impressive job of breaking Vylia's facade. She nodded politely at her praise, "Much appreciated." Mystic initially looked pensive at the task set before her, then nodded as her confident smile returned. If this ledger works like the Goldenrod books back home, then the only values rendering the whole book inaccurate would be at the front, namely the starting balances and values of the property and accounts, which could only be checked against the subtotals working backwards while not being initially obvious. Despite feeling she had the answer already, Trojan custom dictated taking at least most of the allotted time to present an answer, thus would have plenty of time to resolve any errors in her assumptions before potentially making a fool of herself. She nodded as she examined the cover closer, "It sounds like a task worthy of my skills, I will have your answer to you by the end of the week as you've requested." Her being the only one who can correct them further supports this as she'd be the only one to know what those values should be. Her smile grew as she nodded again, "Of course! I, like my predecessor, have no use for the predictions after I've made them." She seemed to notice then the image on the cover, "That symbol, the Vice Consul made that for you did he not? It bears the hallmarks of his later works."
  17. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] The new creature tilted its head in confusion, then it simply scraped the diamond out and off of Void's false leg. It spoke with a voice that rumbled like a sub-woofer, "If you want to die, stay. If you want to live, come." The creature then turned to walk out of the room. [Null] Running, hallway after hallway, running, until Pen stopped so suddenly that Null had no choice but to ram her from behind. Across the T shaped hallway from them was what appeared to be a robot pony, though its eyes glowed the face was utterly devoid of any expression. Slowly, and almost mirrored, Pen and the robot moved into a defensive stance, both started to inch slowly towards the door on their right, and the robot's left. That is, until a goo covered pony began making its way down the hall from behind the robot, the almost unseen smile wide on its face as a hoof reached out towards the robot. There was also some noise of something coming up behind Null, shambling hoofsteps like a zombie pony, and the faint voice "Don't be afraid, I am the cure." Both the robot and Pen seemed to notice the danger on the other side of the room, and seemed keen on stalling until the other got attacked by what was coming behind them.
  18. Illiad Easle

    Open Looking to RP with some people.

    @No Longer Here You still up for this? I'd be happy to give you a rundown.
  19. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] (She simply tugs too hard on my heartstrings) The only reason the diamond didn't shatter as she stepped on it was because it smooshed like dough when she did, though it seemed to like her as it stuck to her hoof till she came to a stop, where it dislodged itself to fall with a light tink to the floor, now glowing significantly less brightly. The window itself, though mostly intact from her impact, had gained a slight fracture, which the creature within reacted to, pointing a forehoof directly at it. Were Void in any state of mind to notice she would hear the faint sound of high pressure air passing through the crack. Slowly the fracture grew, bit by bit until it spiderwebbed across the full plane. Before suddenly shattering. Behind the glass stood a creature that looked almost not entirely unlike Pen had, just a bit more masculine, especially since it seemed to be made of a sneak suit rather than a wonderbolt's suit. It seemed to be breathing heavily as it looked around before focusing directly on Void. [Null] Pen simply nodded gravely before continuing her sprint, they passed a number of offices including Plate, Conegher, and one that had previously said Studs which had a plate hanging over it saying Easle. They then moved through another large security checkpoint, now moving back into the heavy containment area. If Null looked at the map she could see that a fast path existed by continuing forward, a certain wall that separated two hallways was noted to be damaged. But Pen was already turning to head in a longer direction to get to the Light Containment Area. [Both] "Mobile Task Force Scarves of Red has entered the facility, beginning sweep." "Warning" The feminine yet metallic voice "Unknown forces have entered the facility. Extreme caution advised."
  20. Illiad Easle

    OOC OOC Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom I actually thought about that after I posted. Panic is very fast, so if Void tried to attack him he would simply leap over her to get to the exit. The doors they came through are bigger than the other doors, so she can't exactly block the way. Panic is fully mechanical, no magic in his being. Silver was magical, driven by the gem that panic removed. It would be drained by Void, but easily recovered if magically charged. As a hint, having the gem would make a certain later encounter much easier for them. Further, if panic wasn't in the control room, what is?
  21. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Drago Ryder

    @Drago Ryder (I was beginning to worry) Siren looked confused, then seemed to realize something and smiled, chuckling melodically. "Sorry, I meant world tour more to mean a tour of the world, not like a concert tour. HexComb's not even popular enough to pull off a world tour, especially not in Cervidas." She mentioned the continent across Eternity's sea from Equestria with a bit of... frustration? Disappointment? something in between. She shook her head to clear out whatever was occupying her mind about it, "Anyway, other towns you say? I would guess you like this one the best of them all?"
  22. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] (Tell her I'm sorry.) The robot approached the object on the table slowly, much slower than when Void had asked her to open the doors. It seemed rather hesitant to obey. "Indeed, Silver was one of the best scientists this place had. She..." The voice cut out once the robot got close enough to be able to touch the object, which began to glow. A white rectangle appearing on the upper portion that was quickly replaced by a nightmarish figure. The robot tried to take a step back, but it's hooves didn't move. The robot was suddenly still, and remained that way until the object stopped glowing. Then it lifted a hoof, seeming to admire it before ever so gently folding the upper portion of the object down onto the lower portion, where it closed with a click. It's head turned slowly towards her, the face that had previously attempted to show emotion now locked in an uncanny expression devoid of emotion. The eyes had a different glow to them as they seemed to stare right into her soul. A shudder ran through the full body of the robot, then a hatch opened up in it's chest to reveal a glowing diamond held within, which it removed rather forcibly before tossing it aside. t bounced, unharmed across the room till it landed near Void's hooves. "And with that, your usefulness to me has ended." The robot spoke with Panic's voice as it moved for the exit. "I won't kill you, because 900 asked me not to. When you see him again, tell him I appreciate having been lent his puppet." The robot took off running with surprising speed into the facility. [Both] Another voice, feminine this time spoke over the speakers. "Facility PA system acquired, P-079 has breached containment. P-079 has combined with a previously Thaumiel object. Reclassifying as S-079, hostile intentions." [Null] Pen looked distraught, "Oh no." Her pace redoubled, practically flying down the hallways as fast as the doors would let her. They passed a conference room, a medical bay, another conference room across from an office assigned to a Dir. B, before running a blind corner through a series of smoke jets that would strongly irritate any organic creature's eyes. Finally Pen skid to a stop before bounding up some stairs to an office labelled Dr. C. Head of Research. Where she swiped her card, ran in, grabbed a red card, then ran back out to meet Null again. "He's out, and it won't be long before he takes this whole thing down. He's gonna go after Codex, then Omega. We have to get there first."
  23. Illiad Easle

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Blitz Boom [Void] Silver nodded, though it looked less sure. It went over near the picture and activated an unseen card reader, and the large security door opened to reveal a corner, and another security door to the right. "I know, overkill right? Not that I could even get out with the doors open." (Assuming she opens the next door as well, though not is perfectly valid and would result in more manipulation on the side of Panic until she does.) The next door opened to reveal what had been contained within, down another short but wide staircase was what the previous picture seemed to be of, though a bit different. It seemed to be a pair of black mage-stones, like an especially rich unicorn or magically inclined Minotaur would use to practice runes, attached on the long side like the covers of a book. It sat on a table, open, and facing them, though nothing happened. To the right was some sort of control room with frosted glass, likely one way, though which the silhouette of a pony could be seen standing and looking out, it moved a bit as they entered as if looking at them. "Finally. Alright, have Silver Tower approach the object on the table there, then we can both get moving." [Null] Pen could really get moving when she wanted to, though it seemed she wanted Null to keep up as she wasn't getting further away from her. They had gotten as far as the maze before Pen ground to a halt, having noticed the golem trying to navigate the laberinth below. It seemed to have noticed them too, as it had its face pointed right at them. "Shoot, we'll have to go around it." She kept her eyes, or eye holes, pointed at it as she moved onward to the next room rather than try to continue the way they had come the first time. The next room was a hallway with a pair of bathrooms, surprisingly the only bathrooms they had encountered up to this point.
  24. Illiad Easle

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Randimaxis

    @Randimaxis Illiad chuckled, "I honestly don't know most of the ponies, nor the changelings, I just know the ones that cross my path enough, this guy" he gestured to Mnty, "I run into him every time I head out to the telescope." Mnty smiled at the complement, showing off his fangs, "Yeah, these legs are more for strength than speed, the rest of my 'coon mates went for earth ponies, but I got just enough to be the only minotaur." he raised himself back up for emphasis, "In a way it is a sort of special ability for me." With another roll of fire he reverted to his minotaur disguise. "Now you two need a cart to get you out there right?" He made an odd series of gestures with his hand, and one of the carts started moving, leaving the line of others to move to the center of the road before lowering itself downward so that they could actually board it. Atop it were a pair of comfortable looking seats. Illiad lept up and simply laid himself prone on the platform rather than take a seat, "Thanks Mounty, I owe you one. At the concert." Mounty waited for Dax to board and get comfortable before making another series of gestures and tossing Illiad a box with a rune on it. "You know the drill, have a great time!" (You can add what you will) The cart started into motion very smoothly, the platform practically didn't shake at all as it moved towards the wall exit, the doors opening automatically as they approached, allowing them access to the dunes without. Outside the city there was a slight chill to the air, the moon high in the sky. The cart followed a path lit periodically by magical torches. In the far distance there was a dome perched atop a cylinder.
  25. OOC thread: FimFiction Story: @@Randimaxis (It's spoiler because private is not an option) Illiad Easle had lived in Deltrot for nearly three years and for the first time in his life he felt like he actually belonged in his community. He was sitting out on a sand dune a few hundred strides from the noise and light of town, giving him a great view of the stars above. As he began his trek back to town he came across a paper half buried in the sand. He retrieved it and began to read, a smile coming to his face. A cultural exchange? What a wonderful idea! He stowed the paper in the folds of his sand cloak and hurried back to town, eager to participate. A few days later he received the response that he had been accepted and been paired with an Earth pony named Dax Blackwater, who's permanent address is near the base of the crystal mountains, but current residence was a bit unclear, similar to his age which said 'Adolescent'. Illiad found the name of Dax to be odd, but then again, so was his. The response said to write a letter of introduction, so he pondered what exactly to say before he began to write. Good evening Mr Dax Blackwater, My name is Illiad Easle and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am an adult unicorn living in Deltrot, Troy. I have a khaki coat and a shortish brown mane and tail. My mark is a three cross ruler, quill, and paintbrush, symbolizing my talents in plotting, writing, and painting respectively. I mostly work as a designer of security measures such as watermarks and official seals. That sort of work doesn't come too often but frequent enough to pay my bills here. Occasionally I will be commissioned for a piece of abstract art or to design an inlay to furniture. Though I thoroughly enjoy writing short stories from time to time despite not being too good at it. I suppose I've talked enough about myself, how about you? I look forward to showing you around my new hometown and I can't wait to hear back from you. -Illiad Easle With writing the letter taken care of he took it to the local post office where his good friend Swift Message assured him it would go out on the next mail run to Equestria. He then went back to his life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Illiad Easle, an adult Unicorn in the southern nation of Troy, it instructs you to watch for a letter from him and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Illiad's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)