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  1. @Catpone Cerberus Spike nodded, "Words, right. Ditzy checked out a pair of books on that last week, hasn't returned them yet, and I suppose that's because she gave them to you?" He was of course referring to the books that Ætheron had given her earlier. Spike went over to one of the bookcases, "I guess then you'll need some more advanced books than those, maybe a basic dictionary to help learn less common words?" He was mostly talking to himself as he gathered a trio of larger books, bringing them back over to Ædriga in short order, "These should be good for you." One was a simp
  2. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade shook his head, "Sorry, I... it's just the first I've ever had. Is that something ponies do normally? Or is it just because we're dating?" He'd come over to her, "Sh- Should I kiss you now? Is that how it works? Or is it supposed to be a surprise like when you kissed me?" He had a nervous chuckle, "We, uh, we should get moving, probably take this back to the embassy and let them know? Then was there something else we needed to do today?" (Troy) (Sorry, I missed in the first post when you mentioned what they'd be eating) They took to
  3. @Califorum Disciple shook his head, "Nothing old here could be from zebras, they're not native to this continent. Though... neither are ponies. Maybe it's from whatever lived here before the ponies? It doesn't look like changeling architecture, maybe griffons? Some forest dwelling race?" He'd slow his movements when the presence was felt. "Something's here with us, be on your guard."
  4. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron chuckled at her comparison, "Very true, we'll get the books then." He led the way into the town proper, as before the ponies gave them a berth as they passed, but the ponies didn't seem afraid of either of them, a few of the younger ones even gave them some friendly waves as they passed. Eventually they arrived at a large tree with a door set in the side like Zecora's house, "Here's the library, it's magically treated so you can't burn it down with your fire." He knocked on the door and Spike, the small dragon they had seen earlier, opened the door, he
  5. @Califorum Despite the boasts of his imperviousness Disciple reflexively avoided the fire, "White, either very hot or magical in some way. Probably shouldn't touch those until we know which is true." Turning his attention to the glyphs on the wall he pondered, "Hmm, I don't know if these look familiar. I highly doubt I could translate them, but I don't think they're pony glyphs."
  6. Illiad Easle

    Private The Æther Project

    @Califorum Trixie would find herself in the same line as Shadow, Serene, Briar, Brittle, Gypsum, and Plein, though it remained to be seen if they would recognize her first or if she would interact with them of her own accord. @Courageous Thunder Dash The quartermaster nodded, "Come with me then, I'll let High Tower evaluate your skills." She would lead the way out into the hallways and up several stairways until they were on the upper decks where there was an areal training area that overlooked the leisure and entertainment areas towards the middle of the ship. They were
  7. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade looked relieved to hear that he was not at fault, and cast a look back at the restaurant, "That's good to hear, you'll have to tell me sometime about why you don-" Was as far as he got before Null took advantage of his turned face to get him on the cheek, stopping his train of thought and bringing a blush to his face, with a hoof he tenderly caressed the place that she had kissed him, "Wha- what was that? That felt... good?" (Troy) Peal would move to Void's back rather than her head as it gave her more room to sit, and better able to give
  8. @Catpone Cerberus Ditzy looked thoughtful for a bit, "Been a while since I cooked fish, but I could make something sufficiently aromatic that Dinky wouldn't mind it much." Ætheron nodded with a smile, "I'm sure you'll do fine, neither of us are very pick eaters in any case." With that he would turn towards the door, "What time should we come by? Ædriga wants to look at the local caves and library." Ditzy nodded, "I get out of here at 5, so at 6? When the sun is about a hoof above the horizon." Ætheron nodded, "We'll be there, then." Once they were outside the office Æt
  9. @Califorum Disciple kept his eye on Cali as she talked about her past, "Interesting... The names... they sound familiar, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. I think I lived in a place called America... but again I haven't a clue." He turned his attention back to the temple, "I'm surprised though. As powerful as you were, or are, that those powers didn't manage to turn you into a weapon for them to use, or duplicate the circumstances that gave you your powers for others that they could control. Still, I suppose that's neither here nor there. They can't get to you here."
  10. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade got a concerned look when Null trailed off, taking notice that her attention was drawn elsewhere, and being aware enough that turning to look himself would likely not help things. He just sat awkwardly until Null mentioned needing to go outside, "Oh, um" he looked at the food they hadn't eaten, "I'll catch up, see what they want us to do with this." Assuming Null left him to take care of it, he would come out a few moments later with the leftovers boxed up and sitting on his back. If she waited for him she'd see him go up to the counter and ask about it,
  11. @Califorum Disciple shrugged, "Maybe, though if it is some foggy memory from Earth I think that would be even more worrying." He looked over more directly at the question he was asked, "My Earth? I can't say too much unfortunately, I don't hardly remember it other than the fact that I didn't like it. I wasn't happy there, and Discord brought me here. I don't remember my name, my family. Maybe I never had one?" He shrugged, "I can't say I miss it, all things considered."
  12. Illiad Easle

    Private The Æther Project

    @Kujamih Dr. Coxa looked incredulous, "My Queen Chrysalis?" she snorted, "As much as I do respect my mother, I know as well as anyone that she was... misguided? Prideful is likely the word. She thought changelings should be the dominant race given our abilities, always looked down on ponies, earth ponies especially. So forgive me if I find it hard to believe she would even consider 'adopting' a pony. As a pet maybe, a love slave, but not so far to be considered one of us." She moved to another page, "Tell me more about this Throne you speak of. My mother's throne was nothing special
  13. @Califorum Disciple would float above the ground, thus avoiding any pressure plates and most tripwires, "Destroy the world? I'd much rather if you didn't. That sort of thing is on my short list of reasons why I don't like people. And I'd much rather not have a reason to kill you." He looked around the temple as they started exploring, "This looks familiar somehow, but I can't seem to put my finger on it."
  14. @Blitz Boom (NP) (She must really be smitten with him if she didn't notice the Grey mare who entered the place.) Arcade seemed content to join her in the somewhat awkward silence and simple eat his side of the pizza. He gave a cursory bite of some of Null's, but did not go any further than that. He would eventually get lost in some thought until Null spoke up, "Hmm? Oh, yeah! It's good, better than what I remember at least, and it seems pretty popular with the locals." He gestured around the place at the ever growing crowd of patrons. The Grey mare had gotten her order and
  15. @Califorum @Blitz Boom @Courageous Thunder Dash @Jack Baker @Windy Breeze @Kujamih I will post tomorrow evening regardless of if Jack Baker posts.
  16. @Catpone Cerberus Ditzy turned her attention to Ædriga soon enough, "You seemed to enjoy my muffins well enough, do you like that sort of thing to eat?" Ætheron also added, "She is more of a carnivore, I was thinking fish would be a good middle ground, though now that I think about it your daughter might not be able to appreciate it as much." Ditzy shrugged, "Maybe not, but I don't think she'd mind if I made some for you two, she'd get more of the muffins in exchange, which she'll think is more than fair." She turned her attention more directly to Ædriga, "Still, is there s
  17. @Califorum Disciple didn't chuckle for once, a more curious look coming to his face, "I can't say I have, though I've hardly been here long enough to see everything. This is part of why I like taking the slow way, you get to see all sorts of things along the way." With a snap he was at the base of the temple, calling back to Cali, "Well? We going to explore it or what?"
  18. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron looked over in surprise, "Sorry about that, but of course! In fact, it would give you a good opportunity to get to know Spike, he's a much younger dragon than you, and he runs the library, which is where they keep all the books. He'd be able to make some good recommendations." It wouldn't be long until they reached the edge of the forest, by the very same bush Ædriga had hid in the first time they had come here. Ætheron would head straight for the post office so they could drop off their packages, Ditzy once again was the pony at the desk. "Hey there! Any ch
  19. @Sherem (Midnight going on trips is nothing new to the citizens of Archback, while the Order might wish him well, the others will hardly notice his departure as he much prefers to move quietly.) Midnight shook his head, "I doubt that very much, I find very few things in this world to be dull, and the Empire is one of the very few nations I have yet to visit personally. I'm sure it will be an enlightening experience."
  20. @Califorum Disciple shrugged, "If there were such a thing as elements of disharmony, Discord would be the one to know them, perhaps he is them? He does look like an amalgamation of several other creatures. Maybe they were all merged into one being?" He chuckled at the thought, "As to where we're going, we're still headed towards the thestral village are we not? After that, there's certainly a number of other places we can go." (It's your turn on the random encounter in case you forgot.)
  21. @Blitz Boom (NP) Arcade blushed in response, but nodded, "I can't think of a single good reason why I wouldn't. Can you?" Around them the restaurant started to liven up a bit as others started to come in, mostly normal ponies and other creatures, and a single smaller mare garbed in the uniform of the Grey, though she had her hood down, the cut blindfold hanging loosely around her neck, the other patrons gave her the occasional glance, but otherwise paid her no mind outside of giving her a bit more distance. (Troy) Selena smiled and nodded in response to Void's u
  22. Illiad Easle

    Open Winter Roleplay

    @flurry @abrony-mouse @Califorum Vale nodded excitedly, she was confident that she'd be able to help her team win despite Suri's rather sizeable weight advantage on them. "Let's do it!" She'd help Fuchsia get their sled back up to the top of the hill.
  23. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron and Zecora looked over in surprise, Ætheron speaking, "Is it coming this way? Do you know if it will be here soon?" If she answered affirmatively they would sit to wait for the pony's arrival, Zecora bringing out some spicy soup for them to share if Ædriga was interested. If she answered negatively Ætheron would nod, turning to Zecora "We'll come back and let you know when they get into the area. Maybe you can find some of the components in the meantime?" And with that he would put his harness back on and turn towards town, "Let's get these packages dro
  24. @Califorum Disciple chuckled, "I saw that, that show you put on for Starburst. There was some nice buildup but a fairly anticlimactic ending. A good twist at the end, but anyway." He waved a hand dismissively, "It seems you've going down one of the same paths I sent the elements down. Get them to question what their element means, think themselves unworthy of bearing it, only for them to have a self discovery and find that they didn't understand their role in the first place. It sounds like you're between losing faith and self discovery, I wonder what sort you'll be when you come out the
  25. @Califorum Disciple cocked an eyebrow in surprise, "Hmm? I suppose I have a few problems of my own, the least of which being that I don't know my own name, nor remember much of my life before I came here. Beyond that, there's the everpresent boredom one has when they have vast amounts of ability but no strong purpose. I drift about looking for things to interest me, things I can put my considerable ability towards. Yet time and time again those things fade over time. I've yet to find a calling in this world other than a benevolent jokester who wanders the countryside."
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