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  1. @Blitz Boom Arcade blushed at her laugh, but shook it off, "Sorry, I'm used to being the strong one, the leader, waiting for the others to eat and then seeing if there's enough left for me. I get the feeling you know what that's like. But yes, I'd like to see what sort of food they have here." When it came to the menu Null was in luck, either the shopkeeper shared her preferences or the city didn't have much access to sugar or sweet items. Most of the items on the menu were standard bread products involving wheat and corn, as well as an extensive selection of sourdough products. Each type was available as a full loaf, mini loaf, bun, roll, stick, bite, flat, or tortilla, there was a small selection of sandwiches and wraps that could be made with the mentioned bread products, but it was evident she or the city lacked variety. They did however have a variety of butters, either the mare also churned her own butter, or she worked with one who did. Arcade was a bit confused as he read the menu, turning back to Null he shrugged, "Can't say I know any of these by name. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know what bread is, and I assume wheat, corn, and sour are types of bread, I just don't know how they relate to the bread we had in the facility." he laughed, "But that was some strange unending bread, so I doubt it would be a fair comparison." He walked up to the counter, and the mare approached as well, "I think I'll have a mini loaf of cornbread with honey butter, if that's alright?" The mare nodded, "Of course! Will you be paying with Debt or cash?" Arcade looked a bit confused, but pulled out some Trojan money, "Will this work?" The mare looked closely and nodded, "Not too many using sand dollars out here, but the bank will take it so I will. How's $3 sound?" Arcade shrugged, "Sure." The mare took some of the money and pushed the remainder back to Arcade before moving to one of the shelves to pull down a small wrapped package, then she opened a cooler type box where she pulled out a small package of what was presumably the butter. She gave the pair to Arcade and pointed over to the seating area, "Feel free to take a seat to eat," She looked over at Null, then back at Arcade, "Anything for your little friend there? Or will you two be sharing?" (Troy) Vale looked contemplative, "TrUST might have studied them at one point, I think I remember reading something about them. It seems like they were nice enough to the two of you compared to what the reports said." The forepony looked thoughtful, "Well, we had originally planned to have them use the central kitchen, or better said their cook would use the building kitchen, but I think having a small kitchen installed wouldn't be too hard. In fact, I think the hookups run through that wall there, so it'd just be a matter of connecting to them to put in a stove and sink..." he nodded and turned back to Void, "I think we can arrange that, it likely won't be finished by the time they arrive, but it shouldn't take longer than a day to get it all working and safe. Plus, if they're independent enough it'd save some effort on the cook's part for them to have their own kitchen." He waved over one of the workers who was putting away tools and pointed out one of the corners of the room, the one closest to the door and opposite the window, where the worker than went with a hammer to lightly tap the walls with his ear pressed to it. After a few taps he started marking the wall with a pencil, tracing a line of some sort. Vale and Pen returned from setting down and organizing what they had brought, there was now a sort of dedicated corner of things with a decent degree of compartmentalization, They nodded to Void, "We're going to head home now, we'll see you tomorrow, we should have a bit of time before they arrive for any final arrangements. Good luck on your mosaic!"
  2. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron was fine setting up the camp by himself, he'd done it plenty of times before. Besides, he was content to let Ædriga enjoy the view of the city as long as she liked. Once the camp was set up and the small fire started he went to join her, sitting as close as she would allow up to about a foot away, "That is Fillydelphia" he pointed to the city, "Many ponies live there, some griffons too." He couldn't remember if he had shown her a griffon yet, so he took a patch of the dirt to draw one with a pony to emphasize the difference between the races. Then he drew a pony with bat wings before pausing, then he drew a pony of each type, he'd point to each drawing, "That's a unicorn, that's a pegasus, that's an earth pony, that's a bat pony or thestral, and that is an alicorn." In another group he drew some of the other creatures he'd encountered, "This is a rock dog, a changeling, a deer, a griffon." He gestured to the pony group, "Those are all ponies," he gestured to the second group, "These are not ponies." he then drew a third group with the animals they had seen like a bird, a rabbit, and a manticore, "And these are animals." He circled the first two groups, "These are friends", he circled the animal group, "These are food." He pointed to the city, "Friends" he pointed to the forest, "Food." He'd then check if Ædriga understood what he was saying.
  3. @Blitz Boom [Las Pegas] Arcade looked startled from his thoughts when he realized Null's attention was on him, "Oh? Sorry, it's just all so different from what Gemini told me... I mean there are some similarities to be sure, I guess I just imagined life outside the facility would be different." He took a more careful look around their surroundings, "I think it's a good sign that there are some foals playing out here, indicates that it's safe enough to walk around at least." he pointed to the changelings, "Looks like one of the changelings from before, or at least they share coloration, which was important to the changelings in the facility. Same colored ones were like families." He then motioned over to the shopkeeper, "I suppose a vendor would know best of anyone what sort the area is, you want to talk to him? Although, if my nose isn't smelling wrong, I think I smell some food up the street a bit. Mayhaps we should try some, see if its safe for the ambassadors to eat?" The somewhat audible rumble from Arcade dismissed most of the notion that the offer was fully altruistic. (If you go the the shopkeep you described it's up to you how willing he is to share news) (If they go to the food) Arcade's nose would lead them to a bakery type building, simple setup it seemed oriented to selling bread and bread products to households and businesses primarily, with a small sort of cafe to one side where their products could be bought more individually portioned. An earth pony mare, speckled both by her coat and with flour and dough, turned towards them when they entered and gave a somewhat tired smile, "Lemme know if you need something." She motioned with her head to the counter, where there was a listing of their products and a bell, before returning to her work kneading out a lump of dough. [Troy] Both Pen and Vale looked interested in that, Pen spoke up, "A Seer? Oooh! What kind? Was it a zebra shaman type? Or was it a deer sage? Some spiritual medium?" Vale nodded, "It may not be the best, but improvements can be made later. Speaking of which..." She quickly moved out of the way with Pen in tow as a pair of workers started to bring in furniture, as they worked it was clear that the beds they were erecting were modular, such that they could be adjusted in size and shape with relative ease or even, as Void might notice, be combined into one large bed. They brought in some simple containers as well, one of which Vale immediately took to serve as a holder for the books she had collected from the market. Another of the workers, he looked like a sort of forepony, came up to Void, "Looks like we're about done with what Selena asked us to set up. She said to ask you if there was something structural we should add before we move out all our equipment. Any large furniture we should bring in?"
  4. @Sherem (We could, I don't think I have any conflicting canon. We could also say that this exchange helps set in motion more zebra exposure to Equestria, others that move in.) The thestral mare was taken aback by Celestia's question, but acquiesced, "I suppose that's a fair question. While the Fastar Clan does not purport speak for any other clan in such matters, and each clan has suffered differently, we can share the story of the Whitetail clan, which officially disbanded about two hundred years ago. They were a truly ancient clan, it is for them that the Whitetail woods were named, at their peak they had cities throughout the forest and received most of their wealth from their prominent positions in the lunar guard. When Princess Luna was banished, and the guard disbanded, their treaties were broken and their land was no longer officially considered theirs, but public territory of the crown. Having lost most of their income the clan turned to selling foresting rights to a prospective lumber and parchment company known today as Whitetail Wood & Paper, which is also the sole supplier of lumber and parchment to Canterlot and the Royal Archives. Over the years this company bought up more and more of the forestry rights, first from the clan, then straight from the crown when the clan wasn't offering as cheap rates. Eventually the clan was forced into only one small village, most of their members abandoning the clan due to overcrowding and lack of resources. Being bordered on all sides they could only sell their goods to the company, which would pay the bare minimum before turning the products around on the equestrian market for 5 to 10 times their value. Further, the clan could only buy from the company or be forced to travel miles to the next nearest settlement and pay 'fees' in order to ensure the safe arrival. Often even with these fees paid the company would steal the supplies." The mare turned her tired gaze back to Celestia, "Eventually the hive dwindled to only five members, being the chieftain's immediate family, when the owner of the company finally saw fit to have them removed. The solar guard personally and forcibly drove them out for 'trespassing'. Driven into the Everfree forest, only one survived: Starlight, the one adopted by Fastar, whose lineage directs the Fastar clan to this day." She sighed, "We were reduced to a single pony, who lost her whole heritage. Other clans were not so lucky." (Outside) Wind sniveled and shook his head, wiping away a small tear, "No... I better not... I should have known better than to bother an Archback Knight with trivial questions. I'll get out of your way Sir. Don't want to cause any trouble Sir." He'd fly off quickly, but respectfully.
  5. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron thought for a moment but shrugged before waving off the question in an attempt to convey it wasn't important. Looks like that's beyond her for now, maybe after the next language lesson. He'd wait a bit longer in the stream before turning to continue their journey, "You need to learn more words before we can do that, I don't know how else to ask if you have a question." For emphasis he'd pull out the language books when he said 'learn more words' to try and correlate the word learn with the books. If their travel wasn't hindered they'd continue until nightfall before setting up camp as before, this time in a cave with a vantage from which they could see the city in the distance over the tree canopy.
  6. @Sherem (Council) (I was surprised to discover that Zecora is in fact the only zebra mentioned in the show, I'd have thought that they'd have introduced more over the show's life. Nonetheless I think it highly unlikely that she's literally the only one in all of Equestria) The elder zebra simply nodded, "Perhaps, perhaps not. Do not misunderstand however, our presence here does not indicate any sort of allegiance. Archback may host this council, but they in no way rule it. We owe our allegiance to none but our own, and all those gathered here have agreed to the protection of our customs within their lands." Nightshade sought to regain control of the council, "We're straying from the focus of this meeting, your personal issues with the Princess can be settled in their own hearing or in private Elder Shaka." He turned to Celestia, "With the exception of Necromancy you state you are in agreement to the protection of cultural norms of all zebra living within your borders, current and future, correct? Do you also agree to their other reparations, namely: That Equestria contribute to the reconstruction and rediscovery of lost and destroyed cities in Zebrica?" [If Celestia dissents we'll address that before moving on] [If she assents] Nightshade would nod, "Let's move on then, Cervidas..." A reindeer stood, "Would like to withdraw their complaints against Equestria." A deer stood furious from across the room, "Those aren't yours to withdraw!" Nightshade's gavel silenced the outburst, "All complaints belong to the nation that submitted them, and unfortunately Cervidas was the only nation when the complaints were submitted. Due to the unique circumstances we will allow you to resubmit them at the end of the meeting." Both the deer and reindeer sat, the latter much more smug than the first. Nightshade continued, "Following then, the Thestral Clan Fastar." A Thestral stood at their desk, "Our grievance is simple, in the centuries following the banishment of Princess Luna our kind have been vilified and attacked. Stripped of their place in the guard and forced out of many Equestrian cities. Furthermore, once independant tribes were weakened by predatory Equestrian businesses, unable to trade with others due to their locations surrounded on all sides by Equestria, they have been diluted or even fully dissolved into Bat Ponies who can hardly be called true thestrals." She looked over at Celestia with a sad tired expression, "We recognize that with the return of Princess Luna many bat ponies and thestrals are returning to their ancestral posts. We understand that the dissolved tribes cannot be restored, nor do we ask Equestria to. Our only request is that the remaining pure tribes be granted protection against such predatory practices and that they be granted free travel through Equestrian territory so that they need not be cut off from their fellow tribes." The thestral mare sat down. (Outside) Wind looked a bit chastised by Sherem's rebuke, "Oh, yeah... sorry." He looked like he wanted to say more, but his embarrassment won out as he took to the air, "I'll uh, leave you be then. Won't bother you anymore." before flying slowly up the now snow capped mountain.
  7. @Blitz Boom The stallion had a bit of a smirk as he backed away, "Fiery one ain'tcha? Just wanted to warn you, not everyone here is so kind as I am. Some here don't even fear the Grey enforcers." He turned away, his buddies following up behind as he turned down an alley after casting one last smug glance back that indicated she hadn't seen the last of him just yet. Arcade would gesture in the opposite direction, "I think we should just tell the ambassadors to avoid this area entirely. Should we look into some of the more reputable places back the way we came? Or should we head inward? It looks nicer towards the center." If they went back the way they came they'd see the same housing areas and repurposed hotels that they had passed before, but with more ponies on the street as the locals had apparently become more used to their appearance. Some places that had previously looked abandoned now looked like they were somewhat operable, a few makeshift signs indicating vendors of various types, mostly small time obscure food or service vendors that Null might recognize from far corners of the continent. If they went towards the center the quality would rise at a much quicker rate, the shops being more obviously in operation and further more equestrian in style than those on the outer roads. (Troy) Vale nodded, a bit of sadness on her own expression, "Indeed, still... these foals will have nicer things than I had in my fawnhood, even before..." she gestured to herself, "...all of this, it was a pretty simple life for me. I had my family, and that was enough. But these foals don't have that, so we'll give them everything else in as much abundance as we can muster." She had a bit of a determined look on her face, "I think the workers will have made some good progress, if there's anything Trojans are known for its quick quality work, especially when it comes to construction." They wouldn't have much trouble getting everything back to the building, though a few of the young fillies and colts playing in the streets may have convinced Void to part with some of the toys she carried with their eyes. If not her than Pen would give at least one thing away to an especially cute looking filly. Back at the room the workers had nearly finished with the walls, the clinical feel now almost wholly replaced by a softer warmth that seemed common throughout Troy. A few of the curtains were hung up, a rough tan cloth that closely resembled the walls themselves, but breathable enough that a soft breeze could pass through without much hindrance.
  8. @Sherem (Council) Celestia was not doing herself many favors with the zebra delegates, who seemed more agitated by her words. Two of them stood to speak, but after a shared look the oldest looking one remained standing while the others sat, this one was representing Zebrica itself, the zebra homeland. "You claim to understand and respect the great cycle, claim to understand our customs and practices. However, you yourself stand as evidence of the contrary! An immortal ageless being, unchanged by the thousands of years you've lived. You stand apart from the cycle yet claim to know it. Furthermore..." he pulled out documents of his own, "While you may not have personally attempted to recover the escaped slaves, you did nothing to stop said houses from recovering their slaves, nor did you prevent their continued efforts to enslave others. Need we remind you? Those houses are only extinct because our great liberator saw to their executions personally. You are right when you say you cannot decree what is practiced in other nations, we did not ask your permission, we require that you allow our practices to be practiced by those zebra who remain in Equestria." The elder stallion stared hard at Celestia, "Nonetheless, we can stand on higher ground. We will respect your ways and ask that our shamans not practice necromancy within your borders, provided all our other demands are met." That said, the stallion sat, all eyes were on Celestia again. There were many conflicted by their comments on the cycle of life and Celestia's own apparent agelessness. (Outside) Wind nodded with a bit of a smile, "A pegasus like me? Wow! Does that mean I could become an alicorn myself someday?" He sighed, "No, that's just silly. I could never be so important. I guess everyone sees the princesses as so unapproachable, so apart from the rest of us, that many see them more as figures or ideas rather than actual real ponies. I mean, I never really thought of Princess Luna as a pony like me, I guess I always saw her as a tragic hero, the lost mother driven to grief by her sister's actions." He shook himself from his wonderings, "Sorry, I tend to ramble some times. Mom tells me that's why I don't have many friends, because I talk too much about things I don't understand."
  9. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron seemed to pick up an her curiosity, while he didn't comment on it while they were travelling, him looking to collect a few more small game animals to feed to Ædriga later, he would eventually have them stop at a calm stream to rest and drink some water before continuing onward. He stood in the midst of the stream so the cool water could flow past his legs, he would look over at Ædriga, "You have question? Want to know something?"
  10. @Randimaxis Filigree pursed his lips in thought as he listened to Redd's story, nodding when he finished. "Indeed? That does seem to fall in line with some ideas I had, the fact that he continues to even be considered at auditions indicates that he has strong connections, and I've seen more than a few indications that the directors of this particular rendition have been influenced in their decisions. Some more pleasantly than others." Filigree took a more appraising eye as he looked over Redd, "You have some true passion, a fire within. You say you have acting in your blood... do you have much experience? Given what Raven heard from you I wouldn't be too surprised if you could recite an entire scene of Stalliongrad from memory... Your coat isn't all that different from a typical color for Rasputin, the mane would need adjusting but that's a simple enough dye job." He seemed lost in thought for a moment before nodding. "Yes I think that would work out well. So, you say you have little to lose, am I to believe that that means you'd do most anything to ensure this play succeeds?"
  11. @Randimaxis It was hardly the response Impundulu had expected, nor could it honestly say it desired to anger the mare. However, it could not argue with the results. In her anger or haste to leave the influence of the gem, Taps had forgotten a singular crucial step: The gem was not returned to its place. The enchanted bell was not replaced. Impundulu was free. It supposed Taps had a point, perhaps it was mostly Stockcolt Syndrome that made her seem like a good candidate. The only way to determine if that was the truth however, would be to go out and evaluate other potential candidates. While Impundulu might not be the most intelligent being, it did gain something from its centuries in space and the years patiently waiting in Taps' care. Every time she had used the full gem it had glimpsed into her mind, over the years it had planned for it's chance to escape, and had only recently given up when Taps had proven quite infallible at putting the gem back in its place. But now it was free and alone, and it knew Taps whole procedure to leave the Closet. Once it was sure the coast was clear, Impundulu would set its plan in motion. Water began to seep out of the gem, eventually taking the form of a small bird, the sapphire becoming its head as it climbed out of the bowl it had been left in before taking flight, following Taps' exact path to the stairwell, watery limbs replicating her important motions such that, should nothing unexpected occur or something be out of place in the routine, it would quickly enter the postal office, and soon after the Quarry itself.
  12. @Randimaxis Filigree had a bit of an intrigued expression as Redd spoke, and nodded once he had finished his explanations. "Of course, given what we're up against you want to be sure not to advantage them any further than you must. But if it eases your mind any, the opposition has no use for you alive. So far as we've gathered they want you as far removed as possible so you cannot stop their plans. We however would like to do everything possible to ensure you can see your sister succeed. But if you need more assurance that we don't wish you harmed... we could just as easily put the knife on your horn instead of in your bag." He leaned back to watch Redd, "Now, are you satisfied? Otherwise, how might I prove that our interests are in fact in line?"
  13. @Sherem (Council) While her plea for forgiveness surprised many of the delegates in a good way, her words did not resonate quite as well with the zebra in the room. Zulu for one was almost shaking with rage, "A Ne... Neci...." She closed her eyes and took a furious deep breath, "A Necessary Evil? A Necessary Evil?" She stood with her forehooves on the desk so she could stand higher than the bowing alicorn, "May the earth deny you rest." Such a statement drew some shocked gasps from the nearby zebra who heard, Zulu stared down at Celestia for a moment longer before abruptly turning away, leaving the room at a brisk yet dignified response. The room was silent for a few moments after the door closed behind her, then the zebra who shared her desk stood to speak, "We apologize for the outburst of our associate. She did not speak for all of us in her words. The united herds and tribes of Zebrica will only forgive when proper restitution has been made according to the reasonable requests that representative Zulu stated." (Outside) Wind looked surprised, "What? Are you saying that Celestia and Luna weren't always alicorns? What were they then, before they were alicorns?" He shook his head with a bit of a sheepish expression, "Sorry, I shouldn't burden you with so many questions about others. I understand if you don't want to share too much, I mean you hardly know me, but... could I ask what you were before? It's just so strange to think about how they, and you, were once normal ponies like me."
  14. @Lazy Ferret Blu looked unsure, focusing his gaze more on his shake than Mint, but shrugged, "I suppose it couldn't hurt. Though honestly I'm a bit surprised that you know Dinky and Ditzy, while I was aware Ditzy used to live in Canterlot I was fairly sure Dinky had lived most if not all her life in Ponyville." He looked back up at Mint, "But I suppose that's besides the point, I guess I'd be happy to talk about myself if there's something you'd like to know, I'm not much of a conversationalist but I'll do my best."
  15. @Blitz Boom (Pegas) To its credit, the town inside the wall was in pretty decent shape all things considered, none of the buildings which looked inhabited showed too much in the way of disrepair. The inhabitants on the other hoof... the further they got from the embassy, and by extention the closer they got to the waterfront, the slummier the ponies and others started to look, it was clear to Null that the underbelly that had always existed in large cities had unfortunately survived the end of the world. Arcade grew more and more uncomfortable the further they went, standing closer and closer to Null. Eventually they were stopped by a large muscular pegasus with a crooked smile, he addressed Null, "Hey there little filly, whatever you're paying that stud for protection, it's too much. Horn like that he'd hardly be able to protect you from a flea much less a rough group of stallions." He motioned with his eyebrows to some hoodlums lurking on the side of the street, "So, wadaya say you tell the poser to buzz off, and pay me whatchuwaz payin him, and I'll ensure you stay plenty safe around here." (Troy) Luckily or sadly enough, some of the more abandoned and recovered items were small trinkets like foals toys and books, as such things were ultimately the easiest to leave behind in an evacuation. Further, their plentitude meant it would be easy to find them cheaply and in good variety. Void was also able to find the powder she needed without much difficulty. If anything the most difficult part of the trip would be carrying back everything they had found, but even so between the three of them it shouldn't be too difficult. Pen and Vale had sypathetic expressions, and listened intently to Void's plight, but didn't have any comments on it.
  16. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron's happiness grew, he hoped that this would be the start of something. Nonetheless, they would need to get moving if they were going to get to Fillydelphia on time. "Good, we should go now Ædriga." He would finish strapping on his pack and putting out their fire before starting back on the faint trail though the woods. He would ensure that Ædriga was following before moving too far ahead.
  17. @Randimaxis The door closed behind them as they entered a private room, it looked like a dressing room given the mirrors and articles scattered about. Once the door was shut the thin stallion bathed the room in his magic before slightly relaxing his posture and turning to Redd, "I apologize for the theatrics, one can't be too careful." He extended a hoof to Redd, "Filigree Silverhoof, at your service. Raven tells me you have some information on the upcoming play, I had my suspicions on the actor and his entourage before, this further implicates that he has more, nefarious, purposes for the play. Would you care to tell me what you know?"
  18. @Randimaxis Impundulu was satisfied with Taps' progress for the day, the more she was made to think about it, the more the idea appealed to her. The bird reappeared in the view, it's expression was ever so slightly coy. I think you know why. But if you think you're incapable... you could always suggest someone else? The bird faded back into the storm, it was much calmer than when she had started interacting with it, it looked almost dormant.
  19. @Lazy Ferret Blu also thanked the waitress as she delivered their orders, he'd inspect his float more for appearance than any sort of suspicion. He'd wait until Mint started eating to start enjoying his order. "I suppose I appreciate the privacy, but honestly I'm surprised you already consider me a good friend, I mean you hardly know anything about me, and I suppose I hardly know anything about you either."
  20. @Lazy Ferret Blu was especially surprised when she reached out to touch him, staring down at his hoof with a look to match his emotions. He looked conflicted about what he should do as he rubbed the back of his neck with one of the gloves in his magic before looking back over at Mint with a blush, "Sorry, it's just that I don't use my hooves for much, not like most ponies do at least so I don't always parse then the same." He held up the gloves for emphasis, "I mostly use these for most things normal ponies use their hooves for, I never learned any other way." He chuckled, "Honestly I'm surprised you haven't asked about them yet, most everyone else asks about them first." He'd put the gloves down and look away, but he wouldn't pull his hoof away from her grasp.
  21. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron was happy that she, now Ædriga, seemed accepting of her name. He had been worried that she wouldn't like it, or wouldn't be able to say it. He had been conflicted about giving her his herd's sigil, the Æ, as he didn't know if his herd would approve the adoption of a dragon. In the end he decided that, since he was the only member of his herd he had seen in several years, he may as well be the herd leader in this land. Eventually he would tell Ædriga the significance of her name, but that could wait until she knew more words. He smiled at her pronunciation, only correcting her pronunciation of Æ (Sounds like eye), she was free to determine the pronunciation of the rest, it was her name after all. He'd ask her another question, "You like name Ædriga?"
  22. @Blitz Boom (New Pegas) Arcade couldn't help but notice Null's angry fascination with the tower at the center of town, but didn't comment on it just yet. Instead he simply followed dutifully behind her, keeping an eye out for any unscrupulous characters watching them as they went. As they walked down the street they'd find that the town, similar to Troy, was arranged in a curved manner, while Troy was a circle around the oasis Pegas was a semicircle whose flat end bordered on the waterfront, each street eventually ending in a pier where the occasional small boat was docked. These semicircle streets were connected by the occasional perpendicular street, one or two of which extended all the way to the central plaza where the large tower stood. The signs indicated that they were on fifth street, which presumably meant they were five streets away from the center. It seemed this arc was mostly residential with the occasional small scale hotel, convenience store, and diner interspersed among the apartment blocks. The streets were not crowded, and those that were out didn't pay the two much mind. As they were walking, Arcade would eventually ask, "So, this non-friend of yours, do they know you're looking for them?" (Troy) Pen and Vale nodded at Void's request, though they looked a bit worried, "Sure, I suppose it would be easier that way, lets head to the market then and see what we can find." Vale would start leading the way with Pen following up behind, once they were out of the building Vale and Pen would move more to walk on either side of Void. Vale would speak up, "We heard that the Consul had sent her on an envoy to Las Pegasus, I didn't realize how hard that must be for you." She gestured towards Pen, "I haven't been with Pen and Sean long, but I know I'd be pretty upturned if I had to be on my own." Pen would join in, "If you need anyone to talk to, I know we aren't the most typical of sorts, but we'd be happy to listen." They'd give Void the chance to speak as they continued walking to the market at the center of the oasis. It, like the rest of the town, was less packed than when the sisters had first arrived, but it was still full of a variety of wares, even some who were selling items found out on the wastes, things that had been lost over the course of the war and evacuation afterwards, while others focused more on wares they had made themselves.
  23. @Catpone Cerberus Ætheron nodded, indicating that she was correct in her understanding, He was a bit sad at his new understanding that where the dragoness was from they didn't have names, it indicated they weren't very social nor communicative, a far cry from the noble centaur herds where everyone had a unique name and title, they were social creatures after all. He was surprised and a bit honored by the dragoness' invitation to name her, among his kind a name was of high importance. He hesitantly nodded, "I give you name..." he thought for a moment, what name could he give to inspire such a marvelous creature? After some thought he settled on one: "Ædriga?"
  24. @Lazy Ferret Blu was a bit surprised by the offer, "You want to go to a bar, with me?" he returned to his seat, "I mean, I'm flattered of course and I'd love to join you, I'm just surprised. No pony's ever invited me out like that before."
  25. @Blitz Boom (Pegas) A bit of a smile came to Arcade's face as he got up off the bed to join her at the door, "Sure! Least I could do is help you find whoever you're looking for, though I understand if it's something personal. Given how you looked when you said 'someone' it's obviously not a long lost friend." None of the staff would impede their exit to the embassy, those who noticed their departure would wave as they set out. When they got to the door though the guard stationed outside leaned in towards Null, "The password is 'Cantershot' when you get back." he leaned back to his alert pose, "Just in case any changelings pretend to be you to get in to the embassy." With that they were outside, free to explore the city at their leisure. They could see the mostly intact towers in the center of town from here, including The Stacked Deck which was the only one that extended up to the cloud layer of the city, and the one that the Consul indicated as the most likely hiding place of Grey Mane. The streets were sparse of creatures at the moment, a few turned their attention towards them as they exited the embassy, but they didn't stop their walking. (Troy) The room was a tall rectangle extending out from the door they had entered from, the far wall had a window but it was being included in the bathroom by the new walls the workers were putting up, while the beds would be optionally divided by curtains, it seemed a good idea to more permanently wall off the bathroom from the rest of the room, as well as upgrade the facilities from a basic toilet and washbasin to have a full bath/shower as well. The wall on the left had a pair of windows that looked out on the street in front of the building, rather than fill the full length of the wall she could use the curtain rails as a guide to build her mosaic on just a section of the wall. Pen nodded at Void's question, "Supplies to build the mosaic with shouldn't be hard, plus segmenting it sounds like a great idea considering how little time we have. You'll be able to get a section or two up before they arrive, then if they like it you can extend it later, maybe even with their help?" Vale nodded there with a smile, "Oh yes! Definitely! One of the things I missed most while I was cooped up in the facility was the ability to roam open spaces. They may have lived their whole lives there, but I know ponies have an innate desire to roam as well. But I think you have the right idea in taking it slow as well, bringing the outside to them before bringing them to the outside." Vale held out a hoof, "If you like, Pen and I could go to the market while you get started on your mosaic?"