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  1. I came here to wish you a Merry Birthiversary, and it's tragic that you're no longer a part of this world, so that we could celebrate the day you came into it. 

    I hope that wherever you maybe, you found peace. May your legacy live on. 

  2. Rest in peace John, I miss you.

    In case anyone looks in on this profile in the future:


    1. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      Every time I see something like this, I never succeed in keeping my emotions under wraps. Coincidentally, I was writing something in the Life Advice threads about the consequences of this kind of outcome. It was all dedicated to every single soul who's dealt with such pain.

    2. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️

      Hugs you-all! <4

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Until someone says otherwise, I'm declaring myself the record holder for most horse words read.



    1. Dabmanz


      Otherwise :P I said it but it looks like you are still the record holder saying otherwise did nothing :P

    2. Twiggy


      For a recognizable reference, that would be 69.325 Bibles. That's a lot of hoers m8.

  5. Well, saw the movie on Friday. The voice acting, music, and animation were all pretty solid. The beginning felt pretty rushed, but they wanted to focus on the adventure part of the movie, so that's forgivable. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "The Last Airbender", and 10 being "Citizen Cane" I'd give this movie a solid 6.5, it's not amazing, but its certainly above average. I went in with low expectations because of the way the show has been headed, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had a lot of the original writers. That was my full review.

    Here's my shitpost review: 10/10 no Glim Glam.

  6. Granted, but it turns out she's a dominatrix/sadist in the sack. I wish I had an irl waifu.
  7. Well, the most recent episode was pretty dark. A flower that kills you and tree grows from your corpse, and you can infect others before you die. Does that mean the tree the flower came from used to be a pony? Where did the first tree come from?

    1. Bricks_Ahoy


      There will be a FanFiction for its origin sooner or later. 

  8. You know what to write, but its in kaiku form. I wish I could shapeshift.
  9. I've stayed engaged by reading fanfiction, that's the main reason I've stuck around this long. I almost never catch a new episode the day it comes out, I normally watch it the next day after work, or sometimes not until the next weekend. Another thing that keeps me interested is poni videos, I watch and rewatch old and new videos every day, from Ponies the Anthology to Spitfire's Day Off. I highly recommend reading fanfiction and watching videos as a way to stay interested.
  10. I agree completely that players should be allowed to use which ever update works best for them. After looking into your laptop, the hardware seems like it should have no problems running Minecraft at any update as long as the graphics aren't maxed out and you don't use too many mods. The Celeron might be a bottle neck, but with how undemanding Minecraft is it should be causing problems. My only guess is it might be a problem with Windows. Sorry I can't be more help.
  11. I'm more hyp than I was for the 2016 Winter 4chan Cup, let's hope it isn't a huge disappointment like that was. >Relegated
  12. You guys know how people put socks on their plushies, right? What if we made big socks to put on dakimakuras? I'll call it the dak-sock.

  13. The USS Sparity is taking on water, prepare to launch USS SpikexEmber.