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  1. I agree completely that players should be allowed to use which ever update works best for them. After looking into your laptop, the hardware seems like it should have no problems running Minecraft at any update as long as the graphics aren't maxed out and you don't use too many mods. The Celeron might be a bottle neck, but with how undemanding Minecraft is it should be causing problems. My only guess is it might be a problem with Windows. Sorry I can't be more help.
  2. I'm more hyp than I was for the 2016 Winter 4chan Cup, let's hope it isn't a huge disappointment like that was. >Relegated
  3. I can't attend, I have a bad allergy to the AARP.
  4. You guys know how people put socks on their plushies, right? What if we made big socks to put on dakimakuras? I'll call it the dak-sock.

  5. The USS Sparity is taking on water, prepare to launch USS SpikexEmber.
  6. Tantibus... I'm not very good at this.
  7. >rape>rape_4chan+cup.png
  8. Jailed for inappropriate licking.
  9. I work as a waiter at an family owned Italian restaurant. Things I like: going home with cash every night, my coworkers, the fact that it's family owned. Things I don't like: I have to work on the weekend, which makes having a social life difficult (but that's a minor complaint), customers who can't make up their mind, people who don't tip.
  10. What are your laptop's specs and what OS are you running, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. What exactly do you mean by the villain? Good and evil are very subjective: take WWI for example. If you look at how the war started, nobody was entirely in the wrong or the right, but the nations involved vilified each other regardless. I personally enjoy playing devil's advocate because it's important for people to question their beliefs, it also leads to interesting discussions. In some of my classes, that has lead to be being considered a villain of sorts because I make controversial points. Does that really make me a villain though? All to often people view things in black in white, it's easy to forget, for example, that both the Democrats and Republicans generally want what's best for America (I hope, it can be hard to tell at times), they just have different approaches to getting there.
  12. Why do I keep coming back here? Barely anyone I know is left...

    1. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      I mean, there's nothing wrong with making friends with some of the new crowd.

    2. Ra1nbowCrasH


      It just feels like everyone is moving on. The ride isn't supposed to end.

  13. The avatar above me eats ass.
  14. its ok/10
  15. I don't like Rick and Morty, its literally Reddit: the Show.