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  1. Yeah, I feel like a foal cause I had in my head the wrong weekend for NW Bronyfest and had to work the whole weekend. I am absolutely going to do a set (with songs!) at Everfree. I really wish I went so I could have demo'd and practiced in front of an audience.
  2. In a world where not sleeping was illegal, one man knew he had to find the truth. For generations, time immemorial, people where required by law and magic coercion if necessary to sleep through the starry nights. Many thought this was to give them energy and zest for the labours of the coming day, but in truth it was to protect them from the horrors of the Night Wars. Bionic ubermen would fight the Venge, inter-dimensional conquerors who would come in the waking dreams of their victims. The grand and terrifying machines they rode in, giant bi-pedal constructs, could only approach at night due to the magical radiation of Celestia's sun. As the people slept, their perceptions were safe and only the pristine nature of the world filled their minds. The Venge were beings from dimensions of chaos and destruction so they could not see the people while they slept. But still their ships would fire from beyond time and space, the only defense were soldiers who volunteered their very humanity and souls to be defenders of the night, fighters of the Venge and the horrible, twisted beings that would had no names and would only be called by their squadron designation "STALKERS." Humans are naive and oft greedy though. Many insisted they need not sleep and should be allowed to frolic and play in the cool, crisp nights and work during the days. They refused the law, and resisted the magical fields that compelled them to sleep. Upon their finding of the twisted humans who protected them and the mindless creatures who would take their very sanity, these people who refused the protection of sleep could only look to the sky, their eyes filling with scarlet tears and wish for death, the Venge feeding on their suffering. The STALKERS knew how to fight the Venge on a battlefield of blood and steel, but not in the mind. Those people who refused sleep could only be quarantined, raving mad and able to see past the sheen of dimensional rifts a thousand worlds of death and destruction screaming into their mind until their could take no more. All because of hubris did they loose who they were, never able to return. All because they didn't have to sleep. I wish I could fly.
  3. So who here didn't think the whole thing would be sold out in 6 hours and they'd have at least a day to buy a badge? Come clean...yeah, me to. If anyone has an extra, knows of someone who does and would be willing to sell it for face value plus any shipping costs, I'd gladly take it off their hands. Throw me a PM and we can get the ball rolling, cause I need to hold Gerry to his promise to me personally that he'd have a favorite pony by PAX East.
  4. Yes, today is the 21st, which is why the meeting is the 23rd...yes...that, good.
  5. Glad to have you both! I had an Inception moment when I thought, "Dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Cake dressed as Raggity Anne and Andy...we need to go derper."
  6. Hey man, I'm not one of the higher ups at the con, but let me welcome you to the madness. If you want to get set up with a staff position, write with the basic info and they'll send you back an application to fill out to see where you best fit. Also, if you can make it, there's a staff meeting occurring this coming Saturday the 21st in Seattle, lots of great info and meet the other people making it happen. Greetings and salutations, sir!
  7. Blinded by that magnificent beard...
  8. Unfortunately no, I just enjoy making things up.
  9. Greetings, my name is Daniel Winstrom McBride. Born of a well-to-do merchant and nurse in 1840 in Trenton, New Jersey, I had want for little growing up. After my primary education had ended, I found myself playing the games of women and tomfoolery in my University days. Though I, none-the-less, found myself in good enough standing to be accepted to one of the finest institutions of medical learning in the state of New Jersey. I buried myself in my studies, taking seriously the need for a well-rounded and educated gentleman in such tumultuous times as the nation found itself in the later part of the presidency of James Buchanan. Finding little in terms of satisfaction in the hospital I worked upon graduation, I found myself taking great leaps in the realm of patriotism and unity as the war between the states was beginning to rage out of control. I signed on to be a field medic and surgeon for the 12th New Jersey Army Regiment. Within weeks I could scantly find a comfortable position to sleep as my mind raced with visions of grand, terrible battles and the mounds of humanity left in their wake. Casualties in the ranks and my own skill has seen my station being raised in prominence in a hurry. I see dozens of men a day, finding it difficult to console them as I am forced to remove foreign object and amputate with no anesthesia. My only recourse be that of a short volume of poems I have begun transcribing, many bringing back images of the horrors of war, prose as a form of catharsis for this wretched work that I must do. I think of home, of mother, father and my sisters, but more than anything I think of Lincoln and this war. Tomorrow we march on Virginia, may the grace of God be with us. I am a raconteur of sorts, weaving tales of laughter and woe. I don't really do much con wise, I'm going to help plan this mother bucker and hopefully get some cool guests to boot. I also dabble in comedy writing. Besides that I have a great meatloaf recipe I'm always willing to share. My favorite characters are Twilight and AJ, my favorite CMC is Scootaloo and I once won a ramen eating competition, eating 29 bowls in 5 minutes. Cheers!