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  1. Banned because I was chilling out maxxin relaxin all cool, shooting some b-ball out side of school Then you sent me to Bel-Air :/
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Hasbro would be IDIOTS if they stopped the show now. It's extremely popular and obviously getting them money. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I actually like the idea the original poster has. That would be interesting and very exciting.
  4. Nothing392

    Ask Arya

    What is it like to know your conscience is within someone else?
  5. I really dislike the idea of mixing MLP and humans. And since this is literally mixing them, I just think it would be weird. So...
  6. It's a little repetitive sometimes (then again that's my complaint for a lot of modern music) but when I'm in the mood for dubstep I enjoy it
  7. Hey I'm back! That's right if anypony remembers me I left several months ago but I've decided that I cannot truly leave this place.

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    2. NeverNeverland


      There it is! I remember you wanted to see someone come up with a PMV using a track from 6DOIT (I think Solitary Shell, specifically), and you were pretty chill to begin with. Nice to see you back dude. =)

    3. Nothing392


      I actually tried to make one myself. Never finished though... anyways thanks!

    4. butter scotch
  8. Because folding clothes is impossible What is the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
  9. It depends for me. Visually I agree with above posters on garbodor. Competitively I'd say I hate gyarados and scrafty, mostly because of moxie. I mean I love gyarados's design and all, but giving it moxie was unfair. So I guess I hate the ability more than the pokemon... if that makes sense.
  10. Piano and... Wait for it.... BASSOON Coolest instrument ever
  11. Actually I kindof thought everything was frozen right now seeing as everyones waiting for the update. Besides I worked too hard on hyping it up for it to not happen I think we should use the idea of creating a thread and have the Ksana. I mean so much was building up to it that I feel like a piece of the story would just drop out... Basically: I'm bored, let's still do it.
  12. Do NOT ask why.
  13. Ok I'm having an issue deciding what to do over the Ksana. When I created it I didn't really have a plan so now with it technically starting today I'm still not quite sure how we should play it out. One idea I had was figuring out a time when we could meet for a sort of RP chat. The other Idea I had was to have it be a multi-day sort of thing and maybe each creator can post their races responses in their ACT posts. And if there's a way that you're supposed to handle these things in RPs we'll go with whatever that is.
  14. It's called All About Dreams by Gayle Delaney. The book is actually mostly on interpreting dreams, but there is a section on inducement. It's actually quite simple. I can write a quick summary and maybe save you the trouble of reading it. 1. Choose a night where your mind is clear and you're not overly tired 2. Write about what you did that day somewhere to clear your mind of all of the events 3. Think about what you want your dream to be about, why, how you are feeling while thinking about this, is this for a good reason, are you scared of what you might find, and other questions you can come up with. Write all that down. 4. Write a quick one line question (you can use dreams to solve problems) or request that sums up the dream you want to have. Make it simple but effective. Try different phrases before picking one that works the best in your mind. 5. Repeat the phrase you picked over and over until you fall asleep. 6. Sleep. That's pretty easy. 7. Record your dream and interpret it. This is probably the hardest part because dreams can be really metaphorical and almost impossible discern the true meaning. And that's why the rest of the book is about how to interpret dreams. Good luck, I hope you are successful. By the way if you do want to get the book, I must warn you, it is very dry.