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  1. Assuming that each phase lasts three weeks, that puts Phase 4 at July 7. In theory that gives EFNW about a month of buffer time in case something goes wrong. Of course there’s a risk, but I would be optimistic at this point.
  2. Given those parameters I'd go with a Glock 19: Large enough to handle well. Small enough to carry comfortably. Simple in design and operation. Proven reliability track record. Readily available. Has been in production for years At first glance, Glocks look like an ergonomic train wreck, but they perform extremely well. ETA: You mentioned 'pocket or a small bag'. 'Off body' carry is usually a bad idea as it reduces your control over the weapon. Pocket carry is also not recommended as the trigger is not covered without a specialized holster.
  3. Context is important. A pistol for teaching a beginner? Sure, but we need do know more, What is the end goal? What kind of aptitude does the student have toward mechanical devices? For example: I've had a few beginners that I would never start with an M9 and others that I would. (It's a tad complicated.) So with that in mind: What is the setting for the narrative, what kind of character is the student, and WHY do they want to learn how to shoot? ETA: You used the word 'nut', which conjures up all kinds of negative impressions. So, I'd like to know your motivations here.
  4. I worked for Southern Pacific for seven years. Union Pacific offered me a job when they were bought out, but it required a move that we were not willing to make. Still miss it sometimes.
  5. A Rainbow Dash plushie that transforms into an AR type rifle? Yeah, I would have the exact same expression on my face. That handguard is kinda odd and no optics but still awesome overall.
  6. Um, actually that was Kazumi Evans who did that song. S5 has been in production for a while now and DHX posted a picture on their FB page of the VAs doing a session in Vancouver. Curiously Tara Strong was in it. Agreed, we were stunned they destroyed such an icon of the show. I hope it was not because Hasbro wanted to sell a new playset.
  7. There's no way they would permanantly alter the appearance of the characters like that, with frilly decorations and such.
  8. So I'm breaking in a new developer this week and he asked me what is expected of him at his first team review meeting. I told him: "Well, this is your first review meeting here so your job will be to smile and wave."
  9. Awesome, I'm sure the service member thread will be resurrected so keep an eye out for that.
  10. FishKepr

    SEASON 3!!!

    Yeah, Amy Keating Rodgers said that when the controversy blew up she was concerned for the fate of the character. I'm glad we downloaded the pre-ban version of The Last Roundup before it was pulled from iTunes.
  11. "Funny, you don't look newish." I brought my daughter to EFNW and it was such a great time for us. If you make it to EFNW 2013, you will thoroughly enjoy the company of your fellow fans and of course meeting the VAs/staff.
  12. FishKepr

    Camera Rules

    Well, if you have a camera in your hand, how are you going to get your stuff off the table quickly and allow the next person to get their things signed? I am not sure of the rules on this at this time, but you can ask a staff member in the autograph room when you get there for an official answer. You'll have to talk to someone in order to get your voucher for your autograph(s), so kill two birds with one stone. That sounds like you're making the assumption that everyone will be alone. One person can hold and distribute items, while the others takes a photo. That's how we've worked it bef
  13. FishKepr

    Camera Rules

    No photos of the autograph sessions at all? I thought that the protocol was that we could not ask the guests to take the time for a personal photo, but that we could take a photo of the guest signing our item being autographed.
  14. I feel more comfortable now. (Not that I felt UNcomfortable before.)
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