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Everything posted by RainbowShy1386071991

  1. Is there a way to change my user name - I've finally created an original OC with a new name. I don't so much mind making a new account, but if I can just change my name somehow that would be great.
  2. Here is a link where you can buy your badge - they are $50 if you preregister and that goes through June 15th - after that you'll have buy one at the door (last year they sold out during pre-reg). http://www.everfreenw.com/regsys/registration.php
  3. Nice to meet you - last year was a blast and it looks like this year will be even better - hope you're able to make it! Is there anyplace we can hear your music?
  4. Hi! I went by myself to Everfree last year and I'm a bit of a shy person too, but the other bronies there were AMAZING and I made so many friends! By the end of the con I didn't want to leave.
  5. Cider cider cider cider! Oh, I mean, um...hi! Nice to meet you. *shows ID* Cider? ^.~
  6. Nice to meet you! There will be plenty of 20+ people for you to hang out with - I'm not too far off from 29 myself.
  7. Hi there! Nice to meet you! It depends on how much your hotel and everything will be unless you're talking just $300 in spending money then I think that will be plenty.
  8. Haha, yeah, this random guy on the street saw me in my Derpy cosplay and he's like "That's cute, I just have to say one thing - meow." Haha, he thought I was a cat, but that was okay. Tara Strong really dug my outfit as well - she was like "Derpy Hooves!" when I went to get her autograph.
  9. Expect lots of waiting for panels and such, lots of people - but at Everfree they're friendly people and there's a great happy spirit in the air. Also, bring hand sanitizer - you never know what people are bringing with them on airplanes and such.
  10. You can call me by either name - doesn't matter. That's a good question for the admin - they're only in their second planning meeting right now, so I'm not even sure they know yet everything that's going on for this year because I asked about the art gallery and they weren't really sure even if that was happening.
  11. I'm Heather - also known as RainbowShy. Glad to meet you - I will be there all three days and I love making new friends! I am not musically talented but I am going to start work on an art project that I hope to display at the convention if it turns out well and if I can bear to part with it possibly sell at the auction.
  12. Why wouldn't there be an episode about Derpy? That seems a lil rude, to just leave her out. She may not be part of the mane six but she's still important. I mean, they have an episode for Mr and Mrs Cake, and they aren't mane characters, but obviously they're still important. After the whole "Derpy Incident" it's unlikely she will ever have her own episode. When asked at a panel (I think at San Diego Comic con) Tara Strong (I think that's who it was) confirmed Derpy will not get a speaking role at least in Season 3.
  13. Which drawing tablets are the best ones for someone on a bit of a budget? I know it'll probably be a couple hundred at least for a good one - I definitely want one where I can do colors and put my drawings onto the computer. I feel it's time my art entered the digital age but I'm not sure which one to get - I see a lot of people like the Bamboo variety but there's a lot of different ones to choose from. Any input would be great!
  14. Nice to meet you! I'm from the Seattle area too, but I'm an Oregonian myself - born there and lived my first few years in Eugene before we moved up here.
  15. ^ Agreed - I wore ballet flats Friday and Sunday and boots on Saturday, which were comfortable when I tried them on but quickly found out they were NOT the shoes to be walking around in and standing in lines all day. So, I am indeed impressed you were able to wear high heels the entire time! :shock:
  16. I saw it - you looked awesome, but sadly I did not get a picture. Maybe next year!
  17. Hi! It's nice to meet you online even though I met you at the con (I was the Derpy Hooves in front of you in line today). Loved the moose song!
  18. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and kindness. I enjoyed writing it and I hope to submit (and get it into) the conbook next year.
  19. Hi! Welcome to the Herd - we hope to see you at the con next year. It will be at the SeaTac Hilton July 5-7.
  20. Well, if you have a camera in your hand, how are you going to get your stuff off the table quickly and allow the next person to get their things signed? I am not sure of the rules on this at this time, but you can ask a staff member in the autograph room when you get there for an official answer. You'll have to talk to someone in order to get your voucher for your autograph(s), so kill two birds with one stone. No pictures, just autographs. Answer is still the same as last time. I was just quoting my question with your answer to answer the question at hand. I do not have the money for autographs - too expensive for simply an autograph - maybe next year depending on what the circumstances are.
  21. My Question - 2) Are we able to take pictures with them? If so, will that cost? Answer from Staff: Not this year, sorry. However, if any VA decides to go out on their own time outside of panels and autograph sessions and chill with fans, that is their business. But if you see them with staff, those are probably liaisons and the VA is probably on their way somewhere. If a VA is with staff, please be respectful of their space and leave them alone for the time being. * * * This was the reply given to me before my staffer MyLittlePonyTales (keep in mind, this was asked about 2 months ago or so - things might have changed). Hopefully this staff member or another can give more clarification.
  22. EDIT - I've removed this because A) I am hoping to submit it for inclusion in the con book next year and I plan to make some changes before doing so (after all, Season 3 is coming...eventually...and I may wish to include inspirations from that). Thank you everypony who posted your comments and praise for my poem - if you didn't get a chance to read it, hopefully it will be included in the con book next year!
  23. Not sure about camera types, but one of the staff members told me pictures and video are allowed during panels and forums, but not at autograph signings. If it's anything like the other con I went to, I'm assuming anyone in cosplay will allow pictures if asked (I will).