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  1. My God is this what has happened in my absence? I have no words...

    1. Alpharius


      Too much has happened

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Would you care to expand a little more on your past experience or give a sample of what you've done before? I'd like to know a little more about you and your playing if you can provide. Alrighty, could be a good experience for the rest of us in writing sheet music, though you've got some competition in the piano spot you should know! I'll get back to you as I find out more this weekend, after I talk to a few other folks that are trying out some of their instruments. I've gotten your contact request and would love to chat sometime this weekend! Today I'm already fully booked, but I'
  4. Well well, not bad! I like it! You're definitely quite a good pianist, and the piano sounds alright too. I think it could use some audio mastering, but we can provide that I think. Not that this will make or break anything, but can you play music by ear? Also, can you improvise or spice/touch-up existing music, or do you just purely read sheet music?
  5. Well what about your microphone? What have you got for that? The quality of your microphone is what really makes or breaks it. I too use Audacity myself when mixing mastering and recording.
  6. Haha, no worries about age here, we just want talent and passion. The real question is can you record your trumpet? If you have the ability to record your trumpet and for it to sound good, we might be able to fit it in. I'm all game for trying new things.
  7. Hey all, I'd really appreciate if you all could have a listen and look at this thread for a music project I'm working on! http://mlpforums.com/topic/121643-calling-all-musicians-and-artists-–-the-“chaos-and-harmony”-project/

  8. Hey, I really like some of this stuff... particularly the "Ponified" track. It reminds me a lot of the soundtrack from the Portal games. (Fantastic games...) You've got some good progression and well mastered/balanced effects. Hmm... and banjo... not sure how well we can fit that into an album as serious-toned as Chaos and Harmony, but I think I recall bluegrass not being your stereotypical bouncing banjo. Either way I'm keeping you in contact, not only as a critic and reviewer, but as another musician that covers a niche I'm not so familiar with but have a great interest in. I have
  9. I thought you left :V

    1. Marcato


      I did. But I'm back for shameless self advertisement.

  10. Greetings, fellow musicians and pony lovers. I am Marcato; a composer, violinist, and hopefully all around resplendent person, and I want you to be in the Chaos and Harmony project. To explain a little more, me and a few other mostly-brony musicians have gathered together to work on a very large music project; an album if you will. This album is planned to revolve around two genres. Soundtrack/orchestral, and metal. (Yes, they can be mixed together.) Although that’s not all. My fellow musicians and I are very passionate about music, and we have extensive plans and goals we intend to meet
  11. Marcato

    Gaming A MLPForums Minecraft Server

    There was a Minecraft Survival server. In fact there have been two or three in the past that I was actively involved in. The problem is, managing it became a serious problem with little outcome for the community, as Minecraft frequently updated, breaking all the plugins and such. Not many people actually played on the server. Though it was talked about and made openly available to people on the forums, there simply weren't enough people regularly playing. Players are attracted to servers with more players; something we didn't have, and have struggle to get. Part of this could be my fa
  12. Just look at her. Thinking she's so fabulous. I mean look at that eyeshadow. She's so modern. And that mane and tail, so stupid. bad oc :u [/badjoke]
  13. Sometimes, I wonder what the internet tastes like. Would it be a bittersweet extreme, or relative to an individuals online experience. :?

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    2. King


      Being a world famous hair dresser ? :D

      Just kidding. What did you want to do again?

    3. Marcato


      I intend on going into Film Scoring, music composition at Selkirk College. (Music and Technology they call it.) Though in highschool my focus is writing.

    4. King


      Nice nice. I have a friend doing similar, but oriented towards scoring for games. Goes to the same uni as me and is doing quite well actually :?


      Anyway, good luck with it all :)

  14. Posts like this are a breath of fresh air. It's becoming more and more uncommon that the staff are challenged to think of something, and that usually promotes healthy growth in the forum and community. Usually. While I can understand the reasoning from which you're complaining, there is one thing I'd like to address. I am not here to agree or disagree with your viewpoints on the staff, or the users, as I simply have not been active enough, but this part of your post caught my attention and I believe requires a response that may or may not have already been stated. Every commun
  15. Happy birthday! :D

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