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  1. It's great to be here! I really look forward to working with people on this in the future and sharing opinions and thoughts about the site! Actually I think we should all get to know each other so we know who's in the group, and so we can work together better keeping in mind the genre's and styles we like. What do you think? I'm Silver Arrow, and I write orchestral music! (As some people know.) I also like Metal/Symphonic Metal, but I can't really compose that. I am a big fan of instrumental/electronic combination music.
  2. Currently i am in California on vacation and have been going to Disney Land with my sister's new family. (Such memories of when we were younger.) I have been really enjoying it and its shows, but it lead me to wonder. There are many other theme parks out there with different rides and attractions all over the world. (Even mutliple Disney Lands) so what theme parks have you been to and what's your favorite? What is your favorite attraction and why do you like it more than others? Have fun discussing them and sharing memories about your trips with others! Even encourage others to go there! Have fun! --(*)My favorite is probably Disney Land. I have been to Disney WORLD before but it was too big for me. We were rushed and didn't have much to do. My favorite attrction is probably the Star Tours ride. I'm not much for rides that move around a lot, and this is one of the few i enjoy. I especially like the new stories they recently added, because it adds a certain diversity to it. I prefer it over others like Playland because there is just so much more variety and lots of orginization. The shows follow a regular schedule, the place is split into specific sections which makes it easier to keep track of and theres always a certain theme to it. Overall its a great place for ALL ages and has attractions for children, teenagers and adults alike.(*)--
  3. Greetings, fellow musicians and pony lovers. I am Marcato; a composer, violinist, and hopefully all around resplendent person, and I want you to be in the Chaos and Harmony project. To explain a little more, me and a few other mostly-brony musicians have gathered together to work on a very large music project; an album if you will. This album is planned to revolve around two genres. Soundtrack/orchestral, and metal. (Yes, they can be mixed together.) Although that’s not all. My fellow musicians and I are very passionate about music, and we have extensive plans and goals we intend to meet for both our project and our futures in music. What we wish to accomplish, is to weave a story into our music, a powerful and emotional story, and to have that reflect through the instruments themselves. This story is a tale that’s become almost classic at this point; Equestria’s struggle against Discord, primarily of the princesses Celestia and Luna overthrowing him one thousand years before the events of the mane six. Currently, we are a group of four musicians, going by the title or band name Aluminum. Among us are also some studio technicians, and other audio critics to help us out. However in order to accomplish our goal, we’re going to need much, much more. For this project, we’re looking for musicians, voice actors, artists, and yes even writers! We want to ensure the greatest quality we can muster from our indie music skills, and create the closest thing we can to a masterpiece, and we want you folks to help us achieve it! If you would like to see more specifically what we’re looking for, scroll down to the “What we’re looking for” section. A little about the project… We are not a serious group of people. So far we’ve never been ones to care for limiting formats and methods, we just like to keep things organized to some extent and keep things casual. We generally try to keep away from deadlines and prefer to call them “goals” rather than deadlines that must be met, that way they remain flexible and stress-free. A little about the album… The album, as you know, revolves around the overthrowing of chaos, and the prevailing of harmony, hence the name “Chaos and Harmony.” It attempts to tell the story of Celestia and Luna’s rise to power, and their triumph over Discord, spirit of chaos. This story is not intended to be cannon, but rather a fictional interpretation and theory of what transpired before and around the events seen in Twilights flashback in the Season 4 pilot episodes. Progress on the album itself is coming along quite well, given that it was really started three months ago. The concept for this album and project has been around for over two years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I and my fellow musicians finally acquired the skills needed to pull off this feat. Currently there are three tracks completely written, with the recordings having been started on one of them, and the layout of several others known. The album is planned to have a total of 13 tracks dedicated to the story, with a few unrelated bonus tracks also written and performed by the Aluminum group for a little extra content. Track list: A little about the Aluminum group/band… Well I’ve already mostly explained who we are and what we’re doing, but to expand on us a little more, I’ll detail what our goals are for us as a group. Most of us all plan on some day turning our passion for music into a profession one day, and only now has that dream truly become a reality with the work on this album. We’d all like to someday perform on stage, but that’s looking quite far ahead at the moment seeing as half of us are scattered across North America. Current primary members of the band include: · Matthew “Marcato” on violin and vocals(?), composition · James “Ice Storm” on rhythm and/or lead guitar, composition · Drew “Normally Average” on drums · Dysen Katzel on bass As a band, we are in fact looking for additional members, primarily a vocalists and another guitarist, with the possibility of a keyboardist being uncertain at the moment. But that brings me to the next topic! What we’re looking for… Spoiler'd for size... Conclusion WE NEED YOU. PROBABLY. So please, contact us! Even if you think you don’t have a shot, please just say something! If you don’t apply to join the project, then who will? Less people, that’s who. You never know, maybe you’ll even surprise yourself! On a closing note, here’s a preview featuring live instruments of what we’ve got. (Minus vocals and narration.) Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? We’d love to hear ‘em. Fire away! But first I'm going to bed. Because I am exhausted from a long day of music. I will respond on the morrow! Contact and find us at the following locations: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube Okay you can stop taking me seriously now. Implying you might have been before. Woot woot?
  4. Would you care to expand a little more on your past experience or give a sample of what you've done before? I'd like to know a little more about you and your playing if you can provide. Alrighty, could be a good experience for the rest of us in writing sheet music, though you've got some competition in the piano spot you should know! I'll get back to you as I find out more this weekend, after I talk to a few other folks that are trying out some of their instruments. I've gotten your contact request and would love to chat sometime this weekend! Today I'm already fully booked, but I'm totally available tomorrow pretty much all day. Woah. Okay. I'm sold. That *is* perfect. We're looking for something exactly like that celtic sound for the earth ponies and for the rest of ancient equestria. I also know another project I might be able to get you in on that's looking for the same style as well that I'm a part of... details on Skype, I'll explain there.
  5. Well well, not bad! I like it! You're definitely quite a good pianist, and the piano sounds alright too. I think it could use some audio mastering, but we can provide that I think. Not that this will make or break anything, but can you play music by ear? Also, can you improvise or spice/touch-up existing music, or do you just purely read sheet music?
  6. Well what about your microphone? What have you got for that? The quality of your microphone is what really makes or breaks it. I too use Audacity myself when mixing mastering and recording.
  7. Haha, no worries about age here, we just want talent and passion. The real question is can you record your trumpet? If you have the ability to record your trumpet and for it to sound good, we might be able to fit it in. I'm all game for trying new things.
  8. Hey, I really like some of this stuff... particularly the "Ponified" track. It reminds me a lot of the soundtrack from the Portal games. (Fantastic games...) You've got some good progression and well mastered/balanced effects. Hmm... and banjo... not sure how well we can fit that into an album as serious-toned as Chaos and Harmony, but I think I recall bluegrass not being your stereotypical bouncing banjo. Either way I'm keeping you in contact, not only as a critic and reviewer, but as another musician that covers a niche I'm not so familiar with but have a great interest in. I have always loved the concept of mixing electronic with orchestra, so we'll definitely have to keep in touch... Hey give yourself a little more credit! There's some nice guitar stuff in there, some nice chord progressions and overall a nice sounding solo guitar. We may have use for an acoustic guitar, and we're plenty open to guest musicians. I'd also like to put you on the list of critics as someone to send our stuff to for some feedback as the album is worked on.
  9. Marcato

    Gaming A MLPForums Minecraft Server

    There was a Minecraft Survival server. In fact there have been two or three in the past that I was actively involved in. The problem is, managing it became a serious problem with little outcome for the community, as Minecraft frequently updated, breaking all the plugins and such. Not many people actually played on the server. Though it was talked about and made openly available to people on the forums, there simply weren't enough people regularly playing. Players are attracted to servers with more players; something we didn't have, and have struggle to get. Part of this could be my fault, as I didn't dedicate a ton of time and effort into the Minecraft side of things, as I had other things to do on the site and on the gaming project back then. Nevertheless the problem came down to management and popularity. It was a lot of work keeping the Minecraft server going at a high quality, and very few people used it. I don't know what PoniArcade has been doing since I left, but from the sounds of things they'll likely be reviving it eventually. I'm sure you're more than free to make your own private server and invite some MLP Forums members to join you via status update or blog post though.
  10. Marcato

    What's worst OC you seen?

    Just look at her. Thinking she's so fabulous. I mean look at that eyeshadow. She's so modern. And that mane and tail, so stupid. bad oc :u [/badjoke]
  11. Posts like this are a breath of fresh air. It's becoming more and more uncommon that the staff are challenged to think of something, and that usually promotes healthy growth in the forum and community. Usually. While I can understand the reasoning from which you're complaining, there is one thing I'd like to address. I am not here to agree or disagree with your viewpoints on the staff, or the users, as I simply have not been active enough, but this part of your post caught my attention and I believe requires a response that may or may not have already been stated. Every community is different. From forums, to gaming server networks, to chatboards. Before you say that "I'm a moderator on a different forum and therefore know the struggles and issues," take a look at this community. In fact, take a look at this network. Compare it to the one in which you are a staff member. Now there's a lot that can be deemed different. The most significant ones though I'm going to name: What fandom is this forum of yours for? Bronies are an infamously over-dramatic fandom, that, while yes there are also many incredibly reasonable people in it, is a bloated fandom with a surprisingly large share of not-so-reasonable people and emotional teenagers like myself. How large is this forum you are on? The number of users vastly affects the kind of community that is being run. It affects the rules, it affects the staff, and of course, affects the people you'll be dealing with. I was a staff member here, and let me tell you dealing with debates and arguments is the absolute worst among this community, and this community can already be extremely chaotic and difficult to handle. (Especially since it's grown a good 5,000 users since I resigned.) By what rules and system is your forum staffed? This is everything. I needn't say much about this as I think it's pretty straight forward. Those are the largest things I wanted to point out, as I think you're missing a very large part and making an inaccurate statement claiming that you know what it's like. Though yes, you have presented some good points that I hope will be given some thought by the staff, namely in regards to the debate pit and its purpose, you must realize that the staff are, in fact, volunteers. I'll give you credit, you're pretty genre-savvy on the whole "what the staff does and should do on here" discussion, as it's one I've seen and discussed often, and very rarely do people open their argument acknowledging counter arguments such as "We already have enough responsibilities as it is." That doesn't exempt you from that little piece of info. It doesn't stop being true nor does it become any less of a problem. You've not debunked the argument, it's still a true and unfortunate reality. This is why, at least while I was here, the staff were actually assigned places they should focus most of their attention on. I'll admit though, this wasn't exactly very effective back then because all moderators really had equal power and just focused on dealing with reports. Debate pit only popped up sometimes, and last I checked there was no moderator assigned to the debate pit specifically. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, mods.) Basically, what I'm trying to say is, attempting to relate with the staff is really hard to do when you're talking as though you're disregarding they're problems and struggles and saying they should suck it up and do their job. Though that may not be what you intended to say that is definitely what it sounds like to me as an ex-mod after reading your post.
  12. Marcato

    SCS The Last Airbender

    Good luck.
  13. *Walks up on to the stage tapping a mic.* Erm… Feld0 you sure this’ll work? Chill. You got this. *Heavy sigh* Okay. Let’s do this... Hello ponies of the MLP Forums and Poniverse! Welcome to my thread. A thread which has had hours and hours of time placed into it as a spider weaves its web. A single thread to link between worlds what is to be announced as the next project of the Poniverse network. This single thread among a webby network of sites shall connect a project that has been under development for several months now. A project that has been in thought and planning for very long, but only recently has at last been brought to pass. (Are you sick of the spider thread puns yet?) Thus without any further delay, allow me to introduce everyone to our new friend… Canterlot Arcade Where Games meet the Players (LOGO TO BE MADE) Now let me see… where to begin… Ah yes. In a basement in the ground, there lived an idea. One of not an unoriginal concept, as it had been heard of before, but never brought to light the possibility. Until however, a small team of gamers discovered the merit in this idea; an idea for a brony focused community revolving around purely gaming. A gamer focused community. This team started in low, and then it started to grow… (Can YOU count all the references?) Allow me to introduce you to Canterlot Arcade Canterlot Arcade is a high-quality gaming network dedicated to bronies, scheduled for release on December 21st. CADE seeks to provide a fun and engaging community of game servers centered on a unique and enjoyable experience for all types of gamers. With a focused team of staff members, cross-server chat and custom server mods that keep gameplay fair, Canterlot Arcade is bent at bringing competitive and casual gamers alike together. Our goal with Canterlot Arcade? Make a brony gaming community that will provide the best of all worlds, be it casual, competitive, and/or communal. From small to large, from intense to laid back. We aim to provide something for all kinds of gamers. What will Canterlot Arcade include? With such an ambitious goal in mind, Canterlot Arcade needs a lot of gaming servers. And I mean a whole damn lot. However we can only do so much before our release date, which is just barely less than a month away! For this reason, I’ll point out what will be available upon release. Servers for the following games: · Minecraft · TF2 (Team Fortress 2) · Counter Strike: Global Offensive · Garry’s Mod These games will have multiple servers for each, expanding as they grow in popularity. Upon release, CADE’s Minecraft section will have at least one server dedicated to classic vanilla survival. TF2 will have at least two servers, a competitive “vanilla” server and a fun-focused casual server. Counter Strike will have at least one server dedicated to the Deathmatch gameplay style, and finally Garry’s Mod will have a standard server for stock sandbox gameplay. Cross-Server Public IRC Chat Let’s face facts. People like to talk to one another, especially through chatrooms. Now MLP Forums has an eternal vendetta against any form of chat system or instant messaging. Well, CADE isn’t MLP Forums now, is it? Canterlot Arcade will have built into each server an IRC client that will connect to a game-server-specific IRC channel. This will allow players in and out of the game to communicate and discuss things. What’s better is that this client will be completely optional for the players in the game. They can easily disable it on their end by typing in a simple command. Because not all of us feel like talking to people while battling creepers and face-blasting people with a gun. In addition, there will also be CADE’s global channels, which will allow for people not in any specific game to chat. Yes, you are all invited. But not until the 21st of December. Sorry~! Dedicated [CADE] Sub-Forum Really, people do love to talk to one another. So of course we’re going to have a section here on the MLP Forums solely dedicated to Canterlot Arcade. This will be a place for discussing and sharing things about the servers, finding news and updates, and discussion suggestions for the future of CADE. “Anything else, Marcato?” I don’t know… Why don’t you tell me? At Canterlot Arcade we have the gamers in mind, always. So for that reason we are fully open to suggestions for the future of Canterlot Arcade. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Just keep in mind though, we can only do so much! (We are human believe it or not.) “That’s all fine and dandy… but what about a central hub?” Well, that is what Canterlot Arcade is meant to be, thus you can expect a dedicated website to go along with Canterlot Arcade’s servers. This website will be the prime location for updates and changes made, keeping track of events (which will happen frequently) and following gameplay stats of players and the servers. “Who's working on it though?” Canterlot Arcade also has a team of dedicated staff, selected from individuals on our steam group and staff who displayed interest in operating our up and coming servers and who know what their doing. The users we currently have working on Canterlot Arcade are as follows: Marcato - Project Management, TF2 Servers, Chigens - Steam Group, community interaction Lavoaster - Web Developer WingedRatchet - Minecraft Servers Dawn Rider - Minecraft Servers Sky Song - Minecrat Servers Jerry - TF2 Servers, Source Plugin Developer Ella Smith - Counter Strike: Global Offensive Servers Hylian Madness - Garry's Mod Servers *Minecraft, TF2, CS:GO, G-Mod, Other Our new staff among this list are: Sky Song Jerry Ella Smith Hylian Madness “How can I help?” Do yourself a favor. Go to the steam group right now and join it. Until CADE is released that is the place where updates will likely be posted. Stay tuned there for pre-release exclusive events and call outs for help on various things. We’ll try to keep you posted as best as we can. Canterlot Arcade is scheduled for release on December 21st, just in time for the holidays. So much for that Christmas dinner with your family.
  14. Marcato

    The Well-Trodden Path - Yep, I've had enough.

    Because when it comes down to it, in this politically correct world, everyone is in the right, and everyone is in the wrong. Opinion is everything, there is no longer any "fact" in anything. The amount of time it took you to become a staff member is irrelevant. The amount of HOURS you have on here, is irrelevant. It's all numbers, don't make the mistake I did in thinking those numbers display how deserved you are of a position. Forgive me, but arrogance is berserk button #3 for me. I already know that if you respond to this blog again, you are simply going to deny arrogance, and claim that everything you stated is your opinion. I do know you well enough to say that you were accusing me and that you are the one being biased here. Do not try to tell me about bias, when you are coming to me telling me Poniverse is not run like a business. And so, I'm going to drop the famous cure-all phrase "It's my opinion and you can't hurt me!" and promptly get the fuck out of here. Thank you~
  15. I didn't want to make a public thread because some information is a little too person for the entire server to see. Rest assured I made a full massive Marcato-length post in the super secret staff sections~<3 So, yeah! I've resigned from Poniverse and the forums as a whole! Yeah shit happened. Long story short, I realized I was staying in Poniverse for the wrong reasons. Poniverse and it's staff have become far too business like and every time I try to fix something, or even anyone else tries to fix a seriously problem with how Poniverse is run it becomes all talk and no action. I won't say any names, but I just became too sick and damn tired of the emotionless staff among the group and the fact that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Truth be told, as "great" as mods and men apparently was (which was generated by just me getting pissed off), my passionate fire kind of died after a few bad happenings within the Poniverse staff communications. I lost a lot of faith in the Poniverse staff and honestly see where some of the previous staff that inspired me before are coming from. They warned me of everything that happened, and they were right. I don't regret my decision to leave Poniverse. Not in the slightest. It's been long coming really. I know that my true friends will remain my friends even beyond Poniverse, and I know that if my words meant anything to the staff at least one heart will be set ablaze. There's always at least one person within the staff trying to find the answer and successfully achieve what their predecessors could not. And what might that be you ask? Fixing the problem cycle and making Poniverse focus on what it was made for: Bronies. P.S. If you'd like to do something, you could always tell the staff how much you love them again. That worked last time right? :3
  16. Marcato

    The Well-Trodden Path - Yep, I've had enough.

    I've been on the Homestuck forums of over 60,000 people and they do not run their forum like this. Honestly, most of what you're saying just sounds like damage control to me. :/
  17. Marcato

    The Well-Trodden Path - Yep, I've had enough.

    Well... no offense but you've never exactly been in the moderation Skype groups. :/ You can't claim something is well run when you haven't seen the full scale of it. When a site focused on a childrens TV show starts getting a Public Relations team and begins descending its forums into politics, I don't consider that well run. The way I see it, well run means "this is what everyone wants and everyone needs" and as far as I'm aware, the excessive business atmosphere is not what everyone wants, and honestly with the amount of non-staff voices that have complained, there's obviously something wrong.
  18. Marcato

    The Well-Trodden Path - Yep, I've had enough.

    To be fair, I do see where the reasoning of Poniverse's business-like system comes from. They've gotten so large that they need to have more organization and structure. Unfortunately, I do think that a lot of it has been influenced by several peoples preferred career interests. There's at least one person who was brought on the team who claimed to be going into business and management as a profession. (To which my reaction was "oh shit")
  19. Marcato

    Your thoughts on the new site: stop the cloppers

    Well... for one, I would promptly point the creators of this site to my avatar. Second, this site is not new. In fact it quite clearly states in your screenshot this site was created fully two years ago. (There's a publication date in the first picture.) This is probably a parent, mother or someone of the sort who thinks all cloppers are out to molest children. Yeahno. I have several friends who are cloppers, thanks. They are not trying to lure me or my friends into getting kidnapped. In fact we really shouldn't even be referring to them as very separate from bronies. They just have different interests, as all people do.
  20. Made a logo for my Competitive TF2 Team Worked on the steam group for my competitive TF2 team, Wrote something up for the upcoming Poniverse newsletter, Did some work on the geography of my fiction/fantasy world, Got the 2nd part of one of the songs from my upcoming album done, Saw the new Hobbit movie, Did some training and practice with some friends in TF2. I don't know about you guys but I did a lot more than mash my F5 key. P.S. Sorry, no unoriginal image macros in this blog entry if that's what you were hoping for. Cheers~
  21. Marcato

    I'm just here till I get banned.

    "This can only end in tears! " In all seriousness... Welcome. I hope things will go well for you here. Can I recommend the debate pit for you? Great place, lots of brawling, you'd fit right in. You've made quite an entrance I must say. I won't complain. You made a better entrance than I did. Though I am sad that you think we would so rudely ban you just because your a fighter. I like to consider myself a fighter as well, though in more of a "I'm going to write the most intense and passionate wall-of-text" kind of way. I hope to see you around. I look forward to getting to know you better. :3
  22. Marcato


  23. Marcato

    Let's put some effort in, alright?

    Now what I will say @, and @, is that the quality of this place has most certainly degraded. Unfortunately it's the growing pains of a community, many older members dislike that. Heck, I dislike it a whole damn lot. But I'm too damn stubborn for my own damn good. So I'm still here and kicking. Now there is a whole damn lot I could argue about this, but I'll only touch up on a few things. I would like to acknowledge this. Feld0 himself told me in the earlier days of MLP Forums he himself was running the forums as if everything revolved around him. He now completely regrets this as he's told me. Now Feld0... he's a good friend of mine, and let me tell you something about popularity. Everyone wants it. No matter how much we may want to deny it all people want some form of it. It makes us feel accepted, even loved some times. Respected, looked up to, etc. In this world these things are more or less earned. (Unless you're the media.) In the end whether little or small we all have a desire for acceptance. Forgive me for this but... you two really haven't been that active around here, nor part of the team to see how things have changed on the inside. I understand full well the troubles you had in the past, I heard a lot about them. However regardless of what things were like back then they have changed. (For better or for worse...) There are those that have grown up, and many of those that grew up resigned. Heck, in a sense even Feld0 resigned. He's no longer in direct charge of the MLP Forums. If he wanted popularity 'still' he wouldn't have resigned his position like that. But let it not go without saying; your points shouldn't go unnoticed. Especially yours, Ary. As someone who has a similar passion for the English language I honestly can't stand the way it's degrading in recent times. (I wrote a ranting ragey blog post about it even.) I would like to see people put more effort into their spelling and grammar and organization of posting even. It is so... SO much easier to take someone seriously when you type with great grammar, thought out points and structure, rather than 'my faverite pony is rd' And the warning points... aah the warning points... they are constantly being debated about among the staff and rightly so. Consistency is nice and all but... in a group of staff ever growing there will be differing opinions. Not gonna lie, I'm a prude. As a direct result of this I tend to be overly cautious and sensitive about matters relating to inappropriate content. Typically I will ask others what they think, but ultimately that viewpoint of mine effects how I think 'justice' should be carried out. Though I'll acknowledge fatal flaw among the staff. This is the typical reaction to things. And sometimes the staff go too far on the latter panel. I will not deny a large amount of the moderators come across as cold and blunt a lot of the times. Perhaps it's because they're too serious when things get down to business, but I personally try to display a positive and generally fun and caring attitude. (That's how I am, I'm not going to manipulate it to appear more business like if I can help it.) I know these staff members fairly well thanks to our super secret Skype groups and all that, so I've seen they can be fun and great pals, but their public image... they seem to change personalities in the public. I'm not saying this for everyone, but there are a decent number of staff that are like this. So some effort on the staffs part, for any other staff members reading this; be yourself! Don't suddenly "serious'd" when locking a topic, or sending a warning. Express concern, use emoticons, etc. It gets your mood across way better.
  24. Marcato

    Gabe The Halls

    It's because you said this that it won't happen.
  25. I've made the mistake of letting the negatives outweigh the positives numerous times. (Which resulted in both Mods and Men and my rant about the internet nowadays.) Based on some scientific evidence (generally in psychology) it's been found that the reason things like this seem to happen collectively around Christmas and during winter, is because winter can be a very dark and dreary month. This has a pretty big subconscious effect that most people aren't aware of, and can easily cause one to pick out negatives more easily. This often spirals into radical behavior, and we all know how much people (especially teenagers) love to talk about all the shit they're going through.