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  1. Nitrox Brony


    Hey there, I'll keep an eye out for ya, shouldn't be too hard to spot. Can't wait to meet all the bronies this August!
  2. Nitrox Brony

    Happy Summer Sun Celebration!

    Hopefully it's a good omen that I had a big interview today for a job I'm really hoping to get!
  3. Nitrox Brony


    Ohh, this should be fun! C'mon everypony!!! Name: Nitrox Species: Unicorn Cutie Mark: Two scuba tanks Talent: Scuba Diving
  4. Nitrox Brony

    Hello thar!

    Well if your worried about getting. There and feeling alone, I'd say get to know some of the people here on the board, then arrange to meet them at the con. That way you already have that connection with some people here and won't feel so isolated.
  5. Nitrox Brony

    What's up everypony?

    Welcome welcome welcome! Glad to hear that you were able to wrangle some passes, I'll have to give you a brohoof at the con!
  6. Nitrox Brony

    Umm, this thing on?

    Ahahahaha, I don't know whether to laugh or face hoof, so I guess I'll do both! The feeling is likewise, only other brony I know over here is my brother, so the more kitsap Bronies the merrier XD
  7. Nitrox Brony

    Umm, this thing on?

    Oh, I plan to! Brohoofs for everypony! And thanks for the welcome XD
  8. Well howdy there everypony! I don't think words can express just how ecstatic I am to be able to attend this con ::Insert Twilight YESYESYES here:: I recently moved back into the country after working with (not for) the US Navy overseas, and previously thought I would have to pine away while this passed by just an hour away from my home. I'm a pretty open person and extremely friendly. I do a little fanfic writing now and then, though in all honestly I could try a little harder at it, though ponies seem to like what I've put out so far Having been away from the world for nearly my entire existence as a brony, I think one thing I'm looking forward to most is the chance to get to know some of my fellow bronies outside of the internet and make some real friends among the community.