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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. LyokoTravels

    Sketch Dump

    All of these Sketches was all sketched by me in my current sketchbook from this year so far.
  3. So it has been a year since I've logged on. 

    I really don't have much to say.

    1. Heavenly Inexplicit

      Heavenly Inexplicit

      Welcome back! Enjoy your stay. Have a few drinks, on me!

    2. LyokoTravels


      I wish I could stay long, but it's currently 2:25AM Local Time here.


      And the Fact I'm way more active on Twitter since I have 2,202 Followers hence why I'm way more active there then here.


  4. Any word yet on the jerb?

    1. LyokoTravels


      I got one, Tho I'm not working Full Time, it's something to pay the bills at least. 


      Saving money a cup Coffee or Tea at a time.

  5. UPDATE : What update?

  6. I just realised that I'm friends with you on here :D

  7. Winter Wrap Up!, Winter Wrap Up song still stuck in my head since I joined this fandom, in 2011

    1. Malinter


      well it is a catchy song XD

    2. LyokoTravels
  8. College classes... has taken over

  9. Fall semester is starting for me, I' m hyped about my digital illustration class this semester :3

  10. Getting better at drawing in Photoshop :3

    1. Crow2


      Awesome that's good!

  11. 100th episode local Brony Meetup here I come!

  12. Twitter, Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet!

    1. NonbinaryDuck


      Quicker. Quack Quack Quack Quack!

    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      DeviantArt, Art, Art, Art, Art!

  13. LyokoTravels

    Staff Avengers: Assemble

    Looking forward to work with you all!
  14. LyokoTravels

    Are you a Kid or a Squid?

    I'm not Squidward that's for sure.