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  1. LyokoTravels

    Sketch Dump

    All of these Sketches was all sketched by me in my current sketchbook from this year so far.
  2. LyokoTravels

    Staff Avengers: Assemble

    Looking forward to work with you all!
  3. LyokoTravels

    Are you a Kid or a Squid?

    I'm not Squidward that's for sure.
  4. LyokoTravels

    Are you a Kid or a Squid?

    Nope. I'm sure I have legs.
  5. LyokoTravels

    New Vender!

    well you and me both.. First time for everything. ( expect ponycon , my 2nd time going to Everfree )
  6. LyokoTravels

    Code Lyoko Fans

  7. LyokoTravels

    Code Lyoko Fans

    YAY well as you can tell byy my username. I'm still a fan and have been using the same username since 2007.
  8. LyokoTravels

    Hello Everypony! ( NEW Vendor ! ARTIST)

    ah yes i remember you guys. well I finally got things set up so yes this year I'll be having my own table.drop by
  9. LyokoTravels

    Code Lyoko Fans

    I'm just wondering if there is any bronies that are Code Lyoko Fans for like that show. it was aired on Cartoon Network in 2001.
  10. LyokoTravels

    What're everyone's ages?

    I'm currently 17.. going to be 18 in March 2013...
  11. Hi so I went to last years Everfree ( which was the 1st Everfree ) I'm an artist and yes I make fanart and watching MLP:FiM sure made my days living better. Hoping to be a spot at the artist alley/vendors room at Everfree NW' 2013 also i'm part of the Everfree Group on DeviantART