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  1. EDIT: Read the first post and this made much less sense. Remember the saying "full out or get out" really stuck; mostly cuz I hate bitches who half-ass 'Fuck you very much' is a personal favorite
  2. Name: Brandon Age: 20 Gender: MAN Country: USA Likes: Toilet humor, various electronic music, listening to musicians jam, J-food, big events with lots of people, making peeps laugh at or with me, exciting/dynamic activities, plays, beach activities, theme parks, semi-crazy theater people/Thespians, outdoor/wilderness activities (ex: camping/fishing), long drives with good music, road trips with friends. Dislikes: Skype calls made for no reason, flaky people, pushing of beliefs onto others, PEOPLE WHO EAT WITH THEIR MIC UNMUTED, politics, country/death metal music, overconfidence/pretentious people, trash-talkers/behind-the-back insults, laziness, excuses, dealing with pessimists. Hobbies: Paintball, basketball, paintball, drawing, paintball, paintball, paintball, gaming, theater. Other Info: Japanese.
  3. You might have seen my other recent post asking for team names. This is the information page for said team! I am looking for Bronies who are looking to get into divisional paintball, or paintball tournaments. The requirements to join are as follows: YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER I want relatively mature individuals on my team. Stuff gets a little hectic on the field, and there is no shortage of foul language in the heat of the moment. It's not always a fellow team member that has to curse or say something relatively rude on the field; paintball is a dirty sport, both physically and verbally. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT This includes, but is not limited to: Mask Marker (Gun), Hopper & Tank Pod Pack & Pods Tippman Gryphons/98s and the like DO NOT COUNT. Must be a marker that has 12.5 BPS ramping for PSP-rule tournaments. I don't care about how nice of a milsim gun you have; I'm looking for airball/hyperball players. As fun as Woodsball and Scenario are, the team won't be competing in any tournaments like those. YOU MUST LIVE IN THE SACRAMENTO/BAY AREA As talented as someone can be, they can't play with me if they don't even live in the state of California, or live five/six hours away. It's preferable if you live somewhere in-between San Francisco and Sacramento. North/South bay is fine, too. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN CAR I can't deal with people who always need a ride, since it's 50/50 if they're going to show up at all. I'd prefer if you had a means of private transportation to and from paintball, as I've already had to drive plenty of people back from meetups who miss their last train or bus because they decided to stick around until late, leaving me to get home at ungodly hours in the morning. NOTE: THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! There may be loopholes in these requirements, or things that I don't want that happen to pop up as I go, so changes are always possible. Tryouts are going to work much differently than any Champions/Challengers division team tryouts. Instead of running drills and me taking notes, all you're going to do is play recball with me. I may sit out some games and watch you play, but otherwise, I just want to get to know how you do on the field, and how you play out any normal games. It'd have to be an entire day of playing together and/or me watching you play to make a decision about your standing in terms of skill/ability. So there you have it! Those are the current requirements to join the 3-man all-Brony crew. Send me a message to my profile and I'll check it out and we can organize a day where we can both go. Also, GIRLS ARE WELCOME TO APPLY. I'm pretty sure there are a decent number of events that are co-ed, so don't hesitate to sign up! Leave a comment below if you have any questions you need answering, other than, "CAN I JOIN?!" I'll have to play a whole day with an applicant to get a fairly accurate judgement of whether or not they'd make the cut. The below picture shows my current setup; if you see this at a field some day, along with a smoke Pinokio with pony stickers on it, shout at the guy using it and tell him you saw this post. Hope to see some of you on the field!
  4. Hello, all! Title says most of it. I'm forming an-all Brony 3-man team in northern California and I'm looking for a team name. I initially thought about Pegasi, but I decided against it since I'm looking for something more intimidating/interesting, but still pertaining to ponies or the fandom. NOTE: There is already a team in southern California called "The Royal Guard," so that's already taken. Post your idea for a team name, funny or serious! Examples of professional paintball teams are as follows, so you know what I'm looking for. Chicago Aftershock San Diego Dynasty Edmonton Impact Boston Red Legion Moscow Art Chaos I want to avoid names of creatures that are simply existing in Equestria, since almost all of the wildlife or species of creatures are mythological. Here are things I'd like to AVOID: Ponyville Gryphons/Griffons Canterlot Manticores Cloudsdale Cockatrices Manehatten Hydras Anyways, post away! I await your responses! And if you happen to live in either Sacramento or in the eastern Bay Area and would like to try out, send me a message to this account!
  5. Sup, peeps. Call me Brandon. Not much else to say about me other than that I'm Asian, and I believe I'm the only Sacramento brony attending this convention. Shoutout to any others! I'll be attending Everfree NW this July; can't wait to meet you all. See you there!
  6. Hello, there! Looking forward to meeting you at next year's Everfree NW!
  7. Hey hey hey! Welcome! Hope you have fun at the con, by the way. Give everybody a brohoof for me. ;D
  8. I'm going to have to go with Sim Gretina's "Equestria Girls" remix. It was the first bit of brony remixes I've ever heard, and it's what got my interest in brony musicians rolling. :mrgreen:
  9. You should go! I mean, it may be a little scary to meet new people being a shy person; I had a similar experience going to a Thespian festival in Ontario. But when I got there, the fact that EVERYbody had a similar interest to share was extraordinary. We all knew the same improvisation games, which made the festival much more fun, especially when the scale grew from 4 people to about 50. Conventions like these are always a ton of fun. Especially when you all have things in common. Immediately upon arriving, you've already got something in common with everybody attending! Sorry if I'm a little enthusiastic about this; I've just been stuck trying to save up for a trip and missed my chance, but you're practically there. Didn't want you to miss out on a golden opportunity.
  10. Hey, guys! First off, brohoof to all the other Asian bronies out there. Be it Vietnamese, Korean or Japanese, brohoof to the max. Anyways, a little about me. My name is Brandon Nakagaki. Although I wasn't able to scrape together $1100 for a trip to Everfree, I'm hoping to go next year. I'm getting a job and I'm going to a local CC for college, so I'm doing everything I can atm to see some of you at next year's Everfree Northwest. Although I enjoy drawing, I'm more of a writer. I find it easier to paint my ideas out with words in oppose to a pencil or tablet pen. I've probably acquired this interest from reading a large portion of my school's library during my three years in middle school; I've been enamored with writing fiction ever since. Sportswise, I play golf and basketball, although I'm probably more passionate about the latter. Ironically, I don't really follow the sport, but I'm staying loyal and sticking to the Kings as my favorite team. They'll be good someday; they just need another year. If they get their new arena, that is. As for music, I'm pretty much all-around. I'm open to new things I usually don't listen to, except for Christian rock, country and screamo rock. I enjoy mixing songs with Virtual DJ every now and then, and it'll probably stay like that for awhile. But I promise you, I do a little more than just hit the "play" button! ;D Hope I get to see some of you next year! Peace.