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  1. I posted this poll on another forum I frequent, and I want to see how our results compare with theirs. Please read this post before voting, or it's likely you will not understand the categories. Okay, so, this poll is essentially about video game genres. Conventional video game genres are pretty useless as categories - think about it; Portal, Fallout 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops are all FPSs, but they're different types of game that we play for fundamentally different reasons - so I'm here to tell you about the generally accepted 8 core game aesthetics. A core game aesthetic is a fundamental reason we play a game. Games usually deliver on two to four of these, but they can deliver on a lot more. Most games contain elements of all the 8 aesthetics, but are only played for two or three (for example, Mario games have storylines, but I don't think anyone plays them for the narrative). These 8 core game aesthetics are: 1. Sensation This one is easy to define - it's any game that gives you pleasurable sensual stimuli (or "sense pleasure"). It's a game you play because it looks great, or because the music is amazing. Games that fall clearly into this category tend to be music-focused rhythm games - things like Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution - but there are other games that we play because of the great sensations we get from playing them - Cave Story has great music, as do most Mario games, so they deliver on the aesthetic of sense pleasure. 2. Fantasy Games that you play for fantasy are those that you play because they let you take on a role that you couldn't or wouldn't do in real life. It's playing Call of Duty because you want to be a badass US Marine, or Star Wars: The Old Republic because you want to be a Sith and shoot lightning from your hands. 3. Narrative Narrative is games as drama. These are the games you play for the story and the characters. Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and The Sims are all great because of their strong, dramatic narratives. 4. Challenge Challenge is when you play a game specifically to overcome the arbitrary obstacles it places in your path. This is not the same thing as difficulty - difficulty can deliver challenge, but there are games which are centred around challenge, but that you can never actually lose. Most games (try to) deliver on the challenge aesthetic, but the most obvious examples are puzzle games - like Portal. Essentially, challenge games make you feel great for beating them. 5. Fellowship This is when you play games in order to work together with or alongside other players. Any sort of team-based or co-op multiplayer game delivers on this - Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, or Journey. 6. Discovery This is when you play games to, well, discover new things. It could be discovering how to make a pickaxe in Minecraft, to uncovering more of the map in Skyrim. Games that delivery on discovery give you plenty of opportunities to explore what they have to offer, without telling you up front exactly how stuff works/where everything is. 7. Expression This is when you play a game in order to express yourself. Stuff like building things in creative mode in Minecraft, or designing your character in City of Heroes (RIP). Expressive games let you make choices in order to create something that's entirely your own; even the class and race systems in World of Warcraft count, as they're letting you make choices in order to create your own character. 8. Abnegation Abnegation is games as a past-time. When a game lets you just tune out and do whatever without thinking too deeply or putting any great obstacles in your path, this is abnegation. Grinding for levels in Pokemon or World of Warcraft is abnegation, as are most Facebook games like Farmville. So, those are the aesthetics - which ones do you most like to play games for? I know you can't choose just one (most games deliver on more than one aesthetic, after all) so I've made this multiple choice poll. Oh, and if there's some reason you play video games that doesn't seem to fit into the above categories please feel free to mention it in the comments.
  2. Krall

    Higgs Boson found.

    But the Higgs Boson is a sub-sub-atomic particle that acts as the force carrier for gravity - not a huge, unstable molecule whose degradation releases unfathomably huge amounts of energy. They're about as similar as weapons grade plutonium and delicious medium cheddar cheese.
  3. I'd like to dispute the idea that she can sell some of her gems for money - in real life gems aren't found already perfectly cut in large caches very close to the surface; they're much rarer and hard to find than that. Plus, we haven't seen anyone apart from Rarity actually use gems for anything, so there doesn't seem to be anyone she could sell them to. On the topic of how Rarity actually makes money, well, she makes bespoke clothing for very wealthy people. Real life high-end, bespoke clothing companies - like Savile Row tailors - sell suits for several thousand pounds each. Assuming similar prices, Rarity could easily make a living by selling only 5 to 10 dresses/suits a year.
  4. Krall

    Equestria has a "binary" language.

    Well, that is how telegraphs worked historically - one button that you would press down for varying lengths of time to create dots and dashes.
  5. Krall

    Equestria has a "binary" language.

    If it was Morse code, or Morse code-like, then surely they'd only need one key? That's how Morse code works - it's based off the length of the key press, not which key you press. It could be that each letter is encoded to some combination of button presses, so one button could be labeled "0" and the other "1", and the letter "a" would correspond to button presses equivalent to "0001" or something similar, but I believe that's roughly what the OP was implying when they said that the language was "binary". That's somewhat arrogant of you, Pencils; I consider myself an intelligent person, yet I cannot fathom the exact nature of what you were saying. I think you said that each symbol was assigned an X and a Y value, as though laid out on a grid, and that one of the large buttons cycles through the X values and the other button cycles through the Y values, but I don't really understand how this would make it easy to write a word of 8 or 9 letters with only 4 button presses, and I don't understand what the "spacebar" would be for in this system. The opinion of some of my pony loving fellows over on another forum seems to be that the the two large buttons can each produce several symbols by pushing them to the sides or corners, as opposed to merely pushing them downwards. I'm not sure this is in keeping with how they were used in the show, but it's certainly the most practical way of typing with large, single-digit feet that I can think of!
  6. Krall

    Mane 6 Birthdays?

    What, like the Queen?
  7. Krall

    Twilight could have princess for a day?

    I think an episode where Twilight has to take on Celestia's duties for a short period, thinking it's going to be easy, but finds the workload overwhelming might be interesting, if rather predictable.
  8. He's no where near disturbing enough to be from Ren and Stimpy. I believe he's just there as a visual gag - you'll note that, despite his large muscles, he has wings no larger than Scootaloo's!
  9. Krall

    Theory on Pinkie's parents

    Well, we've only seen it in the past - it's entirely possible the land was bought up by Sweet Apple Acres and repurposed for growing apple trees, or it might just be that it's a fair bit further away from Ponyville than the Sweet Apple Acres is.
  10. Krall

    What Is Your Ponysona Name?

    You wouldn't happen to be a Fitzmaurice, would you? I mean, it's entirely possible - your profile says you're from France, and the Fitzmaurices are an Iricised Anglo-Norman clan, and a considerable amount of Irish people have fled their homelands to settle in France (due to that nasty Catholicism vs. Protestantism business)!
  11. Krall


    I feel compelled, as a pedant and a dedicated wordsmith, to correct your spelling of "against" - not out of malice, of course, but purely out of a desire for shared standards of spelling for the ease of communication (also because I subconsciously and involuntarily judge people with bad spelling, but mainly that first thing). As for the subject topic itself, anti-pony groups are nothing new, and neither is any of their bovine excrement regarding the apparent homosexuality of the members of this fandom, and their assertions that said sexuality is objectively morally wrong. I would encourage you to do as I do - ignore them if you can, and fight them with the purest of logic where you cannot. The castles they have built themselves out of bricks forged from lies and mortar mixed from irrationality wane and erode in the presence of reason - and in their ruins you must give them every opportunity to redeem themselves; after all, violence begets violence! Immoderately verbose; declined perusal: Seen it before. MLP haters are terrible people. Try to ignore them - or argue with them in the most logical and tolerant way you can.
  12. Krall

    What Is Your Ponysona Name?

    According to the one linked to in the opening post my pony name is... "Pinkie Dash"!? That's not a pony; that's a ship! And not a good ship like the the Warspite, the Victory or the Hotspur! Heck, it's not even the Mariposa! I like this generator a lot more, for it claims that my pony name is - wait for it - "Handsome Masquerade".
  13. Krall

    Ya'know...i think that's offensive!

    I'm offended by all of those things!
  14. Krall

    S02:E21 - Dragon Quest

    This is actually a common misconception - birds rather you didn't handle their eggs and chicks, but they won't reject them if you do. I think it's more a case of it being rather difficult returning the egg to the phoenixes, since there are some angry dragons in the way, and the phoenixes themselves are likely to be rather hostile.
  15. Krall

    S02:E21 - Dragon Quest

    Whilst I would have liked it if the dragons were a bit more fleshed out, instead of just being stereotypical jocks (heck we still don't know why they were migrating, though I think we can guess why), I still really liked this episode. Pretty much any interaction between Spike and Rarity is great - it's the probably the most complex and developed interpersonal relationship in the show (which, admittedly, isn't saying much). Also I'm morally obliged to love any episode with copious amounts of Rarity in it. Because she's fabulous.