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  1. OH If anyone plays this and wants or needs any of the pokemon that can be bred, I am more than willing to breed you a base form (such as a Charmander if you want anything in its evolution chain) I have never really battled other people before, having had my first battle at Everfree so Im not all that good at it and need to build an actual team for it, but am more than happy to take advice on it. Currently I have transferred all my pokemon from both Platinum and Heart Gold to Pokemon White so unfortunately I cannot offer any help with those games. Friend Code: 3310 4516 2753
  2. I have to say that you are a bigger man than I am, because that while I have been known to wear kilt (tartan, not utili) I dont think I would have had the courage to wear that dress you did
  3. Ok I know it says Season 2 on the video, but the sentiment still applies to the wait for Season 3
  4. Hoah (yeah i know for you its ooorah)
  5. Why arent you at your post?
  6. Hi, While some people might know me from Sakura-Con, I thought I would introduce myself formally. Im Tom Allmendinger but mostly answer to Dinger. Nice to meet you all.