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  1. I looked into the river, peering deeply into that of my own reflection. What do I see? Fire. An all consuming hate for myself, but I also see sadness, and a deep love for others, and trapped behind the three warring factions of love, hate, and the toll they all take. I see a boy. Trapped. Scared and humiliated. Just wanting to run. To be free of it all. Click. The factions cease their endless war for but a small moment, and look upon their leaders. The reaver, who thinks all must be bound by hate to truly live. The warden, who thinks only of the people outside his own prison. And the boy, who'
  2. agent57.readyhosting.com/gifparty/happybirthday.gif

  3. happy birthday to me....stuck at home. Found out all my friends are having a surprise party that I can't even go to because, stuck at home...blerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. whatevs, year 20 here I come. :/

  4. Stretch

    General Chat Thread

    Hi all! Hey, I was wondering who I could talk to about someone making some FO:EQ vectors?
  5. ok. this site wins. C? dead to me. Been dead long time, no chat? don't care. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!

  6. The door to the train opened. "ahhhh, damn that's bright!" Storm had been up drinking, as per usual. He feigned excitement and trotted out to meet the crowd of capital ponies. A couple of waves, a few bolts of lightning, and a wink to some of the wealthier ladies in the crowd. They were wrapped around his finger by the time he reached the end of the walk way. But he wasn't thinking about the praise, he was thinking about his tactics. The door to the train opened. "ahhhh, damn that's bright!" Storm had been up drinking, as per usual. He feigned excitement and trotted out to meet the crowd
  7. Jayson: From the Greek name Ιασων (Iason), which was derived from Greek ιασθαι (iasthai) "to heal". In Greek mythology Jason was the leader of the Argonauts. After his uncle Pelias overthrew his father as king of Iolcos, Jason went in search of the Golden Fleece in order to win back the throne. During his journeys he married the sorceress Medea, who helped him gain the fleece and kill his uncle, but who later turned against him when he fell in love with another woman. This name also appears in the New Testament, belonging to man who sheltered Paul and Silas. In his case, it may re
  8. it is becoming night time, and all things are lining up to make it a good one. There are coyotes howling in the distance, I can hear sandpipers from my window, the pacific marina air is push its way inland giving the air a sweet smell, I can hear crickets, frogs, and bug I can't identify trying to get it's way through. beautiful. this is why I love washington...this is my life. And I couldn't love it more!

  9. I think it is mcback the man with the comfiest back in the world. oh wait...
  10. Yes you will. I am a pretty nice guy!
  11. Stretch

    Chat is Dead

    you and me kinda...caused a lot of that XD
  12. Stretch

    Chat is Dead

    ...have even BEEN to the skype group! it is so random!
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