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  1. Customers who get in a long line and then bitch about the long wait. The irony is lost on them. Customers who get mad and worked up over a mistake counting change or a misheard order. Mistakes happen, just kindly let us know and we'll be happy to fix it for you. I really hate the customers we get where I work. Entitled, angry boomers with a lack of empathy.
  2. It's terrifying to know the general time and moment that i woke up one day, and all of the wiring in my brain broke. the second semester of tenth grade, somewhere around the tail-end of February, i woke up more tired, defeated than ever. I didn't know it then, but my adolescence and development left me a 'care' package as they began to reach their end. the feelings didnt go away, no, they got worse. i wanted to die. it was scary, how i could no longer sleep at night, i would have kicks in my chest every single time my head wandered off to sleep. The genes I inherited from both sides of my family presented themselves in a two-punch knockout to the person I was before mental illness. I'll never get that back, but I can do the most I can with the cards i've been dealt. though a large orange pill must correct the imbalances that my body has wrought, i am still a person behind the outward mask of dark winters and cloudy days that I have only begun to un-wind and deconstruct to find some peace and serenity in a life post-mental-illness through bi-weekly therapy vists. the worst part is having no one to blame, nowhere to point a finger to, because it was a stroke of fate, a random chance that life threw at me when I was least expecting it. All you can do when the curve-ball bruises you is move forward and heal. and that's what i'll do.

  3. If you don't listen to this band, we cant be friends
  4. The Wonder Years is my only friend right now. their music is getting me through a lot.

  5. fuck senior year.

    1. Spooky Brony 42

      Spooky Brony 42

      That certainly wasn't my experience, I can tell you.

  6. "Shit." I take after my dad, who swears when he yawns.
  7. "I’m starting to shake.

    They’ll hold your service tomorrow. I’m an ocean away.

    Reached into my pocket, found a small paper crane.

    It’s been over a year now.

    April fades into May and I’ve barely stopped moving,

    I’ve been so fucking afraid; too much of a coward to even visit your grave."

    ~The Wonder Years

  8. if i die in a mass shooting, leave my body on the steps of congress.

  9. No comparison, the Samsung S10 has MUCH better speakers than the LG G8, so Samsung has become my next choice of phone for the next few years.

  10. Retiring my OG Pixel and probably getting an LG G8 ThinQ in the evening. Gonna miss it, but it's age is showing and I need more storage.

    It was one of the best phones that I've ever owned, the only issues were freezing related and shutting off due to cold temperatures (and my car's AC blasting on it).

  11. it's really sad walking into Hot Topic and going to the band wall now-a-days. don't recognize nor care for 90% of the bands that have merch there. i miss when there was real emo (yeah the emo trinity is nowhere near real emo. check out American Football lmao) band merch like Modern Baseball tees, i miss the wristband bucket, i miss the vinyls being in-store, sigh.

  12. ugh.

    1. The Demon

      The Demon

      What’s wrong?

  13. though the show is coming to an end, i hope that this forum doesn't cease to exist anytime soon. my interest in MLP has faded far from where it was years ago, but I love this community and the friendliness of everyone here. There aren't many forums with communities like this anymore, and i'd be sad to see it go.

  14. I heavily disagree with the idea of going out to "find love". In time, finding someone who is compatible and you are attracted to will happen. I feel like going out trying to make a connection happen (e.g: dating sites) is insincere love at best. Don't try to kindle a spark that was obviously never going to become lit on it's own. From pure observation and my first relationship, I have found that love is strongest between those who let a bond form naturally. The relationships that have been forced out of one partners fear of loneliness or search for love are those that I have seen crash and burn time and time again. To me, it seems like some people in this forum post confuse "letting love find you" with never going out and socializing to see if there is anyone compatible. Of course, you'll never find someone if you don't at the least go out to find friends you can spend time around. The problem is when you skip over the formation of bonds before trying to jump into romance and sexual relations. Simply, let love happen. Don't go out and try to force love/romance to occur, because those relationships tend to not last long, or burn out into resentment. In time, through formation of friendships, socializing, working, etc, you will gain friends, you will form bonds and friendships, and one of those might end up becoming your romantic partner down the line. If you don't let romance develop naturally, the love won't ever be there, though. Don't "let love find you", but let love have the chance and time to potentially develop between you and another person.
  15. What's a good coffee/latte to try if I hate espresso, cannot stand bitter flavors, but love stuff like chai lattes?

    1. Meemayfox


      Try a cappuccino or a chocolate latte.