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  1. I will never be able to look at a bottle of alcohol without feeling pure hatred and disgust. that shit is responsible for my family losing everything, and it's responsible for the fucking chaotic atmosphere of my family life now, with switched parental roles.

    I'll slit my throat with the broken glass of a bottle before I let that shit come anywhere near my tongue.

    Take your peer pressuring and normalizing of getting shit-faced every Friday and Saturday night, and shove it.

    It's not normal, and being a fucking drunk trainwreck ain't a desirable trait.

  2. loving all the ACT memes.

    Poor Scientist 1, he thought he was right.

  3. streaming is killing the growth and innovation of music.

    if you want raw, real stuff- check out stuff in your local scene or listen to independent bands. the true passion and talent lies in those who refuse to be choked out by a record label who churns out billboard top 100 singles as quickly and efficiently as possible. it's cookie-cutter bullshit.

    support live music, rep your favorite bands, buy their albums, and encourage innovation. what's popular doesn't equate to what's good, and what's good doesn't equate to what's underground either; but underground music 99% of the time will contain more depth and personality than the surface-level shit that mainstream artists tend to serve the masses to attract as much income as possible for as little risk-taking and innovation as possible.

    when the little-guy thrives, we all thrive.

  4. if only lexapro could cure heartache

  5. The girl I love probably doesn't love me back. Heart-crushing, but atleast we're going to prom as friends. Maybe it could grow into more by the time that comes around. But I don't want to get my hopes up.

  6. DuskSong

    Answer the above trivia question incorrectly

    My left eyeball. What is our atmosphere made of?
  7. DuskSong

    Answer the above trivia question incorrectly

    6 and one/third. What animal did cats evolve from?
  8. in a sense, i've escaped the prison of depression and apathy of my head, only to be met with another; i've lost the creativity that came from those heavier emotions. i don't want to give up poetry, but it's genuinely difficult to write. emotional blunting sucks.

  9. Now that I've mostly sorted through the mess of depression and anxiety in my head, I've returned to questioning my gender and sexual identity, and it's the worst thing because I don't know who or what I really am anymore. It's why I label myself as androgynous, because I feel lost when I think about it. And boys are cute, but I also find girls more attractive and so many high school guys are ugly inside and out. I don't know anymore. But, I can hold onto the hope that I will know someday. All puzzles are eventually solved.

    1. Altastrofae


      Ugh, tell me about it, men are jerks

  10. I'm gonna throw hands at the next person who says that SSRIs are "shit". I have never felt more like myself than I do right now since I was just a toddler in elementary school. The happiness and starry-eyes of what the future could be is coming back, and I can thank my daily intake of Lexapro for that. I am more sociable and calm regarding uncomfortable new situations. If other anxiety and depression reducing methods work for you, wonderful- I'm happy for you. But don't use that as an argument against medication that has saved the lives of millions.

  11. please bring back emo culture. the hair, clothing, music, i love it all

    1. Altastrofae


      Who says you can't bring it back? Do your own style my dude, just flow with it

  12. Guess I'm crazy for being open minded. Huh. Division over lack of willing to partake in discourse with different opinions and views can really damage people.

    1. Altastrofae


      Indeed. Children are taught one frame of thought because it's easier that way, less confusing. But it's unwise. They'll figure that out eventually on their own. Takes some longer than others to realize when they're being inconsiderate

  13. Polarization is dangerous. We should avoid closing ourselves off to opinions that don't align with our own, or we will never have the important discourse that allows us to compromise and move forward as a society. Being trapped within an echo chamber only breeds fear and hatred for those outside of it- and that's the real problem. Don't cast judgement on others until you've truly listened to their perspective and reasons for their opinions. 

    Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

  14. Ever had a dream come true, only to realize as time goes on, that it was a nightmare with a mask?

    I regret following my heart over my mind. Don't make that mistake.

  15. fuck, i can't wait to move out some day... my mother makes me feel like shit so often..

    1. AveryGamerDude


      I feel your pain. My mom doesn't love me, either. :(