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  1. "I've seen love die, way too many times when it deserved to be alive! I've seen you cry way too many times, when you deserve to be alive, alive!"

  2. "My life is finally leveling out so, tell me it's okay, to be happy now, because I'm happy now"


    Letting you down easy but just give it time!

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    2. Fennekin


      So what are you gonna do
      When the world don't orbit around you
      So what are you gonna do
      When the world don't orbit around you

    3. DuskSong


      Ain't it fun, living in the real world? Ain't it good being all alone? Where you're from, you might be the one who's running things where you can ring anybodys bell and get what you want!

    4. Fennekin


      where your from/ you might be the one whos running things/ well you can ring anybodys bell and get what you want/ sed its easy to ignore trouble/ when youre living in a bubble

  4. she's so amazing 💕

    1. Fennekin


      Do i get points if i figure out who "she" is?

    2. DuskSong


      lol, sorry for the vagueness of the status. Had a good day and lots of conversations with my crush and finally asked for a way to contact her outside of school and crushing even harder now

    3. Fennekin


      Ah okay. (Also, paramore lyrics)

  5. post/prog rock is incredibly fun to play and experiment with, now I know why I had such an attachment to Area 11 a couple years ago.

  6. Nothing too impressive or special, but here's the intro to a softer song I'm working on!


  7. just wrote an intro tab to a slower song and idk where to progress with it, but i love how it sounds so much

  8. If we are at a store or restaurant, yes. One of my parents tends to be rude to waitstaff and cashiers, and it makes me want to apologize for my own parent's behavior to the poor person who has to deal with it.
  9. i guess i dont know my own interests based on what I said in a forum game asking for what you like in a gf/bf.. i fall for the quiet, mature ones a lot, too. <3

  10. if my teacher doesnt let me make up a test tomorrow, im screwed

  11. my hobbies include turning slow acoustic songs into heavy, fast songs on an electric guitar with heavy distortion because it's better that way.

  12. so, i noticed something.

    When laughter was released, hailey's hair was yellow.

    In some of the RIOT! album videos, her hair is orange.

    I feel like her hair changes colors depending on the sound of each album.

    1. DuskSong


      It can, sometimes. Like the change from RIOT! Orange to BNE blonde between those 2 albums. But, the reason why Hayley went blonde for the release of After Laughter was due to a lot of emotional stuff going on and needing a reset, to which she called her friend and asked to get her hair bleached (That emotional stuff being Jeremy suing her, drama with her now ex, Chad Gilbert, and general life stuff). It does line up with albums in a few examples, even tours sometimes with Hayley starting the Momentour by dying her hair blue, but it's mainly done for the intent of self-expression

    2. Fennekin
  13. AmaLee and Nathan Sharp are a powerful vocal-duo and i ship them so hard

  14. all we know is falling is a great album 13 years later, jeez