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  1. I get to work with a new hire tomorrow, i'm excited

  2. i'm happy that i'm still around.

    to think, a couple months ago, i wasn't sure i would be here today. now i'm on my way to fixing my state of mind. and i'm very grateful i've been given help.

    1. Randimaxis


      Excelsior, survivor.



  3. almost had a panic attack at the store today. i hate shopping alone.

  4. i had a dizzy spell today and almost collapsed in the store I was in. not fun.

  5. there is not another video that describes my anxiety quite as well as this one:


  6. DuskSong

    General Anyone Else Here Have Anxiety Problems?

    Yup. Knew I had anxiety from 7th grade, but I was officially diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder a few months ago. It's been significantly worse this year, but I'm on medication for it now, and it has helped make the anxiety much more manageable.
  7. i've had a couple small scale panic attacks before, it's a bit terrifying knowing that another one could happen at any point, any time, and i can't prepare for it.

    1. Altastrofae


      Oh my god, that's aweful!

      I can relate, I have crazy panic attacks when I leave a place that I won't see for a long time. Couldn't tell you why, I'm not too sure. I never had those problems when I was younger.

      I remember flipping out because my Mom was cleaning my room, and I had developed a sort of territorial instinct, or something, so I kind of flipped out. I, for lack of a better explanation, "woke up" outside breathing heavily with my head pounding. I was told I freaked out for no reason and left exactly three bruises on my mother. Two on the upper arm, the other just below her shoulder. They threatened to take me to a psychiatrist (I hate psychiatrists...) but they never did (yay~). Anyhow, I'm (mostly) good now, and don't need any piece of shit psychiatrist, god damnit!!!

      I just snapped internally for a split second...

       What was my point again?

      Oh yeah, I know how it feels, it sucks. See, I didn't even remember attacking my mom, I was so full of adrenaline that I stopped thinking, it was warrior instinct or something. Makes it sound cooler than it was when I say it like that, actually...

      Maybe, pack instinct? No, that isn't right...

      Feral instinct? Yes, yes that sounds about right, feral!

      You get my point, at least

  8. "It's kind of hard to see myself in the reflection of people's eyes
    Realising what they see may not be even close to the image I see in myself
    And I hate I might actually be more afraid
    To let my own self down than anything else
    I feel like the man in the story
    Who saw a bear floating in the river and thought it was a fur coat
    Twelve years ago I stood on the shore
    Jumped in and grabbed the coat
    And the river is rushing toward a waterfall
    And my friend stood at the shore and shouted to let go of the coat and swim back to land
    I let go of the coat but the coat won't let go of me"


  9. drown my thoughts out in the rainfall that washes away the blood on the surface, to mask the battles that are fought endlessly inside.

    1. Altastrofae


      Deep. I wish I could think of stuff like this. You definitely have a unique style. My poetry is typically flat out, my symbolism is lacking just a smidge :adorkable:

  10. eating foods i shouldn't be eating during recovery, not the smartest idea but oh well

  11. i'm surprised im recovering so quickly from my wisdom teeth removal. haven't even had to use my hardcore painkillers prescribed. hopefully i'll be able to get back to a normal diet within a week.

  12. this toothache is so annoying. the recovery process after wisdom teeth removal sucks.

    1. Altastrofae


      I'm glad I haven't gotten mine yet, that's gotta suck, man

  13. post-wisdom teeth removal: sore. sore. sorrrreeeee.

    1. GrimGrimoire


      Ouch :(

      I've had that done. When they tried to put my mouth to sleep it took 7 shots because the dentist could not find a good spot to deaden my mouth... the last time he found one of the major nerves in the back of my jaw.... and it took a week and a half for the pain to die down from that shot.. the tooth removal pain was nothing compared to that agony.

      I hate dentists.

    2. DuskSong


      i got pretty lucky. i was given IV sedation, and i was already tired, so they didnt even need to ask me to count down from 10, i kind of just passed out while the lady i was having a conversation about Paramore with was talking to another doctor and then I woke up being wheeled into the recovery wing.

  14. wisdom teeth get pulled tomorrow, not looking forward to being loopy afterwards.