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  1. So I'm gonna be hereby known as the crazy mad crossplayer in high heels, I presume? Awesome.
  2. I was in stilettos for all of Friday as well, which was even worse considering the 3+ hours of standing in line I had to do.
  3. Gaww, well, at least I thank you for appreciating my cosplay. If it wasn't for that stupid slope between the hotels, I probably could have gone all weekend in them. Alas, SeaTac hates me. But thank you for the support.
  4. OH MOST WONDROUS OF CONVENTIONS! Hello, by the way, and thanks for the pictures.
  5. Don't mind me, I'm just shamelessly bumping my thread to ask if anyone saw my Rarity crossplay last weekend, and if anyone has pictures.
  6. Let's get this out of the way so I don't have to constantly mention it again: I'm actually a guy, but I also dress up as a girl primarily for the lulz, thus the username Troll Princess. That said, I humbly present myself as an avid cosplayer of sorts, better known recently at last Sakura-Con as the crossplaying Rarity in the white dress, as well as the Spy from Team Fortress 2 with Rarity's wig. Needless to say, Rarity is without question my favorite pony (I wouldn't call her "best pony", though, since I don't like playing the "best pony" game). I also consider myself a writer of sorts; though I haven't written anything directly related to MLP so far, I have used some elements of it as a motif. Also, if anypony out there would like to suggest an idea for a one-shot or whatever, I'm always in the mood to practice. Thanks, and have fun.