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  1. I saw an awesome BlueSpy Rarity at Sakura Con last year. You have given me an awesome idea with my Stormtrooper armor.
  2. Everyone! Bust out your gif's of approval!
  3. 50 State Sterotypes in 2 minutes: My favorite is Texas New Mexico, North& South Dakota and Wisconsin
  4. How about Swedish Singer Bjork?
  5. Lady Gaga as a pony? Yeah. I can totally see that. cool stuff btw
  6. Post some of your favorite videos. It could be of you, friends, memes, and it doesn't have to be Pony related. But because this being Everfree, here is the Cupcake Cannon! Also here are some brain slug cupcakes!
  7. Granted. We have a nice padded room for you at the West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital, and this cool jacket with buckles and straps! I wish for a girl.
  8. Thank you for the warm hello!
  9. Basic at Benning, GA will be brutal in the summer. However I think you will do just fine. And Airborne sounds like a blast as well, sadly I did not get into Airborne School because during AIT my orders changed and I went to Stryker Brigade instead. If there is any advice I can give you it's this: Yes Drill Sergeant, no Drill Sergeant The battle buddy system (very rare will it ever be used outside of TRADOC) The Drill Sergeants will always mess with you, and find a way to do it. All smoking have to end at some time and right place, right time, right uniform Keep your head and eyes forward, and you are a master of Basic.
  10. The PONY.MOV series on youtube is my favorite meme. Twilight's cutie mark as the symbol from The Blair Witch Project Spike is a recreational weed smoker Fluttershy is a serial killer It's beyond any comprehension.
  11. TK-421


    I was tossing around the idea of creating a "My Little Apocalypses Pony" and was going to be Death or War.
  12. I feel the exact same feeling as a guy. You still feel as if you are treated as a kid, but legally an adult who makes adult decisions. Oh, I'm 22 btw.
  13. Name is TK, and I want to introduce myself! I wish to see you all at the con and any meetup in the future!