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  1. Hi, my name is Serena / Rainbowchaser and I was planning on vending at BronyCAN. I will be if no one can take over my table, but I was wondering if anyone was willing to take over my vendor's hall space. I realy want to vend and visit BronyCAN am a bit frantic preparing for PAX and moving/personal issues. If you are interested in vending, please shoot me a message at
  2. Add me on League! My username's Mochers. Getting through Portal 2 now...<3
  3. Next Everfree you are pressured by time and budget restraints , so you go as Gummy's favorite bath water. Like, you just wear a giant bowl and try to fit through doors without success. I hope I can dance well enough in my huge floofy dress...!!
  4. You achieve fame only after death. I wish I would find a room for the con XD
  5. HI! I'M FROM BELLINGHAM TOO! Well I go to school there *super late reply* :3