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  1. Because there's a lack of reggae I made a really silly song for all you out there who assume things about our favorite characters. Headcanon can be dangerous. Beware, pony-folk...
  2. Warbalist

    Winter Snuggle-Up

    Hey, everypony. Been a while since I've posted. Super-busy year, right? Hope you all have been having a great Hearth Warming. Here's something I made to keep you warm this season, silly title and all:
  3. Warbalist

    Faithful and Strong

    Thanks a bunch, dude. I love playing and my wife can freakin' sing like crazy. I don't know how she does it!
  4. Hey everypony, As you might know, Faithful and Strong is out now and raising a bunch of money for an orphanage in Africa (isn't this fandom amazing?). Anyway, the songs on this album are fantastic. Replacer, Baschfire, Makkon, etc., a whole host of incredible musicians donated to this cause. If you have the ability, please consider donating to this awesome cause: http://broniesforgood.org/seeds-of-kindness-2/ Here's my track. I wrote a little 80's cheese, because that's what I eat with inspiration! Have fun, and take the donation request seriously, not this song.
  5. Dude, you did such a good job on this song. Really, this album is pretty much liquid fantastic.
  6. Warbalist

    Remix War V Stuff

    Hey peeps! The second day of Remix War V was today, weeee! It's been a load of fun synctubing, and you all should join us next weekend: http://mylittleremix.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4943 Anyway mine was played today and I can reveal it, yay! Here you are: http://youtu.be/ccgKnbBTVfY
  7. Thanks. Yeah, Art of the Dress is next, all thanks to Djenty. It'll take a while, though, 'cause that one's no walk in the park.
  8. Thank you! That's awesome. You gonna record it and put it up on YouTube? That's awesome. You visual artists and your abilities. I swear, what you guys do is mystical sorcery to me.
  9. Thank you. It looks like your OC's been eating the baked bads again. You know not everypony can digest them, right?
  10. Warbalist

    Music Weird Al Yankovic

    Have you ever seen Weird Al live? One of the greatest performers ever, and he has perfect pitch, obviously. All around fantastic. As far as others like him? He's one of a kind, but you can find other parody artists.... http://youtu.be/3VL-PtV_44Q
  11. Warbalist

    The 80s

    I'm glad @Cupcake Ice Cream, brought up Genesis, because Peter Gabriel!!! LOOOOOOVE Peter Gabriel, thanks for reminding me. And Billy effing Idol (my first concert, when I was 8....he came out onstage from a giant middle finger, LOL!), and The Cure, and Depeche Mode, and Sisters of Mercy, and Big Country, and Midnight oil, and.....
  12. Thanks, bruthah! One of these days I'll use my classical and it'll be really nice sounding, but until then, CONVENIENCE REIGNS SUPREME!!!
  13. Thank you Berry Punch! Thanks. You should try playing it! The link to download the sheet music/tabs is in the video description. I don't know how you're making up this math, but I like the idea. When're we gonna collab, bruthah?!
  14. No nails, that's one of the issues. The strings tend to stick to me, but you can't play hardcore piano or Lute with nails, HA! Trust me dude, everyone who plays that guitar gets buzzed. It desperately needs a new nut. Truss is good, frets are good, no bumps anywhere, nice give in the neck....DAT NUT! It's just too screwed up. I use this guitar because I don't want to break out the classical and mic. So much more hassle; I'd rather live with the buzz for this kind of thing. I mostly just do these so other people can try the arrangements. GOGOGO! Thanks dude. Looks like Djent is
  15. Thank you very much! Check out mah YouTubes if you're wanting to hear the other 4: http://www.youtube.com/user/warbalist Heheh. Plunky sound? Yeah, it needs a new nut and has needed one since I got the thing, but alas, I don't want to go through the ordeal of changing and filing the nut, especially when I want a graphite one and to pay someone else to work on my guitars? HA! Art of the dress? Another fast Rarity one? Yikes! Maybe I'll shelve that one and do a couple easy ones first...like Smile, Smile, Smile! DOH! Becoming Popular I already did (check the link above,
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