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  1. Hehe, good guess, but it's not Surprise!
  2. I liked the older pony generations when I was younger. I had a lot of old pony toys, and although I thought they were pretty neat, I eventually decided it was time to give them away. Now, years later, I was flipping through the TV channels and ran into FiM. It was episode 14 of Season 1, Suited for Success, where Rarity has her little breakdown. The art style, the smooth animation, and the story captivated me, which I thought was strange because I didn't know just how popular it is among older audiences. I finally managed to break myself away from watching, but later I saw someone raving about it in a comment after surfing around the 'net for a bit. Then I decided to look into it more. After watching the first episode in its entirety, I was hooked.
  3. I'm 14. Sister coming with me is 17. It's neat to see the age differences here!
  4. Thanks for stopping by! My name's Gisele. You can also call me Thok, although it may sound rather silly, hehe. I'm really excited for Everfree, it's gonna be so huge and fun! I especially can't wait to cosplay, and see the voice actors. I missed purchasing badges the first few times they were available. Now I've managed to snag a couple for me and my sister. She's not as into the ponies as I am, but she's still interested in cosplaying with me. She's narrowed her choices down to Octavia, Queen Chrysalis, or Luna. She's leaning towards Luna. As for who I'm cosplaying as... I want it to be a surprise! I really enjoy drawing, and I hope to air my own cartoons on TV someday. Friendship is Magic has been a big inspiration for me. See you at the convention!